The Virgin Diaries

Written by Firithnovwen

Warning; Bad grammar and spelling errors precede at own risk and oh yeah there will be sex maybe even a little smut.

Author note; I don't have a beta reader so if anyone wants to do it please let me know. If people like the story then I'll update as regularly as I can but I am a mama of a 13-month-old boy so be patient my good people. Let me know what you think and reviews are always welcome.

Sakura for the most part is and always was a private person not shy like her friend Hinata but when it came to certain things Sakura preferred to keep things to herself…as such as her virginity status but all of that of course would change on her 21 birthday when her friends and practically half the ninjas population decided to make it their business.


Sakura enjoyed her routines and was very comfortable with her single life style although back in her mind she did long for the company of a male companion and or more or less was curious about this big deal of sex. She wasn't a virgin for 21 years on purpose it just sort of ended up like that not that she hadn't had opportunities or offers before, it's just…never the right time or the right person.

But on the night of her 21 birthday it was a big celebration, bigger than she preferred but she secretly enjoyed all the attention and of course the gifts. She had just moved into her own apartment and had discreetly let the info out that she needed stuff to occupy her bare apartment with so she was quite pleased of the amount of useful gifts she was receiving.

Sakura wanted to just stay with her gifts but Ino had dragged her away to the bar. Ino wanted to dance but she knew her friend well enough to know that Haruno Sakura wouldn't dance without a little courage and that luckily came in a bottle.

"Sake please!" Ino yelled in high-pitched voice that was slightly slurred from the amount of alcohol she had already consumed. Sakura knew that Ino would insist and pester her until she got mad and then there would be a fight so Sakura took the high road for once and just took the glass and drank.

The sake burned and she coughed loudly and blushed as everyone cheered and laughed at her inexperience Sakura herself laughed softly it was a party after all…her party.

Ino kept feeding her full shots until she felt a little tipsy and a blush rose on her cheeks.

"I do think you're ready to dance." Ino said putting down the bottle. Ino sighed as she lead Sakura to the dance floor that was already crowd by many drunken ninjas at least it was cheap getting her friend drunk though it took out half the fun.

Ino moved her hips seductively that implied many things but most of all that she knew what she was doing. Sakura dance as well but it was mostly just an inebriated two-step Ino grabbed a hold of Sakura and they begun to dance together.

They of course had done this before in the many slumber parties that they had, just as fun of course as all young girls do, Ino had taught her these moves but Sakura didn't realize the indication until she caught the eyes of the men in the room. Their mouths were practically hanging open with drool coming out the side.

Sakura not able to take the embarrassment quickly back away and slid off the dance floor as Ino continued to dance with a new partner. Sakura was heading towards the bar when she suddenly ran into someone her head hit his chest and she nearly fell over if he hadn't caught her.

"I'm so sorry…Kakashi!" Sakura yelled and forgetting her manners hugged her sensei tightly. Although no one could see it due to his mask he blushed slightly at the personal contact that he wasn't used too.

Sakura backed away a little embarrassed from her reaction blaming her affectionate behavior on the sake "I thought you were on a mission." She said with a beaming smile she was more than thrilled that her training buddy was back the last two months was lonely although she wouldn't ever say that out loud.

"Just got back now actually…went to check in and it seems everyone was down here although I can figure out the occasion"

Sakura playfully punched his arm that he instantly rubbed it pretending it hurt

Sakura laughed and ran her fingers through her hair "Yeah, they act like it's a big deal or something."

"Well you're only 21 once. I remember it clearly being only 5 years ago."

Sakura laughed "More like 14." She teased.

"I was heading to the bar, there is a bottle of sake that is calling my name…wanna join me?"

Kakashi smiled and nodded and followed Sakura to the bar, which was a difficult thing to do in this crowd. He was just glad to be back he was afraid that he was going to miss her birthday and though she would forgive him without asking he would feel extremely guilty for missing it.

He could tell his presence had made her happy and her little embarrassment from her little show on the dance floor was long forgotten

Kakashi had to push a drunk off his seat but he managed to sit next to Sakura and she poured herself and Kakashi a shot.

"What are you looking at?" He teased.

"Just hoping to get a glance." She said returning the smile.

"Well not today."

"Not even my birthday?"

He shook his head he enjoyed this game too much to give up yet.

"Then when?" She asked giving him big puppy dog eyes that hadn't worked on him since she was a child and rarely even then. He laughed anyhow and took his shot quickly when she turned to do her own.

Sakura looked at his empty glass disappointedly. "After all this time you don't trust me." She said seriously Kakashi realized that it was the influence of the alcohol that made her speak so harshly but there was a stink of truth to her words as well.

Kakashi hated how he was always confused around her how she managed to make him feel a thousand different emotions without even realizing it he wondered if she purposely tormented him but he knew Sakura was too naïve to see what she was doing to him

Sakura rolled her eyes looking a bit disappointed and poured another glass and without looking at him this time she drank the shot quickly and very un-lady like she coughed and gag being very inexperienced with alcohol she heard Kakashi chuckle at her expense and looked up to scold him for making fun of her on her birthday when she saw the impossible.

