Chapter Ten

When Yami had gone to tell Seto that Joey was awake and wanted to talk to him Seto fell to the floor and cried tears of thankfulness and happiness. He looked up at Roland who had been his rock through all of this and softly said "what do I say, how do I tell him what he means to me?"

Roland walked over and helped Seto to his feet and he wiped away the tears and told him "you just have to tell him what is in your heart and who knows you just might be surprised when he tells you that he feels the same. Just give him time to get use to the idea and then love him with all your heart and you'll both be alright."

Seto held onto Roland and then he turned to Yami and he said "thank you and the others for making those monsters know what hell Joey had gone through and please tell everyone that I'm so proud to call all of you my friends."

Yami walked over to Seto and he said "go, go and see Joey and my Ra bless both of you with years of happiness." Seto held out his hand and Yami smiled and pulled Seto into his embrace and said "give Joey our love." Then he disappeared and Roland said "go tell Mokie that Joey is awake and then come back here and I'll drive all of us to the Hospital."

Seto stood outside the Hospital door where Joey was and he took a deep breath and he raised a shaking hand and pushed he door open and walked in. He walked over to the bed where Joey laid and softly he said "Joey" and he stood there waiting for Joey to open his eyes.

Joey slowly opened his eyes and smiled up at Seto and said "I love you too."

Seto had tears running down his face and he touched the side of Joey's face and whispered "it's good to have you back with us."

Joey then said "they hurt me awfully and my body is so badly messed up. The doctors said that I may never walk right again because of the damage done to my knees." Tears were running down Joey's face as he told Seto this.

Seto lowered the rail and carefully sat down next to him and he said "listen we can get through this together so stop worrying and just concentrate on getting stronger and when you are released you're coming home to live with us."

Then Joey said what was so damn hard to say "those bastards raped me and really screwed me royally and I don't think that I will ever get over that, how can you want to love someone who has been damaged the way that I have been?"

Seto very gently took his hand in his and then he said "listen to me. I haven't told this to anyone but Gozoboro used me as his own fuck toy for years and it really messed up my mind.

Roland found out and killed that bastard and after years of therapy I finally began to realize that I wasn't damaged goods as some would say that I was Seto Kaiba a human being and someone who could hold his head high and I never let anyone make me feel differently, and Joey you are worth so much to all of us especially to me. We will show the world who we are and never look back and be afraid of holding our heads high and walking together tall and proud."

Joey then touched the side of Seto's face and he whispered "will you please help me get through this?"

Seto leaned over and kissed Joey on the lips and said "yes, together we can over come this and I will make you realize that you are the most important thing in my life."

Then the held onto each other and tears ran down their faces for all the hell they each had been made to endure and in the back of Joey's mind he knew that he had now found his avenging angel who would help keep the demons at bay and he wouldn't ever have nightmares again.

It took years for Joey to get over what had happened to him, and it was Seto who stood strong and tall beside him ready to fight off any dreams or thoughts that would make Joey afraid and they married and lived together and with the help of their friends they smiled and laughed and lived very long and happy lives together.

THE END………………

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