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Warnings: Language, sex and it's really freaking long. But it's filled with smutty goodness so I think it's okay.

To say that Chip Chandler was anxious about marrying Jackie Burkhart would have been an understatement. For one thing, she talked all the time, and it was one thing to go on a date with her in order to get laid, but living with her for the rest of his life? Chip wasn't so sure about that. However, it wasn't Jackie that Chip was afraid of. He could handle himself over a ninety five pound girl. No, his fear had a mess of curly hair, wore sunglasses all the time and had once given him a black eye that lasted for a week. There wasn't a guy in town who didn't know that Jackie Burkhart was Steven Hyde's chick, and it took a man of either great bravery or great stupidity to try to come between them.

It was now starting to occur to Chip that he was one of the latter. Sure, he had kind of been worried something might happen to disrupt their wedding day, but Jackie had promised him that her friends would behave.

So, as Chip sat tied up in the dark broom closet in the basement of the church, he was forced to come to the conclusion that his fiancé was either dead wrong about her friends, or she had lied.

He was more apt to choose the latter, simply based on who she was.

"I don't think he's down there Mrs. Chandler." He heard a voice say to his mother. Quickly, he started to yell that he was down there, only it sounded more like this:

"Mmmmhmmmm, mmmhmmmuuummm!" Because it's really hard to talk when you're mouth is covered in duct tape.

"And that son is why you should always carry duct tape with you." Red Forman told his son with a smile.

Eric laughed as he watched his father close the trunk of the Vista Cruiser.

"I'll remember that dad."

"Mr. Forman!" They both turned to see Jackie running out of the church.

"Keep cool." Red whispered to Eric. "Don't say anything."

"Jackie!" Red put on a fake grin. "How are you doing?"

"Mr. Forman, have you seen Chip?" Jackie asked.

"Uh, can't say that I have." Red lied.

"Eric?" Jackie, who had no reason to suspect that Eric had anything to do with Chip's sudden disappearance, asked.

Eric, who has never reacted well under pressure, pulled on his collar and gulped. "Uh, no. well, I saw him earlier but not since um, no." He squeaked.

Jackie was instantly suspicious. "What did you do?"

"Don't pay any attention to him, Jackie." Red interrupted. "He's just twitchy like usual."

Jackie nodded knowingly. "You're right." She then pursed her lips. "Well, I'm going to go look for Chip."

"Isn't that bad luck?" Eric asked.

Jackie simply stared at Eric for a moment and then turned and walked away.

Who needs luck when you have money?

"So you talked to her?"

"Yes, I talked to her." Hyde answered Donna for a fifth time. She and Brooke had been bugging him about Jackie since he had walked out of her room.

"And?" Donna nudged him on the shoulder.

"And what?" Hyde growled.

Donna rolled her eyes at Hyde. "What happened?"

Hyde sighed. "I uh, nothing happened."

Donna flopped back in her chair. "Figures."

Kelso leaned forward in his chair behind them. "I still say you should have just kidnapped her."

"I'm not going to kidnap Jackie." Hyde repeated.

"Then what are you going to do?" Brooke asked. "Hope that they don't find Chip and that Jackie miraculously changes her mind about being with you?"

"Burn!" Kelso shouted.

Hyde turned and looked at Kelso. "How is that a burn?"

Kelso shrugged. "It just is."

Just then, Fez came running into the chapel. He quickly scanned the crowd for his friends and then ran to them.

"Hyde, you better run." Fez gasped out the words.

"Why?" Hyde asked.

"They found Chip." Fez winced. "And when they asked who did this to him, he said you." Fez jumped out of Hyde's way.

"There he is!" Chip shouted from the doorway, followed by several big men. "He's the one who tied me up!"

"I did not!" Hyde shouted as he stood up. "I have an alibi!"

Chip's step father looked over at Chip. "Did you actually see who tied you up?"

"No." Chip admitted. "But everyone knows he's hung up on Jackie, who else could it be?"

"You!" The elder Chandler shouted at Hyde. "Get over here!"

Knowing that there was no way out of this; Hyde reassured himself that Jackie would come to his aid and tell Chip and his father where he was.

