Hey everyone, Dez Guardius here. First thing, I haven't forgotten Wrath of the Dragon, I'm just temporarily out of ideas for it, disregarding the Search for Tsunade Arc. So, to help me recover, I've decided to start another one, as part of an idea I've had for a while and decided to test it out.

You know the rest, I don't own Naruto or any of its characters. If I did, Naruto wouldn't be a dumbass, Sasuke wouldn't be the Emo-king, and Kyuubi would be female. Enough rambling, time to get on with the show.

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Chapter 1: The Last of the First

It was nighttime when the young shinobi-in-training jumped down in the forest. He was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, a set of green goggles, and had a scroll his size in his back.

One of the unusual things about him was his sun-kissed blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek.

"That was close," said Uzumaki Naruto, as he sat and unfurled the scroll. This was the Scroll of Sealing, a scroll that had all sorts of Kage-level jutsu within it. Naruto had been told by his sensei Mizuki to retrieve the scroll and learn a jutsu from it as extra credit, then Iruka-sensei would pass him, for Naruto had failed his third Genin Exam in a row.

"Let's get started…" he mused, looking over the scroll. "Kage Bunshin?" he muttered. "That looks interesting…" Moving on, he saw a bunch of other jutsu. In a moment of insight, he retrieved a blank scroll from the pouch on his back, and began copying down jutsu.

When he got to something called "Shishou Fuujin", he saw a spiral below it. 'Hmm… is that a seal of sorts?' Struggling to remember what Iruka-sensei had taught him about seals, he faintly remembered that some needed blood to open. Biting his thumb, he rubbed the blood across the seal, and in a puff of smoke, another scroll appeared.

"What the… why does this have my name on it?" said Naruto, squinting his eyes. Deciding to review it later, he put it in his pouch and got to work on learning Kage Bunshin.


A couple of hours later, Umino Iruka found a beaten and panting Naruto on the ground. Landing in front of his student, he growled, "I…. found you…!" Naruto repeated back, "Found you, nose-bleeder!"

"Dumbass! I found you!!" yelled Iruka. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Learning…" said Naruto cheekily. "But I only managed to learn one jutsu… but I guess I can be a Genin now, right?"

That made Iruka suspicious. "Naruto… where did you find out about that scroll?"

"Mizuki-sensei told me about it, and about this place too…" said Naruto, trailing off as Iruka gazed off into space.

Iruka sprung into action, tossing Naruto away as a hail of kunai came out of nowhere and impacted, hitting Iruka in various places. Iruka shrugged off the pain, and pulled out the kunai, muttering, "So that's how it is…"

Mizuki, wearing a Konoha bandana and two overly large shuriken, crouched on a tree branch. "Nice job in finding him," he said to Iruka, then turned his attention to Naruto. "Nice job Naruto, now give me the scroll!"

"Don't do it!" shouted Iruka, pulling out the last kunai. "That scroll has jutsu collected by the past Hokage's, many of them too dangerous to use! Mizuki used you to get the scroll!"

Naruto looked up and Mizuki, to see his former teacher grin evilly. "I guess there's no point in delaying," said Mizuki. "Naruto, do you know why the whole village hates you?"

Knowing where this was going, Iruka yelled in panic, "No, Mizuki, you can't! It's forbidden!!"

Ignoring Iruka, Mizuki continued. "Roughly 12 years ago, you know how the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked? Well, immediately after that, there was a new law made. But that law… was never meant to be said to you, or anyone for that matter."

"What… law?" said Naruto, feeling uneasy.

"Stop, Mizuki!!" shouted Iruka, who went ignored.

Mizuki chuckled evilly, and said, "Yondaime Hokage-sama wasn't able to kill the Kyuubi, so he sealed it away… into the body of a baby. And you were that baby!" Laughing, Mizuki finished with, "That's why everyone hates you, you're the dreaded Kyuubi no Kitsune!!"

Naruto was dumbstruck. It explained the hatred of the villagers, and why he was beaten to near death on his own birthday. Faintly hearing Mizuki yell how even Iruka hated him because of his parents' deaths, he just stood there as Mizuki threw one of his overly large shuriken at him.

When he felt blood hit his face, he snapped out of his stupor to see that Iruka had taken the shuriken in the back. "… Why?" he croaked out.

"Because," Iruka said, tears streaming down his face, "you're just like me. It must have been hard, hiding all that pain… but I can't hate you, not you…"

Falling to the side, Iruka rolled onto his seat to pull the shuriken out of his back. Mizuki rushed him, yelling, "Fine, demon-lover!! I'll just kill you both and take the scroll for myself--!!" He was cut off by a knee to the face.

Iruka was now feeling massive amounts of pain, and unable to help. "Naruto, run!! Get away!! Protect the scroll with your life!!"

Naruto stood the scroll on end, and said, "But the comrades come first… isn't that what you taught us, Iruka-sensei?"

By this time, Mizuki had recovered and stood. "Comrades!? Pfftt, you're just like me, demon-brat! You have all that power, and…"

"Shut up," said Naruto, glaring at Mizuki while putting his hands in a cross-shaped seal. "You hurt Iruka-sensei, and I'll return his pain to you one thousand-fold."

"Go on, Kyuubi!!" yelled Mizuki, pulling another large shuriken, and he immediately wished he hadn't said that.

