Srry for the delays!

Nova: Finally!

Me: Shut up!

Antauri: this shall be an intresting one

Me: -grips hair is a ripping out manner- Why me!

Sprx: Cuz you luv us!

Me: no I dnt….-pulls out a flamethrower- WHO WANTS FLAMEBA MONKEY'S?

Monkeys: -screams-

Me: -laughs evilly-

Chiro: -sweatdrops and sighs- Review everyone!


They team spiltted up into groups. The girls went to HotTopic while the guys went to the food court. The girls came out with new looks and they looked hot.

"I can't wait to see the guys faces!" Nova said.

They all nodded in agreement and giggled. They arivved to the foodcourt to see the guys being surrounded by girls. They girls walked over and sat down on the guys laps.

"They'reours." Novasaid.

"Don't see your names on them."one of the girls sneered.

Rain stood up and said on a dangerous voice, "You better back off right now or esle."

The girl looked scared but didn't show it.

"Why should I?" she sneered again, but this time touching Gibson.

Rain snapped and pounced on the poor girl. Rain wasyelling and cursing at her asshe pounded away at the poor girl's face. Everyone was shocked at the sight. Anita and Nova pulled her off, trying to calm her down.The other girl was on the floor, withering in pain and crying. Her friends helped her up and ran towards the bathroom. The gang decided to go home for the day. Once they reached home, Rain stomped towards her room, leaving everyone else behindwith worried expressions.

"Oh...I hope she's gunna be okay." Anita said, hugging Otto's arm.

"Me too." Otto said after.

Jinmay was hugging Chiro's arm while Antauri stood next to them.

"She's really mad. I hope she doesn't do anything bad." Nova sadi, shuttering at the thought.

Sprx hugged her and whispered soothing words. Gibson walked to Rain's room to make sure she's alright. He deeply loves her. He knocked on the door and it opened to reveal Rain.

"Hey." she said.

"Hey." he repiled back.

Shemoved so he could enter.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah." she said, smiling alittle.

He walked up and hugged her then pulled her away alittle. She looked up at him confused then smiled. She giggled andsaid happily, "I love you too!"

Gibson blushed but smiled. He kissed her and she kissed him back. They broke away and smiled at eachother. They didn't need any words to tell eachother how they feel as they laid down on Rain's bed, falling into a peacful slumber.



What you think? this is accually the squeel to the one i was supose to make. Where all of them find out Antuari accually has a sister, and the find everyone else.

Nova: i thought it was cute.


Nova: yes