As Hyde was walking towards his imminent doom, Donna was having a quiet conversation with Brooke and the guys.

"How pissed at him do you think Jackie is?"

"On a scale from one to ten?" Fez asked. "A thirty."

"And he thinks that she's going to say that he was with her when Chip was being locked in the closet?" Brooke inquired.

The gang slowly looked over at Hyde who had now reached the Chandlers and an approaching Jackie.

"One of us could go help him." Brooke stated.

The group all looked at each other and shrugged.

"Or we can do nothing and watch our friend get burned." Eric suggested.

"Yeah, let's do that." The rest agreed. They all turned back to watch Hyde get his comeuppance.

"Jackie, tell them where I was." Hyde commanded.

Jackie's response was to raise her right eyebrow, code for "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Jackie!" Hyde said a little more urgently. "I don't want kidnapping and assault to go on my record."

Jackie crossed her arms which meant, "I'd love to help you, but not as much as I'd love to watch a bunch of donut eating cops take you away. I really hope they've been eating powdered donuts because you're wearing black and I can think of no greater punishment then you getting powdered sugar hand prints all over your clothes."

Hyde was very quickly becoming frustrated with his ex. Not only was she being unhelpful, but she was out zen-ing him. So, he did the only thing he could do. He quirked his lip up, narrowed his gaze onto the small brunette and said, "Whatever." Which in this case meant, "I'm so turned on by you right now."

Jackie instantly raised her other eyebrow, "Want to go find the broom closet?"

Hyde then smirked over at Chip, who failed to get the meaning of his glance, and then grabbed Jackie's hand and pulled her away.

"Uh, be back in time for the vows!"

Great, there went his inheritance.

"Are you going to tell Chip and his dad where I was?" Hyde asked as he lifted Jackie's legs around his waist.

"No." Jackie answered as she pulled on his belt buckle. "Why should I?"

"Because," Hyde replied as he backed Jackie into the wall of the closet, "You don't want me to go to jail again."

"I don't?" Jackie asked innocently as she ran her nails down Hyde's back as he sucked on her earlobe. "Why not?"

Hyde smirked at Jackie as he pushed his way inside her. "Because then I wouldn't be able to do this." And then, for the second time that day, he kissed her.

There are five types of romantic kisses in the world. First, there's the "I have a thing for you." Kiss, then there's the "Last night was great, call me." Kiss, third there's the "I've been trying to deny my feelings for you but can't anymore." Kiss, fourth, there's the "I'm sorry." Kiss and fifth, and most important is the "I can't breathe without you." It's a metaphor of course, no one actually stops breathing when they lose their lover, but in Hyde's case, it might as well have been true. Life without Jackie was meaningless; he may as well give up right then and let the cops take him to prison. Complete with powdered sugar hand prints.

Jackie, being the intelligent girl that she was, understood what Hyde was saying. She pulled away and took off his sunglasses so that she could look into his clear blue eyes. What she saw wasn't the face of the man who broke her heart, but a man who looked like he was losing the fight of his life, who was deeply; truly scared he was losing her forever.

"Steven." Jackie gasped both from the feeling of his dick throbbing in her pussy and from the emotion of his gaze. "Tell me this isn't a dream."

Hyde lifted Jackie's hips so that he could hit her g spot. "It was never a dream."

No, Jackie thought as she continued her stare off with Hyde in the doorway of the chapel, it was just an illusion brought on by stress and heart ache. Yet, she found that when she opened her mouth to deny that Hyde was with her when Chip went missing, she couldn't.

"He was with me, we were talking." Jackie admitted.

Hyde's nod told Jackie everything she needed to know. "Thank you." It said.

Jackie nodded back. "You're welcome."

And then she turned to Chip. "Ready?"

Chip, who had been barely paying attention and was instead focused on the blonde with feathered hair, nodded absently.

"Uh yeah."

Jackie waved Donna and Brooke over. "Well, I guess this is it." She looked over at Hyde. "I guess I'll see you at the reception."

"Actually, I need to talk to Hyde for a minute. It'll just be a minute." Donna insisted. Jackie shrugged as she was in no hurry to start the rest of her life. She could see Veruca scowling, but found that she really didn't care. She was in her dress, the flowers were her favorites, her two closest girl friends were her bridesmaids, it was almost the perfect wedding.