Surrounding the area were at least a thousand Naruto's. Courtesy of Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

Both Iruka and Mizuki were gob-smacked. Iruka thought, "He mastered a S-Ranked Ninjutsu…" Mizuki turned his head, scared out of his wits. "What… how… what the…?"

The lead Naruto grinned and said, "If you're done pissing, it's time for an ass-kicking!"

The forest was then introduced to Mizuki's wails.


Looking down at the unconscious Mizuki, Naruto rubbed his head sheepishly and said, "I think I overdid it…"

Iruka grinned and sat up. "Naruto, come here," he said. "I have something for you. Close your eyes."

Naruto did so, and when Iruka told him to open them, the first thing he saw was Iruka's headband-less face. "Congrats… on passing," said Iruka, grinning.

Naruto tackle-hugged Iruka, saying, "Thank you," over and over.


Many moments later found Naruto at his little apart, looking over the jutsu he had copied. It was then that he remembered the other scroll, and pulled it out. He saw another seal on it, and biting his thumb once more, rubbed it over the seal. He then read the scroll.

To Uzumaki Naruto

If you are reading this, then all has gone as planned. Naruto, you may not know me, but I know you. My name is Namikaze Minato, but I am known as Yondaime Hokage. You are my only son and heir, and I hope you can forgive me for what I'm about to do.

My son, it is with a heavy heart that I do this, but too many have died already, and no more need to. The Kyuubi no Kitsune is attacking, and I intend to make it so that it can't hurt anyone else. So, I am forced to seal it with you, my son.

You may hate me for this, but I am out of options. You are the only chance our village has for survival, and with your mother - my beloved wife Kushina - gone, I feel like I have nothing to live for. If I could, I would seal it elsewhere, but I cannot. You are the only one able to hold it. With the jutsu I made, the Kyuubi will be locked away, but I wil be forced to pass on.

The Kyuubi approaches, so I must end here. You are the last of our mighty clan, and you will be in constant danger because of it. Our clan information is below, so please, keep it to yourself, at least until you can defend yourself. I hope that you will be seen as a hero, but a nagging feeling says otherwise.

Once more, I am sorry for this, and I love you with all my heart.

Your loving father,

Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage

When Naruto finished reading it, he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Baka," he murmured. "But you did it to save me, and everyone else…" he grinned, hugging to scroll to his chest. "Arigatou… Minato-tou-san…"

Wiping away his tears, he looked to see another seal. Unsealing it, out popped a scroll roughly his size, and he unfurled it to read it.

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are reading this, then our legacy lives on. You, reader, are the last of our clan, the Tenmuujin Clan. We were among the most powerful shinobi in the Elemental Countries, at their making. This was due to our doujutsu, the Reinogan. With it, we were nigh unstoppable.

Unfortunately, due to unknown reasons, our clan produced mainly females; for every 3 female Tenmuujin, there was 1 male. And our clan started dying off, also due to unknown reasons, so those of us left relocated to Mizu no Kuni.

But then, the First Bloodline War came, and we were nearly annihilated. There were roughly twelve of us then, and by the time we made it to Hi no Kuni, that number was reduced by half. To protect our identities, we changed our names to Namikaze, and have remained here in Konohagakure for fifty years.

Naruto lowered his head. He had a family, but they were all dead… killed in the Kyuubi attack. He narrowed his eyes, that Kyuubi was the reason he had no family. But since he had his father's techniques, he would find some way to make it suffer. Shaking his head, head moved on.


To activate, the user has to mold chakra in their eyes, and it will activate. Upon activation, the first level is already accessible. It is possible to use two levels at once, but it will take more chakra to keep the eyes on.

Naruto closed his eyes, took a deep breath, put his hands in the Ram Seal, and opened them. His vision was a bit sharpened, so he got up and looked in his mirror, and there his eyes widened.

His eyes had turned a shimmering orange, and he had no pupil. He could also see a small black triangle at the top of his iris. Grinning, he went back to his scroll.

The Reinogan has five levels. When the Reinogan is in use, the user's eyes will lose the pupils, and will glow a specific color for each level, and have a small triangle to represent each level. Once all five levels are unlocked, the user will possess five triangles going around the iris, forming an apparant pentagon. However, to unlock each level, certain conditions must be met, and no levels can be skipped. When the user wants to use a specific level, they must say "Reinogan no Tomoe: ...", then the level/power name. To activate a specific ability, they must say either "Ichi" or "Ni" (when applicable).

"Sweet," said Naruto, and he looked down further to see what he had gained.

Tomoe 1 - Kanchi (Perception)

Level 1 allows the user to see all details, to the point of being able to duplicate anything being done before them. The user can also see up to a maximum of 1.5 miles away. Level 2 allows the user X-Ray vision, and they act similar to the Byakugan of the Hyuuga Clan in this aspect, from seeing Tenketsu to seeing foreign objects in the body. "Kanchi" is obtained when the user first activates their doujutsu. When in use, the user's eyes glow orange with one black triangle. On a side note, to use Level 1 and 2 at the same time requires the user to say "San".

Naruto rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Going outside and jumping to the roof of his apartment, he decided to test it out. Looking towards the Hokage Monument, he said "Reinogan no Tomoe: Kanchi Ni!!" Immediately, he could see the monument close-up, and he could see each of the Kage's faces in clear detail.

Grinning, he jumped down, and went back inside. He went back to the scroll to see what was next.

