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Chapter 1: Where do we get these people?

It was a nice day for the misfits or at least what constitutes as normal for that bunch.

"Who put the stink bomb in my desk?" yelled the Joe known as Beach head as he ran down the street trying to get away from the smell with Trinity laughing in the background.

"Pietro give me that back!" yelled Wanda the misfit codenamed Scarlet Witch who was chasing after her twin brother Pietro a.k.a Quicksilver for stealing her bra.

"Haha! Can't catch me." Pietro yelled.

"I'm going to kill you, you little sissy, get back here!" Wanda yelled back as she started hexing objects and making them chase after the annoying speedster.

"Every single morning, this happens." groaned Roadblock one of the misfit handlers "With these kids we need some kind of early warning."

"I'm glad the Superstars are at that concert," groaned Hawk the leader of G.I Joe as he sat in his office after hearing the commotion; he was referring to the Superstars, a band formed by some of the members of the misfits, a group of mutants G.I Joe had taken in.

"Sir!!" yelled the GI Joe communications officer known as Breaker over Hawk's intercom "I just received a message from the Superstars; there's a big problem, they are requesting to return with two civilians they found, one of which is unconscious."

"Understood Breaker tell the superstars to go ahead and bring them in but take them directly to the medical bay, have a few of the other misfits meet them there."

"Yes sir."

"Why would they call in to headquarters instead of on their Joe coms I wonder." Hawk thought as he contacted Lifeline the head medic of G.I Joe.

A few minutes later Lifeline was getting the infirmary set when the Misfits codenamed Avalanche and Starchild teleported in with a few people. Avalanche was helping to steady a blonde woman who looked slightly dazed, while Starchild was carrying an unconscious woman that had what looked blue hair that was starting to turn purplish from a cut on her forehead.

"What happened?" asked Lifeline as he brought a gurney out.

"We were at the concert and the blonde girl's mutation acted up and blew up a sign. It started a riot, then the blue hair girl tried to help her get away and got hit in the head with a rock." replied Avalanche as he helped the blonde woman sit down on another gurney that had just been brought out while Lifeline was talking to Avalanche.

"The blue haired girl's a mutant too," replied Starchild "I saw her zooming around when she was trying to help the blonde girl. Her powers are similar to Pietro's."

"Ouch." said the blonde haired lady as she started regaining her bearings "What happened? Last thing I remember is that riot starting?"

"Take it easy," replied Lifeline as he helped steady her "You and your friend were caught in a riot. A couple people brought you here."

"Where am I?"

"This is our headquarters called The Pit; it's safe here now why don't you tell us what happened in your own words. First what's your name?"

"Phoebe, but everyone usually just calls me Rapture. As for how this happened I don't know what happened. I was playing, my hand started glowing, it blew up my guitar, then a few signs. Next thing I know the other girl grabbed me and we ran for it. Is she okay?"

"The nurse is checking her out, it looks like it might be a minor cut, and she should be okay."

"Good I'm glad even if we don't get along."

"What is your name?" asked Bree the head GI Joe nurse and Lifeline's wife.

"Like I told the doctor my name is Phoebe but everyone calls me Rapture and the girl that was with me is named Aja Leith."

"I'm going to give your friend a sedative, why don't you stay with the other misfits for now?"

"Sure, why not?" Rapture asked as she followed Avalanche and Starchild out.

"I better warn you," Avalanche said as the three started walking back to Misfit manor to help Rapture find a room, "Some of the others are a little…odd."

"Define odd."


"What in the world?" Rapture asked as the roof blew off did a 360 and landed back where it was originally.

"That would be the triplets." replied Starchild "Actually for them this is quiet."

"This is them being quiet?"

"Pretty much."

"Oh, okay."

"You're taking this well," commented Avalanche.

"Trust me compared to some of my friends and girlfriend they're quiet."

"You're gay?" asked Starchild.

"Yeah, I hope that isn't a problem."

"Eh, it's cool," said Starchild.

"I'm cool with it." Said Avalanche "How can your friends be weirder than this?"

"Well two of them are ninjas one of which can summon snakes and can be declared legally insane."

"My girlfriend has some…quirks which are not my place to say and the others I know range from aliens to robots that look human."

"No wonder, most of them minus the snake thing sound like some of the loons here."

"Oh before I forget, if your friend with the snakes comes don't let her bring the snakes, we had issues with creatures here." Avalanche warned.

"No kidding." Althea said as she walked up "My insane sisters love to experiment and they're looking for new creatures since the old ones escaped."

"What were they again?" asked Starchild.

"Oh those little blue things, though I wonder who had them before, one was wearing a dress, and the other had a tattoo."

"Hey do you guys have a phone? I have to get a hold of my girlfriend before she finds out through the news and does something crazy." Rapture asked.

"I would call Aja's friends, since she saved my life but I don't know where they side on mutant issues, maybe I can call Riot he's pretty mellow on mutants."

"Sure." said Althea "Follow me."


"Um, what was that?" asked Rapture

"Oh that's my sisters," said Althea as she rolled her eyes

"Oh-kay I see what you mean, note to self if Anko comes to visit make sure she doesn't bring Fluffy."

"Fluffy?" Avalanche asked.

"A fifty foot snake she can summon."


"I think she will fit in this madhouse fine," grumbled Craig Starr a.k.a Darkstar as he walked by after hearing their conversation, "We have plenty of loons here."

"I wonder if I should have just stayed in Germany with Riot and Minx after the concert." Rapture mumbled, "It's quieter there."

End of chapter 1

Next chapter: Rapture meets the rest of the team and Aja wakes up, how will she handle all this?