But almost is never quite good enough.

"Okay, I know what you're going to say." Hyde said to Donna as they stepped into a small room to the side.

"No, I don't think you do." Donna retorted. "You were supposed to tell her!"

"Tell her what?" Hyde asked. "Tell her that I'm sorry? That I'll spent the rest of my life making it up to her if I have too, that I've been completely miserable without her, that the only reason I was with Sam was because I didn't want to be hurt anymore, and that I never stopped loving her? Is that what I'm supposed to say?"

"YES!" Donna shouted. "Tell her that!" Just then, the wedding music started to play. "Damn it!" Donna cursed. "I gotta go." She said as she ran out the door. She turned around to Hyde one last time and said, "Remember the Graduate." And then Hyde was alone, left to think about what Donna had just said.

The priest was halfway though the ceremony, one of Chip's relatives was reading a passage out of The Bible but Hyde wasn't paying any attention. No, he was waiting for the moment when the priest asked if anyone had any objections. He was trying to list them in his head. She doesn't love him, she loves me, Chip's a jerk, being afraid is no reason to get married to some dick. Then he felt something land in his lap. He looked down at the handcuffs and then over at Fez.

"What's this?"

Fez looked at him like he was crazy. Or stupid, possibly both. "They're handcuffs." He said, stating the obvious.

"I know that." Hyde hissed. "What am I supposed to do with them?"

"Do you really need me to spell it out for you?" Fez rolled his eyes.

Hyde picked up the silver handcuffs and then at Jackie, who was standing at the altar with tears in her eyes, looking more beautiful then she had any right to.

"I object!" He yelled from his seat. Quickly, he made his way up to the altar.

At the same time as Hyde was being given Fez's prize handcuffs, Jackie was having a conversation with God.

'God, hi, it's Jackie, I know you and I don't talk much, since well, I told you to go to hell, by the way, really sorry for that… yeah so, I was thinking that if you could please, please, please let this wedding go smoothly for the rest of the way, I will go to church. Every day.'

This was when God decided to ruin the wedding.

'I take back what I said, God, you damn interloper!'

Brooke looked over at Donna who was standing next to her in her fluffy pink bridesmaid dress. "She's smiting God again isn't she?"

Donna nodded. "Yes, she is."

"Just making sure." Brooke replied, turning his attention back to the altar.

It was in the middle of the speech that Jackie heard a click. She looked down at the silver bracelet on her wrist.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm staging a protest." Hyde told her. "I've handcuffed myself to you until you agree not to marry him."

Two could play that game. "Steven, if you don't uncuff yourself from my arm in the next three seconds, I will have Donna kill you."

Jackie waited exactly three seconds. "Okay, fine, be that way." She turned to her maid of honor. "Donna, kill him! Go lumberjack, kill, kill, kill!"

Donna shook her head, laughing. "Sorry, I can't. I'm on his side."

Meanwhile, Eric, Fez and Kelso were watching the happenings from behind Red and Kitty in the pews.

"God I wish I had popcorn." Fez said.

Kelso nodded in agreement. "I know, this is better then the stuff they show on cable, except no one is naked."

"Yet." Fez supplied.

"Yet." Kelso agreed.

They both turned their attention back to the front.

"Steven, I'm ordering you to un cuff yourself right now!" Jackie demanded shrilly.

"Not gonna happen, Doll." Hyde replied. "I'm staying here until you come to your senses. Seriously, it's like you hit your head or something." There was a pause and Hyde gasped. "Oh my god, you hit your head didn't you? You hit your head and now you're all screwy."

"I'm all screwy?" Jackie asked getting increasingly more mad each second. "You're ruining my wedding!"

"That shouldn't even be happening!" Hyde shouted.

"I can't believe you!" Jackie yelled back. "You can't let me be happy can you?"

"Happy?" Hyde asked shocked. "You think being with this guy is going to make you happy? Seriously, this guy, the guy who called you a bitch and said the only reason he was with you was so he could nail you? He's supposed to make you happy?"

"Well it's not like you ever did."