Tomoe 2 - Kanetsu (Heat)

Level 1 allows the user to see any heat given off, from fire to body heat. Level 2 allows the user to see any chakra, from residue to being produced. "Kanetsu" is obtained when the user has increased their natural eyesight by at least 50. When in use, the user's eyes glow yellow with two black triangles.

"Damn, how am I supposed to do that," he said. Thinking, he then decided to go see the Hokage later on.


Sandaime looked wearily at Naruto's profile. His picture showed him with red face-paint around his eyes, a red line going from his lower lip to his chin, and from the bottom of his eyes to his ears. 'Well, it could have been worst,' he thought to himself.

"I'm still trying to figure out why you did that," he said to Naruto. Naruto grinned and said, "It's a surprise, and I wanted to make at least look decent…"

"This is going in the Shinobi records. And you're supposed to be wearing your hitai-ate."

"I know…" said Naruto, but he trailed off hearing the door creak.

Suddenly, a small child with a cap and a ridiculously long scarf ran in yelling, "Oji-san, fight me!!" Then he tripped over the scarf and fell on his face. Sitting up quickly, he said, "All right, who tripped me!?"

Into the room came a man with black glasses, a bandana, and wearing all black. He glared at Naruto, and then said, "Honorable grandson, are you all right!? No one set a trap!!"

'Who is this kid?' thought Naruto, as the kid's gaze centered on him. "You tripped me!!" said the kid, rushing Naruto. Naruto picked him up by the front of his shirt and shot back, "You tripped on your own clothes, you idiot!"

"Hey!!" said Ebisu, the man in black. "Put him down! He's Konohamaru, the honorable grandson!!"

Socking Konohamaru on his head, Naruto growled, "And you assume I care?" With that, he turned on his heel and left, heedless of the sputtering Ebisu.

Walking down the street, he put on his goggles and began experimenting with his newfound doujutsu discreetely. 'Okay, "Kanetsu" let's me see details and nearly two miles away with level 1, and level 2 let's me see through things… Maybe, I'll be able to find my clan home, and then I can move there…' he caught movement behind him, and sighed. Turning off his doujutsu, he pulled his goggles up and spun saying, "Come on out, that's not fooling anyone!"

Pulling down the cloth he was holding wrong, Konohamaru grinned and said, "So, the rumors are true…" Pointing at him, he said, "I know, you can be my Taichou (1), and you be able to help me beat Grandpa!!"

Squinting, Naruto muttered, "Taichou…?"


Later found Konohamaru and Naruto sitting on a log, resting after Konohamaru was trying to learn Naruto's Orioke no Jutsu. "Why do you want to beat your Grandpa so much?" he asked Konohamaru.

"Grandpa named me Konohamaru…" said the boy, looking down. "And because of that, no one acknowledges me as that… I'm just the Honorable Grandson to them. And I'm sick of that… that's why I want to be Hokage."

"Get in line," said Naruto, ignoring Konohamaru's surprised look. "I'm gonna be Hokage first… but it ain't easy! If you want the name of Hokage…" he looked at Konohamaru and grinned. "You better beat me first!"

"Found you!!" said Ebisu, looking on them both. He glared at Naruto. 'How dare the Kyuubi-brat taint the Honorable Grandson…'

Naruto glared right back, while Konohamaru said, "I'm gonna beat Grandpa and be Hokage! Don't get in my way!"

Ebisu was about to launch into his tirade about the points of being Hokage when Konohamaru shouted, "HENGE!!"

In a puff of smoke, Konohamaru was replaced by a beautiful naked brunette. "Orioke no Jutsu!" she giggled.

Ebisu gaped.

Konohamaru went back to normal, and Ebisu yelled, "S-such a vulgar skill!! I am a gentleman! Such a low-class skill is useless against me!!" Grabbing Konohamaru's scarf, he tried to drag him off. "Come, Honorable Grandson, hanging around the likes of him will rot your brain!"

"I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go…!"

"You're coming with me and that's that, because I'm your shortcut to becoming Hokage!" said Ebisu, and then he heard, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Turning around he saw a line of Naruto's. "I'm not as weak as Mizuki," said he. "I am a Tokubetsu Jounin…" he trailed off when all the Naruto's said, "Henge!"

Ebisu soon found himself surrounded by no less then twenty beautiful naked blondes, all of whom were cooing his name. Chivalry be damned, he was still a red-blooded male, so he did what any red-blooded male would do… he rocketed off in a geyser of blood.

Dispelling his clones, Naruto grinned and said, "Meet my Haremu no Jutsu."

He turned from the unconscious Ebisu to the cursing Konohamaru and said, "Hey kid… the title of Hokage takes a long road… you better prepare yourself. 'Cause there ain't any shortcuts to becoming Hokage." Grinning, he finished with, "If you wanna be Hokage, you're gonna have to beat me to it."

Konohamaru was silent, then he said, "Okay… then from now on, we're rivals!"

Walking off and giving Konohamaru a thumbs-up, Naruto said, "I'll look forward to fighting you later on…"


Naruto jumped through the trees, landing on a building near the abandoned Uchiha Sector. It was nearly evening, and he still hadn't found his clan home. Sighing, he thought that he'd look for it later, when a glint of light caught his eye. Moving toward it, he saw a magnificent temple-like structure was before him, with a stone wall going around it. Deep down, he felt a sense of familiarity, of belonging. "I've found it," he said grinning. Looking over it, he found a handprint in the stone.

Sighing, he cut his hand, and put it in the handprint. A moment later, there was the sound of gears and stone grinding, and the stone split in two and swung inwards. Naruto entered, and was amazed by what he found.

