Truth or Dare with a twist!

Me: hey!!!!

Nova: Get writing on the story.

Me: I will!! Don't tell me what to do!!!

Sprx: Come on!! We're dieing to know what happens!

Me: FINE!!!!!

Nova and Sprx: YEAH!!!!!!

Me:'s Truth or Dare with a twist!!! EnJoY!!!!!


It was too quiet for the Monkey Team. Sprx and Otto was playing the same video game over and over again. Gibson and Antauri were playing chess. Nova was sleeping and Chiro was typing to a friend. Anita was reading a book in Gibson's bubble chair. Nova come out of her room and walked into the main room. She sat down next to Crystal and looked at her. Anita marked her page and looked at Nova while setting the book down.

"Bored?" Anita asked

Nova nodded her head and then suddenly had an idea causing her to smile.

"Truth or Dare?" She suddenly asked.

Anita was caught off guard and the thought for a moment.

"Dare." She replied.

Nova smiled evilly, causing Anita to sweat a little, and then said, "I dare you to go up to Antauri and give him a kiss on the cheek."

Anita's eyes widend and then stuttered, "Why him? You're the only one who knows I like Otto."

Nova replied, "I know, but let's see what happens and what his reaction will be."

Anita gulped and got up, strolling over to where Gibson and Antauri were. Chiro, Sprx, Otto, Antauri, and Gibson were watching her. When she got close, she suddenly kissed Antauri on the cheek and her face was deep red. Everyone gasped and was in shock, but her, Nova, and Otto. Otto was fuming as he looked at Antauri. Nova was having trouble keeping her laughter in as she recorded the scene. When Anita was coming back, she stopped it and hid it.

"How mad is he?" Anita asked.

Nova looked over and smirked as she replied, "Pretty mad. He wants to kill Antauri now."

Anita moaned and sulked into the chair as Sprx and Otto came over.

"What was that!?" Sprx asked.

"A dare." Nova said simply.

"Cool! Can we play?" Otto asked.

"Sure." Nova said.

"Beware of Nova." Anita said.

"It's your turn." Nova said.

"Sprx. Truth or Dare?" Anita asked.

"HA! I ain't no chicken! Dare!" Sprx said proudly.

Anita smiled evilly and looked at Nova.

-Uh oh. - was all Nova thought.


Me: MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nova: Im doomed arent I?

Me: Yep!!!

Nova: crap...

Sprx: -faints-

Nova: -looks at him- ???

Me: -holds bottle of sleeping pills-

Nova: -sweatdrops-

MWHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! REVIEW PLEAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!