Hey everyone! Yet another MTR fanfic here. I know I have been really bad about updating my other fics, but I promise this one will get finished. Eventually.

Thanks for being patient with me. Except you, Wilbur.

Wilbur: Hey!

Me: Don't interrupt! And didn't anyone ever tell you that patience is a virtue?

Wilbur: Mom tells me that almost every day.

Me: Maybe you should listen…..

Wilbur: Hey! (crosses arms and pouts)

Me: Just kidding…you know I love you. 3

Wilbur: Yeah, yeah. I was really worried. Thanks for the advice.

Me: No problem. By the way, while I've got you here, sorry for what's gonna happen to you in this fic.

Wilbur: What are you talking about? What's gonna happen to me? What's gonna happen? What?

Me: You'll just have to be patient and find out.

Wilbur: Ya know, sometimes I really don't like you.

Me: Hey! The original idea for the fic belongs to GoobTooSave. (BTW, thanks for the idea. You and doodlegirll can still work together on that other fic, but your plan for Wilbur was too good to pass up! Thanks!)

Wilbur: What "plan" for me?

Me: You'll just have to wait like everyone else. Do you see a chapter here?

Wilbur: No.

Me: Then hold your horses and wait.

Wilbur: You know, I never actually understood that expression. "Hold your horses?"

Me: It's from the late 1800's. Maybe you should read that history homework. You do have a test tomorrow.

Wilbur: Oh man! I totally forgot! What would I do without you?

Me: Fail?

Wilbur: I so owe you one.

Me: I hope you remember this conversation when you want to kill me after I update. Just remember I already apologized. And that it makes a great story!

Wilbur: I'm warning you…..

Me: History test!

Wilbur: Gotta go!

Me: Me too. I've got sports practice. Whoo!