There was a sudden hush in the church as Jackie's words hit Hyde and the rest of the guests. Jackie stood motionless, daring Hyde with her eyes to say something. She wanted desperately to take back her words, but knew it was too late for that. It was too late for them. His expression reminded her of how he looked in Chicago.

"Fine." Hyde finally said. "Marry him, see if I care."

"Key?" Jackie asked her voice breaking.

"Fez has it." Hyde said softly. "Fez?"

Fez ran up to the front and handed Hyde the key to the handcuffs. "If it makes you feel any better, I thought it was very romantic." He told Hyde tearfully.

Hyde ignored him and unlocked the hand cuffs. "There you go." He told Jackie as he rubbed his wrist.

Jackie wanted nothing more than to go back to Chip and the priest and forget about Hyde, but she felt as though her feet were glued to the floor.

"Wait." She said softly. She couldn't see him, but she knew Hyde had stopped in his tracks and was waiting for her to continue. Jackie looked up at Chip who was sitting on the steps to the altar, completely bored. She looked over at Mr. and Mrs. Chandler. They were offering her a life of security.

"I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Chandler." She apologized. "I hope you don't think less of me."

Veruca gave one of her signature laughs. "I couldn't possibly think less of you."

Jackie gave a small smile. She knew the small portion of people who were on her side of the aisle were all staring at her, imploring her with their eyes to make the right decision. Slowly, she managed to turn around so that she was facing Hyde.

"All I wanted was this day to be perfect, and okay, I had to walk myself down the aisle and my mother couldn't be bothered to come, but the flowers are perfect and I had my two best girl friends as my bridesmaids. I even got my dress. But there was something missing." She held up the note cards her vows were written on. "I can't say these to someone if I don't really mean them." She handed the cards back to Donna.

"Steven, I'm not perfect. I'm mean and bossy and sometimes I can be a bit of a brat. But you always challenged me to be something more. You never let me get away with anything, and for that I fell in love with you. Sometimes I think I was always in love with you, and that I never stopped."

Jackie watched as Hyde's back tensed up. She was getting through to him, she could tell. "I'm not marrying you, Chip."

"Yeah, sort of guessed that." Chip muttered.

Jackie ignored him however. "Donna, Brooke, can you?" They both seemed to catch her meaning, because the next thing she knew, they were both putting their arms around her and walking her towards the side door.

They found Hyde sitting on the water tower, drunk. Eric rolled his eyes and he and the others climbed the tower to join him.

"Where's Jackie?" Hyde asked before he cracked up another beer.

"She's at my house." Eric answered. "Mom's taking care of her."

Hyde nodded. "Good."

Donna leaned over and grabbed the rest of the beers. She then passed them out to the others.

"To Jackie not getting married." She held up her can in a toast.

The others followed suit. "To a wedding successfully ruined." Fez toasted.

"Great thinking about the flowers by the way, Fez." Kelso complimented his friend.

Fez shrugged. "Yeah well, Jackie's the closest thing to a fag hag that I have, and a man's got to know his hag's favorite flowers."

Hyde's attention was caught by the word flowers. "The flowers."

The others looked at him confusedly. "Yeah, what about them?" Donna asked.

"The flowers… you didn't…. they… change…you…"

"Now I know he's drunk." Eric stated. "He's speaking in incomplete sentences."

Hyde stood up. "No man, you didn't ruin the flowers, you changed them to Jackie's favorites, just like with everything else. You guys were trying to ruin Jackie's wedding, you were…"

"Trying to give Jackie her dream wedding, or the closest thing to it." Kelso finished.

"Yeah, it was the best plan ever." Fez stated. "We even had a name for it and everything, we were going to call it The Incredible and True Story of how Jackie and Hyde's Friends Tricked Them into Getting Married."

"But you had to go and be a jerk and ruin all off our hard work!" Donna said pissed.

"Well, it's not like anyone of you told me that's what we were doing."

"You know," Eric began. "Technically I think Jackie said her vows to you."

"Oh, that's right." Kelso agreed. "You just have to say yours."

Hyde shook his head. He wasn't going to marry Jackie under false pretenses. They both deserved better than that.

"She's at your house?" He asked Eric.