To his right was a blooming Sakura tree, with a pond on its right side and going to the back. To his left, four statues of Kitsune. In front of him stood his clan complex, divided into three buildings. The main building was the largest and in the center, and the adjoining buildings were slanting right and left.

Grinning, he inspected the entrance in the barrier. Another handprint was there, but this one just required his touch to close. And now that he unsealed it, he could get back in without giving up blood. With that, he left his newfound home, and went back to his old one.


Using storage scrolls, he packed everything he had, which wasn't much. The last thing he did was tying the Tenmuujin scroll to his back. He stood in the doorway, and inhaled the smell of his apartment one last time. "Goodbye, old place" he said, before closing the door.

Unknown to Naruto, he was watched by Sandaime, through his mystical crystal ball. "Ah, Minato," he sighed, puffing smoke from his pipe. "You and Kushina would both be proud of your boy." With that, he exited his office to retire for the night.


Naruto quickly got situated in his new home. He found his bedroom, and set it up, leaving the Tenmuujin scroll on his bed. He then looked out on his yard. Those foxes… they reminded him of the Kyuubi. Narrowing his eyes, he set out on his mission, not knowing what he was doing would change his life forever.

Hours later found him marking one of the stone foxes with seals, using his blood as markers. He had spent the last couple of hours trying to understand the three Fuuin Jutsu his father used: Shiki Fuujin, Hakke no Fuuin Shiki, and Shishou Fuujin.

"Now," he said, "worst thing that can happen is that I go out with a bang…" With that, he started going through seals.

"What in the seven hells do you think you are doing?"

Naruto jumped at the voice that came out of nowhere. "Who-who's there!?" he yelled, looking around.

"I'm inside your head, flesh-rat," growled the voice. "You know me as the almighty Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Naruto began to tremble with rage. "You!? You're the reason I have no family, and why everyone hates me!"

Kyuubi chuckled. "And you assume I care? I'm far too powerful to care about petty human squabbles…"

Naruto growled. "Yeah, well I'll show you!" Continuing his seals, he grinned evilly. "I'm gonna put you in this statue… marked by holy seals, and you'll be in there forever."

Kyuubi laughed. "Little fool… if you release the seal, I'll be free… and you will die."

"Eh!?" went Naruto. And he did the one thing that decided his future.

He messed up a seal.

Immediately, the seals on the stone fox began to glow, and Naruto felt a searing pain in his stomach. Crouching and crying out, he faintly heard horrible laughter, then… "No. No! NOO!!!" Then the stone fox exploded, and he was thrown backwards, and blissful blackness overtook him.


((Naruto's Mindscape))

When Naruto opened his eyes, he saw pipes above him. "Did I die?" he asked aloud. He looked around, and he saw a steel door knocked off its hinges. Creeping over to it, he peeped in.

He could see a large brass cage with a fuuda that had the kanji for "Seal". But the cage was misshapen, and he could see a lake of red beyond it. No Kyuubi, though.

Suddenly, he felt a bit woozy. Sitting down, he muttered, "Not again," before falling backwards and passing out.


When he came to, the sun was shining. Sitting up, he groaned as he rubbed his head. He then noticed that things came into sharper focus, and he could smell the Sakura tree. Looking at the stone fox, he saw that it had been blown to pieces. Standing shakily, he went inside, and made his way to his room. His scroll was still open, but something else had appeared. Rubbing his eyes and looking down, he shouted, "Yatta!!"

He had gained the second Tomoe, Kanetsu. Now he had instructions for the third Tomoe.

Tomoe 3 - Konmei (Confusion)

Allows the user to disorient anyone hit. To send a burst of this power [from the eyes, the user has to say "Ranzatsu". "Konmei" is obtained when the user has sharpened their mind, usually by knowledge acquired from Kage Bunshin. When in use, the user's eyes glow white with three black triangles.

Naruto grinned. "It's a good thing that I learned Kage Bunshin, then…" he trailed off looking at his clock. "Kuso!!" he cursed, "I'm gonna be late!!" He looked down, he couldn't go as is, his orange jumpsuit was shredded. Frantically, he went through his stuff, then opened his closet. What he saw inside made him grin foxily.


Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino, two rival kunoichi for a certain heir's affections, reached the classroom at the same time.

"Cha! Take that, Ino-pig!" said Sakura panting. "No, I won!" retorted Ino. Glaring, both of them made their way toward their object of affection.

Uchiha Sasuke, the object of affection and sympathy for the whole village, brooded while ignoring the looks his fangirls sent him. He was the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan, which had been massacred by one of their own when he was little. Since then, he had been seen as the dark and mysterious type. Right now, he just wanted this done and over with.

The door flew open, and in walked Naruto. Everyone there was surprised to see him, but that's not what rendered them speechless.

Naruto came in wearing a navy blue jumpsuit, with the coat open revealing an ash-gray netted shirt, with a strange pattern on the stomach; a red spiral surround by five triangles. On the shoulders of the jacket were ash-gray patches with the Kanji for "Wind" in black. Add that it seemed he had grown an inch overnight, and he gained a lithe set of muscles, and you had a whole lot of potential. But what stood out the most was the scroll that he tied to his back; the Tenmuujin scroll.

The first to recover was on Hyuuga Hinata, who had harbored a deep affection (cough, LOVE, cough) for Naruto; she blushed deeply, her eyes rolled up, and she fainted.

