Summary: AU. SG1HP. Harry is taken that night by an Ascended Ancient and becomes a Guardian, a task that shall shape not only his protectees, but the universe.

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This story is a result of my muse relentlessly attacking me. I honestly don't know how far I will go with this; I suppose it will depend on how many people want me to continue.

Prologue: Manchu Sabin Norard

Jovon was an Ascended Ancient, and had, as always, been watching over the Tau'ri, even if it had to be behind the backs of the other Ascended. He had always been curious about the Tau'ri, and had felt it was their, or at least his, duty to at least keep a partial eye out for them. He was doing a simple sweep of earth to check on their progress, when something disturbing happened. He felt an unbelievable surge of power, but not just power, Ancient power.

He was down on the planet in an instant and found the last thing he expected.

A baby.

He was just sitting there, gazing up at him in front of a pile of blackened and burned robes in an obliterated house.

Looking in his eyes, Jovon instantly knew what had happened, though hard to believe, and knew what had to be done.

Lifting the child with his slightly glowing hands, he held him close, and vanished… leaving behind the smoking ruins of the child's home and the two forms of the boy's parents…

Nothing could be done for them now; they had permanently departed from this plane, and were meant to stay that way.

- - -

Several years later

Jovon could hardly believe how much the boy had changed from the day he had found him, and how little the boy seemed to comprehend the importance and impressive quality that surrounded his achievements. Granted, time passed differently here than any place else he knew of on this plane, but that did not diminish the fact the boy was only physically four.

He had been silently watching for a small number of years now and had spoken with him a few times after leaving him with the Wielders.

The Wielders were an ancient society, similar to monks, but practiced a form of abilities similar to that of the boy's. They wore light leather and cloth, and though being grounded in nature, had knowledge about advanced technology. They were a secretive society, and only a hand full of individuals off the world knew of their existence, and most of those were Wielders who had left to help find others on other worlds to become Wielders themselves.

Wielders trained to be able to help the universe, but originally, before the Ancients left or Ascended, they were sworn to help them. It was, and technically still is, their duty to assist the Ancients in every way possible, which was the main reason why they accepted to help train the boy.

When they first met the young child, he was just starting to walk and talk. They took a liking to him the first time they saw him, for they could sense his potential.

With their training, the child could now do a number of things that even Jovon himself would never have imagined possible for the young one.

Jovon and even the Wielders were surprised when they discovered the child had an ability thought only to be possessed by Wielders. This ability was called, 'Time Warp'. It enabled the person to form a time bubble around them, and manipulate time to their desire. The person in the bubble doesn't feel the time difference, it feels normal to them; however, to the outside world, it can appear that they are moving very fast. This warp can even be used to slow and even stop projectiles entering the bubble, so much so that the Wielder can catch or throw them off no matter what their previous speed. Velocity is, after all, distance over time, adjust the time, and one can change the velocity accordingly.

After speaking with the Wielders, they determined the reason why the boy could do this was because he was taken to the planet at such a young age, and being in the same environment as them brought about the development of the gift.

Jovon smiled down at the boy, who he strangely still had yet to name. He and the Wielders simply called him, 'Child', 'Young One', or 'Little One', which served its purposes fine.

The boy's time with the Wielders, though only physically three years, was really nearly three hundred years spiritually, due to how time acted differently on the planet than to outside space; though, he still had the mind of a child, just a seriously advanced one.

Time on the planet was in a state completely different from most, if not all, other worlds. The only reason Jovon knew how much physical time had passed was because he left periodically to other worlds, as well as planes. This was why the planet was the perfect place for training. It allowed for experience and knowledge to be gained, while leaving the physical body untouched since time, in the original sense of the word, wasn't there to affect it. It still allowed the individuals there to age at the same pace as outside space, where as Spiritual Time (as the Wielders called it) flew by.