One by one, Eric, Donna, Fez and Kelso stood up to let Hyde off the tower.

"Go get her buddy!" Fez said as Hyde climbed down the ladder.

It was nearly two in the morning before Hyde found himself standing outside the window to Laurie's room. He could have just gone into the house, but as he was drunk, and lacking any sort of common sense, he felt the best thing to do would be to stand outside the window with a bunch of pebbles in his hand. One by one, he threw them at the window to try to wake Jackie up.

Only he kept missing, because his vision was impaired.

"What the hell are you doing?" Red asked from behind him.

"Trying to wake Jackie up."

"By throwing rocks at my window."

"Technically they're pebbles." Hyde slurred. He failed to notice that a confused looking Jackie was standing behind him along with Eric, Kitty, Donna and Bob.

"I don't care, you're a dumbass and you're drunk. You're not going to talk to Jackie like this."

"But I got to, Red." Hyde argued. "Otherwise I'll forget what I was going to say."

Red rolled his eyes. "Say what?"

"That I love her. That she's the only woman that I want to be with, and that I'm gonna keep on loving her, cause it's the only thing I wanna do."

"Is he quoting REO Speedwagon?" Donna whispered to Eric.

"I don't want to sleep without her, I don't want to eat without her, I just want to keep on loving you." The last few words were sung.

Eric cringed. "Oh my god, he is."

Hyde whirled around when he heard Eric. Seeing Jackie, he gasped. "Oh, uh, Jackie… how long have um, I was just uh coming to um, I was just talking to Red about um, hockey."

"Steven, I've been here the entire time."


"So I know you weren't talking about hockey."


"You were talking about me, and using REO Speedwagon to express yourself."

Hyde shrugged. "Yeah well, it's not like using my own words worked."

Jackie smiled softly. "Of course they worked, I'm not married am I?"

Hyde smiled back. "No, you're not."

Jackie looked at the others. "Can Steven and I have a minute alone?"

The others nodded. "Sure thing." Eric said, leading Donna away. Bob followed but Kitty looked like she wanted to stay. Shaking his head, Red put his arm around his wife.

"Come on Kitty, let's give these two some privacy." He then looked over at Jackie. "You get to be the one to get him inside the house."

Jackie nodded. "Okay."

They stood there, alone and nervous.

"I need to sit down." Hyde stated finally. He walked over to the front steps and sat down. Jackie sat down next to him.

"So how drunk are you?" Jackie asked. "Are you just drunk enough that it means you're going to be honest and not hold anything back, or are you the kind of drunk that means you're going to forget that all of this ever happened?"

"The latter." Hyde admitted.

"Oh good, that means I can be perfectly honest with you." Jackie stated, sounding relieved. "I guess I should thank you, otherwise I might have made a huge mistake."

"Well, you're welcome." Hyde said.

"All though, now this means I have to find a new job." Jackie said mostly to herself.

"Oh, ooops." Hyde said.

Jackie waved him off. "Oh it's okay, I'm okay. I'll be okay." She looked over at Hyde. "Although it would have been nice to have that money."

"Please." Hyde slurred. "What's a couple thousand bucks compared to a lifetime without being Mrs. Dillhole?"

"It was seven million." Jackie told him.

Hyde stared at Jackie for a minute, letting her words embed themselves into his head. "I take back what I said, seven million would have been worth it."

Jackie laughed and playfully pushed Hyde. "No, you were right the first time."

"I usually am." Hyde agreed.

Jackie gave Hyde a glare. "I wouldn't go that far."

Suddenly there was a tension in the air that both were unable to ignore. Jackie's eyes were locked with his, and the hairs on her arm sticking up had nothing to do with the weather.

"What would you do if I kissed you?" Hyde asked softly.

"Kiss you back." Jackie admitted.

There was another pause and Hyde smiled. "Good to know."

Jackie blinked. "So um, are you?"

Hyde shook his head. "No."

"No?" Jackie asked, confused. "Why not?"

"Because I'm drunk." Hyde said honestly. "And there's a real chance I'm not going to remember any of this, and if I kiss you, I'll want to have sex and I'm much too drunk for that."

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." Jackie was unable to keep her disappointment out of her voice though.