Naruto was snickering at the gaping new Genin, and then he noticed an enticing smell. 'Where's that coming from?' he thought to himself, then was brought out of his thoughts by someone asking. "What the hell are you doing here, Naruto? This is for graduates only!"

Pointing at his hitai-ate, he grinned and said, "Need I say more?" With that, he made his way up to a seat, but that smell came back. 'Smell's like honey,' he thought, and decided to follow his nose. Eventually, he came to Hinata. "Hinata-chan?" he said, poking her gently. "You okay?"

Hinata's eyes fluttered and she opened to see Naruto mere inches from her face. She reddened and tried her best not to faint. "Ha-Hai, N-Naruto-kun…"

Naruto nodded and sat one seat down, next to Sasuke. He then smelled dog, and rolled his eyes. "What, Kiba?"

Inuzuka Kiba glared down at Naruto, while his pet and partner Akamaru whimpered and tried to get his master to avoid Naruto. "What's with the new look, dobe? And that giant scroll? "

Sasuke wanted to know that as well, but he was too proud to ask.

Naruto grinned. "The winds of change blew last night, and the scroll is my clan scroll."

That caused a number of people to think. A clan? But Naruto was an orphan…

Their thoughts were interrupted by Iruka, who came in. "Well, now that everyone's here, we can get started." Pulling out a clipboard, he faced the students. "Starting today, you are all Genin. But the hard part has just started. You'll be assigned to three-man teams, and each team will have one Jounin-sensei. The teams are balanced like so… the best in class, the worst in class, and one to balance them out. When you're assigned certain duties to the village, you'll follow your Jounin-sensei's instructions."

'Pft,' thought Sasuke. 'Three-man teams… more people to get in my way.'

'I think I'd rather be with Sakura-chan,' thought Naruto, his arm supporting his scroll. 'Then… anyone else, except for Sasuke and Kiba.'

"Team 7… Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura…"

(In that order) "Yatta!" "Damn…"

"… and Uchiha Sasuke."

"Damn…" "Yatta!"

Naruto didn't bother raising a stink about Sasuke, so he just decided to bear it.

"Team 8… Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, and Aburame Shino."

Naruto felt somewhat sorry for Hinata, so he turned and gave her a thumbs-up, to help her confidence. She blushed and looked in her lap. 'There's that smell again,' he thought. 'Why is there a honey smell coming from Hinata?'

(We all know the rest of the teams.)


Naruto looked out the door for the tenth time. "Where is that guy?" he said aloud.

"Naruto, stay still! He'll get here when he gets here," said Sakura. She had been feeling funny for the past hour. She felt somewhat… heated. She blamed it on the summer heat.

"Well, since he's late…" said Naruto, placing an eraser on the door frame.


"What?" he shrugged at Sakura. "If he's a Jounin, then he should be able to avoid it."

Right after he said that, the door opened, and the eraser fell on the head of a silver-haired mask-wearing Jounin with his hitai-ate going over his left eye.

"Speak of the devil," said Naruto, squinting. 'He smells like dog, too…'

'This guy is supposed to teach us?' thought Sasuke.

"Hmm…" said the Jounin, rubbing his masked chin. "My first impression is… you're a bunch of idiots."

Afterwards, all four met on the roof. "Okay," said the Jounin, "let's do some introductions. You know, likes, dislikes… those things."

"You first," said Naruto, holding his scroll in one arm. "We don't know anything about you."

"Oh… me? I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have no desire to tell you guys my likes and dislikes. I have lots of hobbies. Dreams for the future…?"

"All we learned…" began Naruto.

"…was his name." finished Sakura.

"All right," said Kakashi, pointing at Naruto. "You first, scroll boy."

Squinting his eyes and grinning, Naruto started. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like Instant Ramen and Training. I dislike the 3 minutes it takes for Ramen to cook, and bigoted bastards. Also Emos, can't forget those whiny little bastards. Dreams for the future… rebuild my clan and become Hokage! My hobbies are training, pranks, and gardening."

Kakashi nodded, while inwardly thinking, 'I didn't know he had a clan…' "You next, duck ass."

Sasuke glared at Kakashi, and said. "Uchiha Sasuke. I don't have a lot of likes, and I have plenty of dislikes. I don't use the word dream… but I have an ambition: To resurrect my clan and kill a certain man."

'An avenger… why am I not surprised?' thought Kakashi. "You're up pinky."

"I'm Haruno Sakura. I like…" she looked over at Sasuke and giggled. "I dislike… " she was tempted to say "Naruto", but the heat returned, and her voice caught. So, instead she said, "Ino-pig. Dreams for the future?" She looked off into space and giggled. "My hobby…"

"Enough," said Kakashi, holding up a hand. "Okay, we'll start our duties tomorrow."

"Sweet," said Naruto. "What kind?"

"First, the four of us are gonna do Survival Training. But this isn't regular training. It'll be you three against me." Here he chuckled. "But…"

"But what?" asked Sakura.

"This test has a failure rate of 66. Anyone who fails gets sent back to the Academy," said Kakashi, his visible eye in an upside U, indicating a smile.

The three Genin were gob-smacked, and Naruto was the first to recover. "So, what was the point of graduating!?"

"That was a Genin Selection Process, seeing who were the most desirable candidates for the rank of Genin. Anyway, you'll be graded on the field. By the way, don't eat tomorrow morning, you'll throw up." Handing them papers, he said, "The details are on the paper. Don't be late." With that, he poofed away.