Jovon was now with the boy, and they had just left the Wielders only moments before. The time had come for the boy to move on. There were other things he had to learn, other things he had to do. And so, they were now on a long forgotten planet, a planet of Ancient origin.

Jovon led them into an overgrown open temple in the lush prairie, four large moons in the sky in plain sight of the sun. Taking a calming breath, Jovon stepped aside to let the child face the smooth marble-like wall. In the center, at the boy's eye level, was a circular shape sticking out of the wall. It looked like a small window, surrounded by a thick frame.

"What is it, Jovon?" he asked.

"An archive of our people. I want you to have it; it will serve you more than it could ever me, but first, I think we have something more pressing."

The four and a half year-old looked up expectantly, his innocence not having been tainted by the three centuries of spiritual training, but if anything, more defined.

The boy's jet black hair was gently tousled by the wind, and his green eyes seemed to gleam in the sunlight peeking through the gaps in the ceiling and walls. He was in sleek light leather, like the Wielders, and a vest of tightly embroidered crystal-like metal. He had leather shoes that gave him maximum grip on any surface and comfortable in any environment.

His time with the Wielders had given him a lot, and Jovon knew the Wielders' efforts in aiding this child would benefit countless others.

Thanks to the Wielders, he could teleport (a mode of transportation the Wielders called, 'Noitara', and the boy called 'poofing'–since that's what it sounded like), go invisible, make himself silent, erect shields, use telekinesis, transmute (which had surprised the monks immensely. Most of them still had to focus a great deal to make it possible, but the boy made it look easy), and conjure several forms of energy (such as lightning, fire, and light).

Jovon wondered silently what else this boy, a mere child from a world considered to be primitive by most standards, would be able to do.

"Child, I have things to tell you that you may not understand, but hear me."

The boy nodded, wondering what this was about.

He had known Jovon for as long as he could remember, and had trained with the Wielders for just as long. He understood what Jovon was, and knew Jovon had taken him to the Wielders and now to this planet, he just didn't know why.

"You know you are not a Wielder, but are of a different world; however, there is more to it than that. You know I took you from your world, but you don't know why, and though you've asked me a few times, I was unable to answer you until now.

"I found you when you were one, and I can only assume what had happened moments before, but here is what I know. A dark individual, I will not call him a man, attempted to kill you after, I am sorry to say, he had killed your parents. However, he was unable to succeed. Now this next part is going to be a little hard to believe, even for you.

"You are an Ascended Ancient."

"What?! But, but I have a body, I'm not like you," the boy began, referring to how Jovon's body had a glowing quality and wasn't exactly solid.

"Wait, I'm not finished. Here is what I think happened. When this individual tried to kill you with a, I can only guess, powerful energy blast, it forced your soul and mind from your body. In that moment, you ascended, but soon after, might as well be at the same time, your spiritual being retaliated, forcing yourself back into your body, and a majority of the energy blast back at him. Because of the speed of which it all happened, you retained the Ascended abilities, as well as activated your Ancient ones."

"Did I kill him?" he asked.

"I don't know, but when I arrived, all that was left was burned black robes. He could be dead, or he could have been forced from his body like you, and is still in that form on this plane because there was no body he could go back to."

The boy took a moment to think. He had always known he was an Ancient, the Wielders and Jovon had told him so the moment he could understand. It was where his healing ability and something called 'Mind Force' (which allowed him to see a person's intentions, and could influence their way of thought) came from, as well as the other things the Wielders had taught him.

He had been taught about the Ancients, Jovon being one, and their legacy; a legacy, that, now it seemed, was going to continue with him. But why had this 'being' tried to kill him? And why couldn't his parents save themselves as he had?

"Little one, the past is the past, do not dwell on it."

The boy nodded, accepting the truth before looking around.

"Why are we here?" he asked, motioning around them.

"For you to hear a proposition. You have a choice."

"A choice about what?"

"About what you want to do from here."

He went forward to the circular object on the wall, the Ancient Archive.