"So, um, Forman said in order to win you back I have to woo you."

"Oh, was that what you were doing?" Jackie replied. "Only you would think of handcuffing yourself to me in order to win my heart back."

"Actually, it was Fez's idea."

"Eww." Jackie said after the meaning of his words got through to her. "That's disgusting."

The moment over, they both stood up. "We should get you to bed." Jackie noted. She put her arm around his waist for support. She opened the door and the two went inside, unnoticing Kitty hiding on the stairs. When they reached the kitchen, Hyde turned to Jackie.

"I love you." Hyde said it so calmly, so matter of factly that she was caught off guard.

"I uh, love you too." Jackie answered with a laugh.

"No." Hyde said stopping in his tracks. "I really love you. I know I wasn't the best boyfriend, but I want to try again. Can we do that?"

"The theater in Kenosha is having a Audrey Hepburn festival this weekend." Jackie said, "We can go to that."

"As a date?" Hyde asked, wanting to clarify.

"Yes." Jackie laughed. "As a date."

"That'd be cool. Will we get to make out in the theater?" They had now reached the basement steps.

"If you're good." Jackie responded as she helped Hyde down the stairs.

"Good." Hyde said when they reached the bottom. Then he twirled around, grabbed Jackie by the waist and picked her up and crushed his mouth onto hers before she could protest. She felt herself melting into him. He was dominating the kiss, and she was finding herself okay with that. It was over far too quickly though for her liking. She had noticed however that he hadn't put her down yet.

"Steven?" She breathed.

"I lied, Jackie." Jackie couldn't help but notice that he was no longer slurring.

"About what?" Jackie asked nervously.

"I'm not drunk, I sobered up a while ago." Hyde smirked at her. "I just wanted to get you down here."

She wanted to be mad at him, but the feel of his hands on her back and his hot breath in her ear was making it extremely difficult. Also, there was the possibility that this wasn't a dream, and she really was going to have sex with him, right here, right now. He was trailing kisses down her neck as he carried her into his room. Slowly, he set her down to the ground for the purpose of undressing her. As each button was undone, he kissed the skin as it was revealed.

Jackie felt her knees go weak so she held onto Hyde's shoulders as he made his way lower. He was on his knees, his mouth on her stomach as he unbuttoned her jeans revealing pink cotton panties. Jackie couldn't repress the shiver that came over her as he pulled both down with great care. Then he kissed her left thigh, and then her right, then back to the left, kissing the inner thigh while he lifted his hand up to separate her legs. And then he kissed the tiny nub of her center. Jackie's other hand instantly flew to Hyde's shoulder as his arm held her in place. He kept pecking at her clit with his lips, but then he stuck the tip of his tongue out and flicked the nub gently. His rhythm was slow, methodical yet Jackie felt like she was being sent over the edge. She couldn't stop the whimpers that came out of her mouth, couldn't stop the aching need from forming in the pit of her chest. This was better than any dream, any day dream fantasy. This was real, raw and filled with want.

She pulled his hair to let him know she was ready. With a grin, Hyde stood up to remove his clothes. Jackie stepped out of her jeans and smiled as Hyde did the same. He was hot, with strong arm muscles and a tight chest covered lightly in hair.

"See something you like?" Hyde joked.

"I'd ask the same, but I already know the answer." Jackie replied with a bit of attitude.

"Touché." Hyde agreed. Then he took a step towards her and closed the distance. Their lips collided as he laid her down onto his cot. She cried into his mouth as he entered her, let her nails scratch down his back as he slowly pulled out and then back in. His pace was slow, painfully so. She raised her hips slightly to urge him to move.

"Feel it Jackie."

Jackie blinked. "I do."

"Feel." He repeated into her ear as he continued to make love to her slowly, as though she was a fragile thing about to break.

She felt herself coming undone in his arms. He lifted her arms up and held them above her head, leaned down and kissed her slowly as the ache became stronger.

"Steven, please." She begged.

This time, he obeyed. They let the primal need overtake them, moving together in hurried thrusts as they both strove for release. Her head went back as the wave of pleasure hit her, unable to stop the cry of his name from coming out.

Who needs money, Jackie thought, when you have love?

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