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chapter 5: Returns and dinner

A few hours later, the group arrived back at the pit.

"Welcome back," said Duke "How did it go?"

"Bad thing to say."Althea said as Aja seemed to be in her own world while Rapture stared on in confusion

"Is she going to be alright?" Lina asked gesturing to the blue haired rocker

"I don't know," Althea said as she led the others back to misfit manor "Okay your guys rooms are at the end of the hall."

"Thanks." Rapture said as Aja just nodded.

"What do we do about her?" Angelica asked

"Let her be for now, she needs some space." Althea said as Aja walked on ahead in silence.

A few hours later the group met up for dinner.

"Awk serve the inmates!" Polly the parrot yelled as he flew around the table while dinner was served

"Shut up birdbrain!" yelled Shipwreck, Polly's owner

"Is this a normal dinner here?" Rapture asked as Wanda used her powers to cause the spaghetti to try to strangle Pietro

"Actually for us this is a quiet dinner." Cover Girl replied as Claudius threw applesauce onto Shipwreck.

Just than Rapture noticed what looked like two blue creatures run by carrying what looked like some food.

"Hey Smurfette hurry up," Yelled the blue creature that had a tattoo as he yelled to his female companion "we have to hurry or those triplets will catch us again."

"I'm coming Hefty," groaned the female creature known as Smurfette "I'm wearing high heels give me a break."

"That's your fault."

"Oh smurf it."

"Um excuse me Cover Girl," Rapture asked as the two blue things left arguing "um I just saw these weird blue creatures just walk by taking food."

"Oh those creatures that escaped from the triplets, was wondering where they were I thought they left completely." Cover Girl said as she continued to eat "That's normal around here don't worry, Wanda stop trying to strangle your brother at the dinner table, Toad use the silverware to grab food not your tongue!"Cover Girl yelled as she turned back to the others at the table.

"What is wrong with the people here?" Rapture wondered

"I ask myself that question every single day." Low-Light groaned.

"This is too much like my second foster home." Aja said as she tried not to laugh after seeing Lance start a food fight with Fred

"You know its okay to laugh right; we won't hold it against you." Paul said in a kind voice

"Thanks," Aja said "I just have to get used to the idea of all this, it reminds me too much of my old hometown before I went into foster care."

"Where was that if you don't mind me asking?"

"I think it was called Port Charles it was somewhere in New York."

"I think I heard of that place once or twice isn't it near the ocean?" Lina the misfit known as Dragon Fly asked

"That's about it, um shouldn't we rescue him." Aja pointed to Pietro who was now being chased around the room by Wanda who was still hexing the spaghetti to chase after him.

"Nah just let them go Wanda will get bored soon enough or catch Pietro," Cover Girl said as she ducked food "either that or everyone else will join in and chase after him."

"Okay everyone quiet down and eat." Low-Light ordered "We have guests try to behave and eat like civilized people."

"Baga wee!" Claudius yelled as he threw apple sauce onto Low-Light

"I should have kept quiet." Low-Light muttered as applesauce dripped off his goggles.

A little while later dinner was wrapping up.

"Althea can you please show these two to their rooms and explain things?" Cover Girl asked as the group started to leave the table.

"Sure follow me and I'll let you in on a few things." Althea said as her and the two former rockers headed down the hallway.

"So what should we know?" Aja asked

"Well as you probably have already heard my sisters are insane and they like to experiment on strangers and guests, oh also if you see a young man about nineteen being chased by a guy completely covered in black being followed by a blonde nineteen year old, that's normal one of the Joes brings his sister to visit, unfortunately she sometimes brings her boyfriend which results in that Joe chasing the guy."

"Thanks for the info." Rapture said

"No problem, you know you two aren't what I thought you would be, most rockers I've seen or met are pretty arrogant, and you guys seem pretty down to earth."

"You be surprised how often people say that after meeting our bands."

"Especially me." Rapture said guiltily "I used to be that way but Saya helped me get past that."

"I have to admit you are a lot more tolerable since you two got together." Aja commented

"Oh geez don't tell me you are still annoyed about the mess at Starlight mansion."

"Not that just other things."

"Oh sure Aja blame me I'm not the one who started the riot in Greece."

"There wouldn't have been a riot if you hadn't conned those people out of their money why did you need that money anyway you are a famous rock star?"

"Honestly I don't know why I do things like that half the time."

"Rapture have you been tested for anything recently?" Althea asked

"Not lately why?"

"I think I know why you are doing that, you better talk to Lifeline, our resident doctor about it."

"I'll do it but I'm protesting I hate doctors."

"Just suck it up and get it over with Rapture"

"Stay out of this Aja."

"Hey don't shoot the messenger I'm just saying what everyone thinks."

"Oh like what happened with you and Roxy."

"Don't bring that mess up we had an argument that was it."

"Not from what I heard, what I heard is you and Roxy went somewhere and got into a free for all melee."

"I don't know where that rumor came from."

"Minx blabbed it out she says she saw you and Roxy take off and come back all bruised."

"Like Minx is a reliable source on information."

"Good point, especially considering the three way screaming match between her, you and Raya."

"Was it that bad?"

"I don't know it's hard to tell when one person is yelling in German, ones yelling in Chinese and ones yelling in Spanish."

"Oh yeah that fiasco."Aja groaned

"What was all that about anyway?"Rapture asked "Minx would never give me a full answer."

"I caught Minx trying to put the moves on my boyfriend, Raya tried to play mediator and it degenerated from there, be glad Stormer wasn't involved in that when she found out about the mess Kimber had to talk her out of chasing Minx around although I have no clue where Stormer got a two by four from."

"That figures Minx is my friend but to be blunt she has no sense of when to keep her mouth shut." Rapture said as she pinched the bridge of her nose "So where did you actually go off to?"

"Oh I went to see a friend of mine from when I was a kid she had gotten married recently and I wanted to congratulate her."Aja replied (1)

"Hey come on you better turn in tomorrows an early day, we start training tomorrow." Althea said as she walked to her room

"Okay good night." Aja said as she walked to her own room while Rapture walked to hers.

"PIETRO GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" Wanda yelled from down the hall as an explosion was heard

"Geez Wanda can't you take a joke?" Pietro said as he ran down the hallway with Wanda in pursuit

"HOW DARE YOU PUT THAT STINK BOMB IN MY CLOSET!" the sound of more explosions was heard

"HEY I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" Althea yelled from her room




"And we were worried about fitting in here?" Rapture asked "These guys are as crazy as us."

End of chapter

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(1) Considering where I have Aja from before she went into foster care expect General Hospital jokes