Naruto stood up and tied the scroll to his back. "Well, see you two later," he said, before jumping down. Sakura was about to call him, but she restrained herself at the last moment. She then turned to Sasuke, but he was already going in the door.


Later that night, Naruto sat in his room, going over what had happened the previous night. "From what I figure, when the Transfer Sealing backfired, it sent the Kyuubi somewhere, but left me with his chakra… and I've gained some enhanced senses. The only ones who could help me are Kiba's folks, but I don't think they like me much…" Deciding not to brood on it, he went to bed. The last thought he had was, 'You would've thought that any other Shinobi would have felt that chakra pulse…'

The following morning, he got the training grounds at the same time as Sakura and Sasuke. They ended up waiting two hours before Kakashi showed. "You're late," Naruto and Sakura yelled.

Ignoring them, Kakashi set a clock down on a wooden stump and said, "This is set for Noon. Here are two bells. Your task is to get them away from me. And only the winners get to eat lunch."

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke all had the same thought: 'Lousy bastard… that's why he told us not to eat.'

"Since there are two bells, that means one of you will definitely be tied to the stump. And that one will be sent back to the academy. The only you'll defeat me… is if you come with the intent to kill."

At the glares he was getting, Kakashi chuckled. "You know, I'm beginning to like you guys." Then he got serious. "All right… START!"

And just like that, the three Genin were gone.


'Good,' thought Kakashi. 'They've all hidden themselves well…' He then saw Naruto still standing in front of him. 'Never mind…'

'What is he doing?' thought Sakura, from her spot in the underbrush. Sasuke had the same thought from his vantage point in the trees.

"Fight me!" said Naruto.

Kakashi reached into his pouch and pulled… an orange book with "Come Come Paradise" on the cover. Naruto blanched. "Why do you have a book!?"

"Because I wanna find out what happens next. But it won't matter in the long run…"

Naruto growled and rushed Kakashi, who dodged while reading. "Lesson One: Taijutsu," he mused. When Naruto delivered a roundhouse kick, Kakashi got behind, and crouched with his hands in the Tiger Seal. "Rule number 1: A shinobi is never caught from behind…" With that, he thrust forward.


Naruto rocketed into the air, screaming and holding his ass. 'That wasn't Ninjutsu,' thought an annoyed Sakura. 'That was just a super ass-poke…'

'Pfft… two morons,' thought Sasuke. He was as surprised as the rest when Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke. 'What the…? What was that jutsu?'

'Ah,' thought Kakashi. 'Kage Bunshin. He must have done it when they separated. Looks like he's not a total idiot after all…'

Elsewhere, Naruto watched as his cloned disappeared, and sighed in relief. To think that could've been me…' Involuntarily, he shuddered. 'Why do I feel violated and scarred for life, all of a sudden…?'

In the meantime, Sasuke caught Kakashi off guard and threw a combination of kunai and shuriken. Kakashi took them in the side, and then disappeared in the puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, there was a log in his place.

"Damn," swore Sasuke, as he leapt backwards through the trees. "Kawarimi no Jutsu… now he knows where I am. Bastard used a trap, and I fell for it…"

He was unaware of an eye peeping through a gap in the bushes. "Heh heh… silly little Genin… Now to screw with them…"

In the meantime, Sakura had been making as little noise as possible as she leapt through the bushes. 'Sasuke-kun… Naruto-kun… where are you? Could sensei already have…? No, not Sasuke-kun… he wouldn't let that happen… neither would Naruto-kun…' She was thrown out of her thoughts by the sight of Kakashi through a gap of trees. 'Phew, he didn't notice me,' she thought.


Sakura spun around to see Kakashi inches away look her in the eye, and then disappear in a swirl of leaves. The leaves spun every, and she felt herself grow sleepy. She shook her head, saying, "What was that!? Where's sensei!?"


That was a different voice, a voice she was waiting to hear. "Sasuke-kun!!" she said in glee, turning around.

Sasuke was covered in kunai and shuriken, and bleeding heavily from a severed arm. "Help… me…" he gasped. Sakura went pale, and shivered, and then another voice came out.


Shakily, she turned to see Naruto with swords jutting out from his back, kunai in his arms, and a bloody wound over his left eye. Falling to his knees, he gasped out "Sakura-chan… help m… me…" before spitting up blood.

That was all Sakura could take, so she screamed as hard as she could, and fainted.


"Hmm," said Kakashi, crouching on a tree branch while reading his little orange book. "I think I overdid it… Lesson #2: Genjutsu…"

Sasuke looked up at hearing the scream. "That scream… Sakura…"

Naruto was on the same tree Kakashi was on, and when he heard the scream, he winced and leapt off the tree as quietly as he could, making his way towards Sakura through the underbrush.

Unfortunately, Kakashi saw him, but surprisingly, he ignored him. 'Hmm… he's going for his teammate instead of the bell… maybe this team isn't hopeless after all…' Out loud he said, "Genjutsu… Illusionary Techniques… Sakura fell for it easily."

"I'm not like those other two," said Sasuke, his back to Kakashi.

"Say that after you got the bells… Sasuke-chan."


Meanwhile, Naruto had gotten to Sakura and shaken her awake. "Ne, Sakura-chan, wake up… the times almost up."

Sakura opened her eyes to see Naruto's sky blue ones, and she felt her heart skip a beat. 'No, no! I like Sasuke-kun, not Naruto-kun…' she said in her head while sitting up. "Naruto, what are you doing here?"

