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Summary: While in transfiguration one day our favorite boys cause mass destruction. This is how McGonagall punishes them.

Chapter one

Four fourteen year old boys sat in the back of transfiguration. They were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Peter was asleep, Remus was taking notes, and James and Sirius were arguing in hushed tones.

"No no if we do that she'll know it was us!" Sirius whispered to James.

"Not if we're careful all we have to do is scream when everyone else does." James told his black haired friend.

"I still say she'll know it was us." Sirius muttered angrily.

"Since when do you care about getting in trouble?" James asked amused.

"Since my mother threatened to throw me out the next time I get in trouble." Sirius said through gritted teeth. "I hate that house, but I still have to have money to get my school stuff."

"Alright are we going to do this or what?" James asked then seeing Sirius' glare added, "I promise that we won't get in trouble and if we do we'll get in trouble together. The four of us like we agreed in our first year." At this Sirius smiled.

"Alright lets put this plan in action. Remus wake Peter up." Sirius said. Remus pushed Peter.

"Hey wake up they're getting ready for the prank."

"Now Remus don't forget to scream alright? Are you ready Peter?" James asked them and they both nodded. "Ok Pete now." Peter stood up.

"Professor can I go to the hospital wing I don't feel so good." McGonagall eyed him sternly.

"Alright go ahead."

He scurried out of the room and McGonagall went on with the lesson. Sirius looked at James who nodded. Sirius pulled out his wand and muttered a few well chosen words. Suddenly there was a loud BOOM and everyone including: Sirius, James, Remus, and McGonagall were covered in marshmallow fluff. They all screamed well everyone except James and Sirius who were throwing the marshmallow fluff at each other laughing.

"Potter! Black! Lupin! Headmaster's office now!" McGonagall yelled as other teachers came to see what was going on. James and Sirius gulped and walked out the door followed by an angry Remus.

"You two told me we wouldn't get in trouble!" Remus yelled.

"Aw come on Remy where's your sense of adventure?" James asked as his foot got stuck to floor he pulled it free and they continued walking along.

"Where's Sirius?" James asked suddenly.

"What do you mean he's right behind..." Remus trailed off when he saw Sirius was not behind them.

Then McGonagall came around the corner dragging Sirius by the ear.

"Oh look there he is," James stated happily.

"Can I please have my ear back?" Sirius pleaded with the Professor.

"Not until we're at the headmaster's office. That way I know you won't try to run off again."

"But I already told you my marshmallowy foot was stuck and these two gits didn't notice I was gone. Bloody idiots!"

"Language Mr. Black!" She said pulling on his ear harder.

"OUCH! That wasn't very nice!"

"Would you please be quiet?"

"Not until I have my ear back!"

The two caught up with James and Remus.

"Comfortable?" James asked Sirius who grumbled at him. McGonagall then grabbed James' ear and started to drag him along too. "Ow! Hey what did I do?"

"Both of you hush!" The two fell silent. It was a very long walk to the headmaster, but finally they were there.

"Can we have our ears back now?" They asked together and McGonagall let them go.

"Blood pop." The statue jumped out of the way and the four walked onto the moving stairs.

"Blood pop honestly I'll never understand that mans taste in candy." Sirius muttered to James who laughed.

McGonagall knocked.

"Enter!" was the cheery response they got. The four walked into the office. Dumbledore stared at the four people covered in marshmallow fluff in front of him.

"Let me guess Mr. Pettigrew went to the hospital wing right before you covered the class in fluff?" James nodded.

"Yes sir we made sure that everyone who was allergic was out of the room before we pulled the prank. I would never endanger anyone for a prank."

Dumbledore nodded then turned to McGonagall. "You can pick the punishment this time and seeing how detention doesn't seem to work on them anymore I would be creative."

McGonagall looked at Sirius and smiled evilly. "I know the perfect thing for one month the four of you are not allowed to talk you must write everything you want to say down." Sirius looked at her horrified. "and to make sure you don't talk Professor Dumbledore will temporarily remove your voices and put them in these four vials." She showed the three boy the vials.

"Alright you go and get Mr. Pettigrew and I'll get started on these three." James looked like he was about to cry, Sirius fainted, and Remus was glaring at the two of them. "I think I'll start with Mr. Black. He'll be the easiest." James and Remus watched in aw as he waved his wand at Sirius and a gold string came out of his mouth and into vial.

"Is that his v-voice?" James asked nervously. Dumbledore nodded. James looked at Remus who looked back terrified.

Dumbledore clapped his hands together. "So who's next?"

"I'll go next." James said sadly. Dumbledore nodded and waved his wand at James. He felt a tingling in his throat like someone was ripping part of him out. He opened his mouth and a red string came out and went into the vial.

"Remus your turn." Remus nodded and stood waiting. James was feeling his throat and opening and closing his mouth. Dumbledore waved his wand a third time and a blue string came out of Remus and went into the vial.

Peter sadly walked into Dumbledore's office McGonagall told him about their punishment. When he got in the office he stood ready. Dumbledore waved his wand and a pink string came out of Peter and went into the last vial. Dumbledore listened to the silence and sighed the marauders were not allowed to talk for a month. This was going to be an interesting month.

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