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The success of their prank was short lived. The teachers were able to sort it out easier than they had expected. Worst of all they figured that the only ones who could be responsible were James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus. After the teachers decided that the punishment that would fit them would be separate detentions the four boys were sent to their common room.

That was horrible.

I never thought Dumbledore would lecture us for that long!

Well he seemed to enjoy it to a degree.

A very small degree.

Slughorn was mad too.

McGonagall was so scary!

Yeah I thought she would never stop yelling.

Who do you guys have detention with?

I have it with Flickwick.

I have it with Slughorn.


What about you?


What! Thats not fair!

Hey I will be working just as hard as any of you!

Yeah right!

James yawned and smiled.

It's getting late lets go to bed.

The next day their classes took place as they normally did nothing exciting happened. They went to their separate detentions. Remus had lines and listen to Flickwick talk about the prank. Peter was scrubbing out cauldrons. Sirius was writing lines and getting lectured. James was helping Hagrid with a dangerous creature that continually tried to eat him. At 9:00 they four headed up to the common room Remus and Sirius flexing their hand trying to get feeling back, Peter looking at his slime covered robes in disgust, and James holding a a cloth to his bleeding hand where the one of the creatures had bite him.

You two have to write lines?

The question was aimed at Sirius and Remus. Both just nodded not feeling like writing.

James you should get your hand looked at by Madame Pomfrey.

Sirius and Remus nodded in agreement.

It's fine!

At least stop writing.

Yeah why don't we all go to bed now?

"Potter I have a note here from the headmaster for you four." They all looked up to see Lily there with a piece of parchment. She handed it to Remus who opened it and read the neat writing a grin slowly forming.


"What did you do to your hand?" Lily asked looking at James bleeding hand.

Detention with Hagrid.

What does the note say Remus?

Tomorrow we get our voices back!



"You should really get that hand checked out." Lily said grabbing his hand and looking at it. "It looks infected."

Ok I'll go get it looked at...

The other boys looked at James he had a funny look in his eye the one he always got when Lily touched him.

Of course he listens to her!


Yes Moony.

Stop writing.

Hey where did James go?

They all looked around and noticed that their friend and Lily were gone.

I think Lily dragged him off to torture him!

No she just took him up to the hospital wing. Right Padfoot?

The two looked at their friend to see that Sirisu was sleeping in his chair. That was when they decided that it was time for bed.

The next morning Sirius, Peter, and Remus were awoken by a very excited James. He was hitting Sirius with a pillow repeatedly. Sirius hit back with his own pillow. James made his way over to Peter's bed and grabbed the pillow from under his head and throwing it at Sirius. Peter woke with a start at this and watched the pillow fight. James and Sirius soon moved from pillows to sending charms at each other.

Sirius waved his wand and James was covered in jello. James picked a handful of the stuff off his robes and threw it at Sirius who ducked. The Jello soared through the room and landed right on Remus' head. James and Sirius looked at each other as an angry Remus got out of his bed calmly. He waved his wand and Sirius and James both had brightly colored hair. Peter was laughing so hard that he fell off his bed. James and Sirius looked at each other and laughed.

Sirius pulled out the worn old piece of parchment and quill that they have been using for the past month and wrote:

Nice look Prongs!

Like you can talk Padfoot.

I think Peter wet himself.

James and Sirius looked up just in time to see Peter running into the bathroom blushing.


That just made my day even better!

We need to go see Dumbldore!

What? Why?

Padfoot you have a memory like an old man.



Oh yeah!

Let's go!

We have to wait for Peter.

Yeah I guess you're right.

They sat on the floor waiting impatiently for Peter. James and Sirius got bored so they started poking each other. This continued until Remus separated them. They ended up on either sides of the room making faces at each other. Finally Peter came out of the bathroom and the other three boys quickly pulled him out of the dorm.

They ran to the headmaster's office. Once they got there they looked at each other than at the gargoyle hoping it would open.

"What are you four doing here?" They turned to see Professor McGonagall walking towards them. "Well what are you doing here." Remus pointed at the gargoyle. "You need to see the headmaster?" The four nodded and Remus handed her the note. "I see. Skittles." They looked at her confused. "It's the password."

They turned to see that the gargoyle did in fact move. Smiling they ran up the stairs Remus knocked.

"Come on in!" Came a cheery voice. They walked in.

"Ah boys! You came good!" Dumbledore said standing up. "I have your voices here and let me tell you it was a most interesting month. There was a faint whisper coming from them it wasn't until last night that I discovered it was what you were thinking." Dumbledore smiled at them and handed them each a vial with their name on it. "Drink up!"

Their voices tasted horrible each one tasted different too. Sirius' tasted like a vomit flavored Bertie Botts bean, Remus' tasted like rotten eggs. James' tasked like a mix of the two. Peter's tasted like pee.

"That's disgusting!" James said after drinking the stuff.

"Hey you talked!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Hey I did!" James said excitedly.

"We all can talk now!" Sirius said happily.

"I can finally get the book I wanted from the library!" Remus said happily.

"I need to go eat." Peter said.

"Well I'm sure you boys want to spread the word that you can talk again so go on. Breakfast is about to start." Dumbledore told the four.

They ran out of the office and down to the Great Hall. When they reached the hall they burst through the doors. Once everyone was looking at them James and Sirius jumped on the Gryffindor table.

"PEOPLE OF HOGWARTS!" James said loudly.

"As you know we have been unable to talk for the past month!" Sirius said.

"But that didn't stop us from pranking you!"

"or being attacked by one of you." The two glared at Snape.

"But we have great news!"

"WE CAN TALK AGAIN AND WE PLAN TO CELEBRATE WITH..." James waved a hand telling Sirius to pull the rope that had just appeared. Everyone in the hall was covered with fluff that made sure the people who were allergic weren't affected.


The End

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