Her eyes widened and mouth dropped Kakashi was without his mask and then he smiled. Sakura gulped loudly and a blush rose on her cheeks although she already knew that Kakashi was probably a handsome man but that was an understatement.

His lips were nicely shaped not at all thin, his teeth are straight and white none of them were missing and they weren't bucked. He didn't have any scars although he could use a shave but there was no reason in the world that he should hid his face and honestly she was starting to think it was a sin for the world not being able to witness this beautiful face on a daily basis but she was glad she was one of the few that was able too.

He laughed softly at her expression he hadn't intended to show her his face yet, especially since he had already gotten her a gift but he didn't want her to be sad on her birthday and hope she would forgive him for not showing her earlier.

Sakura froze when Kakashi leaned forward for a moment she thought he was going to kiss her but at the last moment his direction diverted to where his lips where next to her ear and she could feel his hot breath.

"I wasn't intending to show you my face yet"

Sakura breathe was jagged but she manage to speak "And when where you going to show me then." She replied trying to play along but it was difficult with her heart beating so fast.

"Somewhere more intimate." He whispered his lips touching her ear lobe.

"Mr. Hatake!" Sakura said pulling away slightly "Are you trying to take a advantage of me in my intoxicated state?"

Kakashi smiled again and her heart fluttered "Maybe."

Sakura stared into his eyes trying to figure what he was up too but all thoughts that came to mind she quickly pushed away she didn't want to fall for someone that is emotionally, socially, and morally unavailable and she had enough one sided love to last a life time and Kakashi is probably just being Kakashi teasing her as usual.

Kakashi hand extended forward and cupped her cheek "It was never about trust." He said softly and looked like he was moving forward when he suddenly moved his mask back up.

Ino appeared seconds later and grabbed Sakura by the arm

"There you are birthday girl, wasting you're time on Kakashi like he doesn't steal you enough with his stupid training." She hissed. She then grabbed the bottle and Sakura's arm with her free hand and pulled her away. Sakura mouthed a 'thank you' and 'I'm sorry' as she was dragged away.

Kakashi stood up he knew he probably wouldn't get Sakura alone again tonight being that it was his only purpose of being here tonight he didn't really see any other reason to stay but decided against leaving just yet since he desperately needed a drink and his normal drinking buddies probably in their normal places and enjoying tonight activity.

Sakura was pulled to a table filled with girls Sakura knew most of them but a few were closer friends to Ino than herself but she didn't say anything as she was pushed towards the middle.

Tsunade was sitting at the next table drinking heavily Shizune looked worried as usual but was trying to enjoy herself as much as possible. Ino poured Sakura another shot and slid it next to her.

"I don't see why you spend so much time with you're old sensei." She mumbled.

"We trained together…" Sakura said softly beneath her breath not really wanting to talk about Kakashi. She sipped her drink slowly the last thing she wanted was to examine her feelings for that man.

The bar was so loud she could barely hear her friends sitting right next to her so deciding not to try she sipped on her drink and watched the goings-on around her as her friends gossip and giggled.

And her mind wandered to before Ino had interrupted them she couldn't believe that Kakashi show her his face she knew Naruto would be so jealous maybe even Sasuke.

Sakura frowned and drank an entire glass as she thought about her boys they were on a mission of course but neither of them seems to have the time to spend with her. Of course she understood that Naruto was dating Hinata but Sasuke was just being Sasuke ignoring her as much as possible.

If it weren't for Kakashi she would be very lonely Sakura shook her head she had already agreed not to think about him at the moment and push his beautiful face out of her mind.

"You seem distracted." Ino said and pushed another filled glass of sake towards her. Sakura now used to the bitter taste and burning sensation took the drink in a single gulp.

"That's a girl" Tsunade yelled from her table.

"What's wrong?" Ino asked

Sakura glared at Ino cursing her for knowing her too well "I miss my boys."

Ino rolled her eyes "They'll be back in a couple of days."

"No not that I miss them because they don't want to be near me anymore…"

Sakura watched as Shizune stood up and pushed her way through the crowd briefly she guessed that she was going to get the cake being the only reason she would leave Tsunade's side.

Tsunade joined Sakura's table and filled her glass from her own bottle "This is better than that shit you're drinking." She said with a grin. Sakura took the glass and took every ounce of her of her will not to spit it up. She forced herself to swallow it although she was quite sure it was rubbing alcohol at least that is what it tasted like. Tsunade filled her glass again.

"Why are they pushing me away?" Sakura whined.

"You're just going in different directions that's all." Ino said trying to comfort her ever growing drunk friend Sakura drank the second glass quickly pushing it down her throat.

"but I want them to love me…why don't anyone love me." Sakura slurred.

"They do."

"Than why am I alone…I don't want to be alone I don't want to be a virgin anymore."

Sakura didn't notice the music had just stopped and Shizune was standing in front of her with a cake.

"What did you say?" Tsunade asked her in a drunken stupor