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Chapter One

Yugi, Tristan, Duke and Tea were walking to school one morning when Tea said "wonder why Joey's late?"

Tristan replied "guess he over slept again, I better go make sure he gets to school on time or he'll be suspended for a month." So he left them to go get his friend. When he got to the Wheeler residence something wasn't right.

There were several Police cars out front of the house and when he asked one of the Officers "what's wrong?"

The Officer said "last night someone broke into the house and we found Mr. Wheeler dead in the living room."

Tristan asked about his son?"

The Officer seemed confused and he said "there was no one else in the house."

Tristan nearly passed out and he grabbed his phone and called Yugi and said "Hey Yugi, something bad happened here, Joey's father is dead and they can't find Joey anywhere."

Yugi stopped walking and Duke nearly fell over him and he said "why in the world did you stop like that for?"

Yugi hung up and he looked at his friends and he said "Joey's dad is dead and Joey's missing."

They all stopped and then they started running in the direction of the Wheeler house and forgot all about school, their friend was missing and he might need their help.

At the Kaiba Residence:

Seto and his brother were eating breakfast when Mokie turned on the television to hear what the weather would be like today when a Special Bulletin came on:

"This Reporter has just been handed this, Police at the Wheeler Residence have discovered the dead body of Hank Wheeler in the living room. I've also discovered that he had a son Joseph Wheeler who is now considered missing and a lead in the murder of his father. We will have more on this story later on today."

Seto dropped his coffee cup and it went crashing to the floor and Mokie sat there staring at the television as if he had heard the report wrong. Then Mokie said "Seto what are we going to do?"

Seto looked at Mokie who had tears in his eyes and he said "hey, Joey's going to be alright. I'm going to call a friend at the Station and see what I can find out, but until then eat your breakfast you have to get to school."

Mokie went to get cleaned up after he cleared away his dishes and as he walked back into the kitchen Seto was talking to someone and he was getting madder and madder till Mokuba thought that his brother's head would blow up.

"What do you mean you can't release any more information right now, do you understand who you're talking to? I'm Seto Kaiba" then the line went dead and Seto slammed down the receiver and he stood there and Mokuba could have sworn that he saw smoke coming out of his brother's ears.

"That bastard cut me off!" Seto yelled. Then he picked up the phone and he called Roland and said "someone killed Joey's father last night and now he's missing, would you please try to find out what is happening?"

Roland was shocked to hear that Hank was dead and when he heard the fear in Seto's voice he said "I'll see what I can do and then I'll get back to you."

Seto had a tear roll down his face and he said "thanks Roland" and he hung up the phone.

He looked at his brother and said "I'll have Greg drive us to school; I have to do something to keep myself from falling apart."

On the way to school, Seto's phone rang and he saw that it was Yugi calling. "Kaiba here, what do you want Yugi?"

"Seto have you heard about Joey?" Yugi asked him.

"Yes, we saw the report on television and I've got Roland trying to find out what he can about Joey's disappearance." He said.

There was silence on the other end and then Seto said "I'll let you know if we get anything at all about Joey."

Yugi said "thanks Seto."

Yugi turned to the others and said "Seto is having Roland try to find out where Joey is."

Tea was softly crying on Dukes shoulder and then Tristan said "I'm glad that someone is trying to find Joey, I don't think that the Police are doing a damn thing."

In a way Tristan was right, it was someone on the Police force behind this. Why? To find out please continue reading…….

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