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When Ron, Hermione and Harry left the Headmasters office, they headed straight for the common room. Harry could feel his own body caving while he was walking. He looked over and saw Ron supporting Hermione as they walked. When they reached the fat lady, Harry realized they didn't have the password. But after one look at them she started crying and opened. They staggered through and made their way through the room, and up the stairs. Hermione made a move to go towards the girl's dorm but Ron held her tight and she just followed his lead. They entered the seventh year's boy's dorm and Hermione took pajamas from her beaded bag for them all. The three of them changed right there, not caring who would see who. Ron and Hermione curled up on Ron's bed and sleep took them instantly. Harry looked over at them when he crawled in to his own warm four poster, there was a ping in his stomach wishing he could do the same. All he could think about earlier was sleep, but now after seeing Ron and Hermione, he could not take his mind off a certain red head. He punched his pillow to try to get it in a better position. He closed his eyes, but as hard as he tried, his mind would not relax and he knew after he had laid there ten minutes that his mind would not relax until things were resolved with Ginny.

He got up and pulled a pair of robes from Hermione's bag and put them over his pajamas. He thought about leaving a note for Ron and Hermione in case they woke up but as he looked at them he knew they were fast asleep and would not budge for several hours. His left the common room and slowly started making his way down the seven flights of steps. As he neared the great hall, the celebrating coming from it became louder and louder. He suddenly wished he would have brought his cloak to hide himself, but he was too tired to go back up the stairs to retrieve it. The entrance hall was packed and he had to push through several people to get in to the great hall. He thought he heard several people call his name. But he was not paying attention; his mind was only on one thing. He reached the doors and he scanned the crowds, sitting at the tables for tuffs of red hair, and at last he spied them. She was sitting between her mum and Charlie looking down. He took one step forward and as he did this she looked up and their eyes locked, he stopped. She was sitting half way down the hall and all he wanted to do was close in the gap and put his arms around her. As they looked at one another, he could feel thousands of eyes looking at them, but he didn't care.

Everyone in the hall had fallen silent and their attention was completely on Ginny and Harry, you could hear a pin drop. Ginny rose from her chair and at the same moment they stepped forward and started closing in the gap. He suddenly found renewed strength and that he was very tired moments before, didn't matter. When they reached one another they threw their arms around each other and held on for dear life. Harry buried his head in her hair, just wanting to feel it against his face. He could still smell a trace of her flowery scent through the mud and soot. And not even worrying about the thousand or so people watching, Harry lifted her off her feet and kissed her. Applause erupted throughout the hall and Harry felt Ginny giggle on his lips. After a moment they broke apart, Harry sat her down and put his arms back around her. He looked over her shoulder and over to the Weasley's who to his surprise, had smiling faces. His eyes caught Mr. Weasley's and he nodded, Harry smiled at him. He released Ginny and put his arms around her shoulders she put hers around his waist and they started making their way out of the great hall. People were smiling at them and patting them on the back. Harry didn't care, he was glad to let the world know who he loved. But he wondered if Ron would kill him later for his public show of affection, for his baby sister. He pushed this out of his mind and decided to worry about it later.

They started climbing the stairs once they were able to get through the crowd. As they climbed, they didn't say a word, nothing needed to be said. They reached the fat lady and she swung forward to admit them. When they saw that the room was quite empty they shared another kiss and Harry started swaying on the spot, his body could not take it anymore. Ginny gripped his waist and helped him to the boy's dorms. "I have another pair of pajamas in Hermione's bag." He told her weakly as he removed the robes he put over his. She nodded and looked for them."Harry all I can find are the pants." she said, after several minutes of searching. "Here" he said, and he removed his shirt, handing it to her. She smiled and removed her robes and put on his pajamas not caring that she was undressing in front of him, but Harry thought he saw her blush a bit. The two of them crawled in to his four poster. Harry pulled the covers over the two of them and they drifted off to sleep face to face.

Later on that afternoon

"Does anyone know where those four have gotten off too?" asked Mrs. Weasley, to the rest of her family.

Mr. Weasley shook his head but Bill said "I'll give you one guess." and looked up.

Mrs. Weasley's eyes glazed over, the thought of her two youngest children in bed with a member of the opposite sex and not married, it made her blood boil.

"Right" she said, and with that she headed out and up the stairs.

"She'll hex them all." said Charlie and the rest of them dashed after her.

They caught up with her just as she entered the common room. "Mum I'm sure they are just asleep" said Bill. But she paid no attention as she climbed the stairs. She had every intention of yelling at the top of her lungs when she opened the door. But she was flabbergasted at what she saw and before she could stop herself she smiled. The four of them looked so peaceful. Ron and Hermione had their arms around each other so tight, it looked like they thought, it was going to be their last embrace. Harry was lying on his back with Ginny pulled in to a hug on his side, their lips millimeters apart. Both couples had small smiles on their faces. She fully entered the room with everyone else in tow. The rest of the family barely breathed as they looked around, they were just waiting for it. She looked down at Harry's bare chest, she saw several scars and one very large bruise. She figured that was where the killing curse hit him. She walked forward, removed his glasses and placed them on the night stand.

She turned to her family and whispered "Let them sleep." They nodded and the last one out closed the door.

"But" she said when they reached the common room. "I will be having a talk with the four of them on adult matters."

"Mum" said George. "They are adults. Well Ginny's not of age yet, but she will be in two months."

"Yes, -- well they will still be getting that talk."

And with that she marched out the common room. The rest of them stood there discussing why she had not screamed and sent curses flying at the four of them. Little did they know that the moment Mrs. Weasley saw the four of them lying there she was reminded of her younger self. It made her remember what it was like to be young and in love, and for that, she just could not be mad with them.