"What are my choices?"

"You can leave this here, untouched, and let me take you to another planet where you can grow and learn, becoming a great leader of that planet, never using the majority of your abilities. You can stay here, and guard the Archive, but never use it yourself, until someone worthy to receive it comes, which will be an awfully long time. You can leave the Archive, Ascend to what is my plane, and be with your parents. Or you can take the Archive yourself and become a Guardian."

"A Guardian?"

"If you choose to take the Archive you will have gained the permission and responsibility to use this knowledge well. Of course, it is by your standards how you use it, but you will use it to fulfill one duty: the protection of a planet. Guardians were once prevalent, and nearly every planet had one, but now only a handful still exist, and from that handful, only one is still defending and assisting an inhabited world. The others are protecting deserted planets, simply guarding the ruins and technologies left behind."

"If I ascend, I will see my parents?" the boy asked, rerunning all of his options again in his head.

"Yes, but then you will have to answer this: Why did you not stay on the Ascended Plane before? Why did you push yourself back into your body? Why did you go through all that time training just to Ascend soon after? What are you meant to be?"

The young one looked down; trying to reconcile all that he had just been told. What should he do? What would his parents want him to do? He shut his eyes tight, trying to remember his parents, until a fuzzy memory surfaced…

"Who do you think he will be like, Lily?" a man's voice asked.

"He'll probably like you, he already looks like you," Lily answered.

"But he has your eyes."

"Well, whoever he is like, I just want him to be happy, and use the most of what he has to help those he loves, just like us…"

He looked up, finding how quiet it had suddenly become. Did he have anyone he loved? Sure, he had the Wielders and Jovon, but did they need his help? And if he became a Guardian, how would that help them? Or was he missing what his mother had meant?

"Have you decided?" Jovon asked gently.

"This world that I would protect if I were to become a Guardian…what planet would it be?"

"I don't know, you choose the planet."


"After you take the Archive, you stay here until someone comes through the Gate on this planet. When they come, you will have to decide if you want to follow them to guard their world, or let them leave without any knowledge of you. If you let them leave without you, you will wait for another."

"And while I'm waiting?"

"You will be taking what you've learned from the Archive and thinking about how you would use it to protect your future planet."

"What about you? Where would you go?"

"I would stay here until you were used to being here. Then I would go to the Ascended Plane. I have honestly disregarded my duties there somewhat, not that it's a problem, they understand why.

"Well, whatever you choose, know that whatever you decide, I will back you."

The boy met his eyes, deciding on his choice.

"I want to become a Guardian."

Jovon smiled and stepped beside him, placing a hand on his small shoulder.

"Once you take the Archive, it will no longer be here," he said, pointing to the wall. "It will be in you. This is the largest Archive there is, you could say it is the parent of all the other Archives in the surrounding galaxies. It will be a lot to digest; it is for even adult Ancients. Afterwards though," Jovon smiled.


"You will learn your name. The Archive will choose one for you."

"A name? Like what you have?"

"Yes, Lyulfe Jovon Olin."

The boy grinned. He would get a name, a name all his own.

Names were sacred, and only respected Wielders who had earned them obtained one, and as for Ancients, they were given one at the same time they received their first task.

He turned, and faced the wall, Jovon gently beckoning him forward.

"You are sure?" Jovon asked, now just a few feet from the device.

"Yes. I will use the most of what I have to protect, to help," he stated.

Jovon then stepped back and let the child he had saved take the last few steps forward, the circle activating upon detecting the boy's presence.

The archive reached out and took hold, the boy's hands instinctively reaching up to grip the thing now encasing his face and head, and then he let it come.

In a series of intense light and power, he absorbed it all, letting it wash over his mind to be taken in, and then…it was done.

Jovon was immediately there and eased him to the stone floor.

"Little one?" he asked as he found the bright green eyes looking up at him.

"Manchu Sabin Norard. That is my name."

- - -

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