Naruto rubbed his head and grinned. "I figured that together, the two of us might stand a better chance of getting the bells."

"But sensei said…" Sakura was cut off by an explosion, and she and Naruto turned their head to see a cloud of smoke. "What was that?"

"Not sure," said Naruto. "Let's go check it out."


"Lesson #3: Ninjutsu…" said Kakashi, crouching down to look Sasuke in the eye. "Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu… looks like you managed to get ahead of the others…" he chuckled at his poorly made pun, and walked away, letting the angered Sasuke hear another bad pun: "You know what they say… an exposed nail must be hammered in… heh heh heh…"

Immediately after, Naruto and Sakura appeared, with Sakura screaming at the sight of Sasuke's head above the ground, and passing out again. Naruto caught her, while Sasuke pulled himself out of the ground. When Sakura came to again, Sasuke turned on his heel and started to walk.

"Where do you think you're going, emo-boy?"

Sasuke ignored Naruto's insult and said, "There's not much time, I'm going to get a bell."

"Sasuke-kun, you're still going after the bells?"

"I already touched them, next time I'll get them," he said, earning a "What!?" from both Naruto and Sakura.

"Well," began Naruto, "wouldn't it work out to having all three of us trying to beat Kakashi-sensei's ass into the dirt?"

"Pft," said Sasuke, his back to them, "I don't need anyone's help. I almost got them by myself, and I'll get them for sure this time."

"But Sasuke-kun," said Sakura, stepping toward him, "there's not much time left, like you said, so we might stand a better chance next time…"

At this, Sasuke glared at the two of them. After a moment of silence he spoke at last. "There's a man I have to kill… I am an Avenger… I have to become stronger than that man, so I can't just stand around here, I have to get my own power my own way."

Right after he said that, the bell went off.


Ten minutes later found Naruto tied to a log, with Sasuke and Sakura sitting next to him, and two bento lunches in front of them. "Why the hell am I tied to the log?" snapped Naruto at the grinning Kakashi.

"I dunno… some higher power, I guess. Anyways, you'll be glad to know that both you and Sakura get to go back to the academy."

"What!?" exclaimed Sakura. "How is that good news!?"

Sasuke said nothing, but gave off a small "bah".

"Yeah!" said Naruto. "While we go back to the academy, what about Sasuke-teme!?"

Kakashi gave off an eye-smile as he said, "Sasuke… should quit as a shinobi entirely!"


Kakashi narrowed his visible eye at the three. "Even though it seems like I'm singling him out, it's the truth. Uchiha Sasuke is a selfish bastard who doesn't deserve to be a shinobi."

Sasuke growled and ran at Kakashi, who twisted his arm and sat on him. "See? That's what I'm talking about."

Looking at Naruto and Sakura, he continued. "Why do you think you were divided into teams of three and forced to do this exercise? You were on the way to answering this question before, when you met up again after the three lessons…"

In another rare moment of insight, Naruto picked up the answer. "Teamwork?"

Kakashi nodded. "Yep, teamwork."

"But how?" asked Sakura. "There are only two bells! Even if we did team up, then one of us would still fail…"

In yet another rare moment of insight, Naruto picked up another answer. "That was just to make us fight each other."

Both Kakashi and Sakura stared at him. "Who are you and what have you done with the real Uzumaki Naruto?" asked Sakura.

"Untie me, dammit!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi chuckled. "Still the same kid… anyway, the purpose of the bells was to see if you would forget about yourselves and work together for the sake of the group."

Closing his eye, he delivered his observations. "Sakura, you were out looking for Sasuke, instead of Naruto who was closer. Naruto, you tried to do the work by yourself. Even so, the two of you managed to at least try to team up and work together." Pulling Sasuke's arm, he said, "But you, Mr. Avenger, saw the others as obstacles and tried to do everything by yourself, with the thought of asking for help."

Looking back at the Genin in front of him, he said, "The duties are done by the team. Of course, individual skills are valuable to a shinobi… but so is the value of 'Teamwork'. Individuals going off half-cocked can get you and your comrades in a dangerous situation. For example…"

Kakashi whipped out a kunai and put it to Sasuke's neck. "Sakura, kill Naruto! Or Sasuke dies!!"

At their alarmed looks, he put the kunai away and stood up, allowing Sasuke to stand. However, a Kakashi clone appeared behind him, and tied him to the post while freeing Naruto. After the Kakashi clone disappeared, the real Kakashi said, "If a hostage is taken, you'll have to make difficult choices. You'll be risking your lives on your duties to this village."

Walking over to a certain stone, Kakashi gazed at it impassively. "See this stone? The names on this stone are people recognized by this village as heroes. But they're not regular heroes… They died doing their duty… even my best friend's name is here, on this Memorial Stone."

Facing them, Kakashi grew narrowed his visible eye. "You guys get one more chance. After lunch, you can try and get the bells, but it'll be tougher this time around. Also, if you want to challenge me, you'd better eat, but don't give any to Sasuke… he's gotta learn to share before he gets himself into serious trouble. Here, I am the LAW… got it?" With that, he vanished.

Right after that, Naruto handed his food over to the tied Sasuke. "Want some food?"

While Sasuke glared, Sakura nearly choked. "Naruto-kun, sensei said…"

"Sensei said work for the good of the team… and if the three of us are gonna stand any chance against him, we all need to be at full strength."

Sakura nodded her head slowly, then offered her own food to Sasuke.

Suddenly, an explosion went off in front of them. Through the wind and smoke, the three Genin heard Kakashi yell, "WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?!?!" His voice sounded like the one of an angry god, and he looked the part as well. "JUST FOR THAT, YOU… ALL…"

Suddenly, he appeared before them, his visible eye… smiling? "…Pass…"

At this, there were two simultaneous "HUH!?"

"You guys are the first team I ever passed. Everyone else just did what I told them, like mindless drones. A shinobi must see underneath the underneath… Those who disregard the rules are trash… but those who abandon their comrades are lower than trash." With that, he gave them a thumbs-up. "That ends today's training. Starting tomorrow, Team 7 starts its missions."


Moments later, Kakashi reappeared in the Hokage's Office, and he found Yuuhi Kurenai, newly promoted Jounin and renowned Genjutsu Mistress; Sarutobi Asuma, son of Sandaime Hokage and notoriously known for his perpetual cigarettes and Wind Affinity; and Umino Iruka, Chuunin Teacher and... well, we already know Iruka-sensei.

"Yuuhi Kurenai, Jounin-sensei of Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, and Aburame Shino reporting that Team 8 passes."

"Sarutobi Asuma, Jounin-sensei Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akamichi Chouji reporting that Team 10 passes."

"Hatake Kakashi, Jounin-sensei of Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke, reporting that Team 7 passes."

This caught everyone by surprise, because Kakashi was known to have never have passed a team during his time as a Jounin-sensei. "Why the change of heart, Kakashi?" asked Asuma.

Kakashi inhaled and let out his breath. "This team is a unique one… Sakura's a fangirl still, but she looks like she's slowly coming out of that. Sasuke's an avenger, that much is certain, so I hazard that group dynamics are going to be a bit strained. Naruto…"

"How's Naruto?" asked Iruka.

"He's a strange one… He's got a good handle on Kage Bunshin, and he figured out the answer to the bell test without realizing it. He seems to dislike Sasuke a lot, but he seems to be the main anchor of the group."

Sandaime nodded. "He always was the most unpredictable shinobi…"

Kakashi nodded and off-handedly added "And he wants to rebuild his clan like Sasuke."


When Naruto walked past the training grounds, he was unaware that he was followed. But when he got near Ichiraku Ramen, he suddenly spun around and said, "Come on out! I know you're there!"

From behind a lamppost appeared Hyuuga Hinata, her cheeks stained red. From being caught or something else, he didn't know. "Oh… Ohayo, Hinata-chan!"

She waved shyly, stuttering "O-ohayo N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto scratched his head and thought to himself, 'Why does she act like this around me? And why in the hell does she smell like honey again!?' "Ne, Hinata-chan, what's the matter? Do you need some help?"

Hinata shook her head and cursed herself for her weakness. She had been thinking about him earlier, but her thoughts had escalated from their usual PG goodness to pretty much X-Rated raunchiness. Breathing deeply, she stepped closer and asked, "H-How d-did you d-do on your team?"

Grinning broadly, Naruto chuckled and said, "Our sensei passed us, and he said we're the first team he ever passed. He said it was because of Teamwork and because we were the best out of the teams he went through."

Hinata nodded and stepped closer still. She was about to asked what his team was like when she felt her heart begin to race, and she felt hot. So she did what the situation demanded… she fainted.

Naruto cursed and caught her before she hit the ground. Hoisting her onto his back, he looked around and figured that since they were close to his house, he'd take her there and wait for her to wake up, and then take her home.

How wrong he was.


When Hinata woke up, she was lying on her back with her head on a big scroll. Sitting up, she saw that she was in someone's yard, but then she heard grunting and the sound of blows landing.

Leaping to her feet, she activated her Byakugan and saw Naruto fighting a clone to her right. She sighed in relief and shut it off. She then took in that they were in a moderately well clan yard. Not as big as her clan's, but big enough to be comfortable.

"Ora, Hinata-chan!" came Naruto's voice, and she turned to him, her breath catching in her throat. He had taken off his coat and shirt, and was standing in front of her bare chested and sweating. He grinned foxily and said, "Glad to see you're up… Are you feeling okay?"

'No, I'm not,' she wanted to answer, but she didn't. She had been feeling heated since the beginning of the day, and she had been mainly thinking her Naruto-kun… Wait, where did that "her" come from? She shook her head, trying to clear her mind, but it didn't work.

Naruto saw this, and stepped closer, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Ne, do you need to go to the hospital?" he asked innocently.

Hinata felt his hand on her shoulder, and she lost it. Her body was screaming at her to give in and follow her instincts, and she did. When Naruto put his hand on her shoulder, Hinata tackled him to the ground and crushed her lips to his.

Naruto, for the most part, was caught be surprise. But he smelled more honey than before, and felt Hinata grind her groin to his. To his horror, he felt himself react. 'No, I can't do this to Hinata-chan!!' he thought frantically, and he was about to voice it.

Hinata lifted her upper body up and gazed at him through lidded eyes. "No, Naruto-kun," she said, placing a finger on her lips, while shrugging off her jacket. "I've wanted this for a while, and I offer myself to you…"

Naruto was thunderstruck at this, and thought to himself, 'Hinata-chan likes me? Like I like Sakura-chan?' He was about to ask, when Hinata leaned back onto her haunches and reached for the waist of his pants.


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