Harry Potter stood in the Atrium of the Ministry

Harry Potter stood in the Atrium of the Ministry. Despite his rags, the reminder of the years he spent innocently in Azkaban, he stood proud and tall – all 5'6" of him.

"You must forgive us, Harry," his former friends grovelled, as well as the pathetic excuse for a Minister, Arthur Weasley.

"You are the only one who can defeat You Know Who, Harry," Remus Lupin, the left-over Marauder reminded him, "please, you have to save us."

The huge gathering of people eagerly awaited Harry's heroic answer that he was going to go save them again.

"I just spent years in Azkaban," Harry mildly reminded them, "I am hardly in the condition to do anything at this point."

"We pardoned you," Weasley said, "we will pay for your treatment at St Mungo's."

"That's ridiculous, Weasley," Harry dismissed him, "You can't pardon me, since I was incarcerated innocently, and you know it."

"Well, yes," the flustered man shifted from foot to foot, "it was most unfortunate. We had no idea..."

"No? Ah well – evidence and facts weren't your strongest points anyway." Harry sighed.

"Very well. I will fight Voldemort…" he rolled his eyes at the collective flinch, "tomorrow. In Godric's Hollow. So you'd better run along and give him the invitation, Malfoy."

Lucius Malfoy started, but then stood up straight and nodded. He quickly left, despite the shouts of the people around him.

Harry smirked at the astonished face of Cornelius Fudge, ex-minister.

"Of course, my cooperation comes at a price," he said offhandedly.

"Anything, Harry!" they assured him.

"Very well. After tomorrow, I will leave Britain. I want an account, accessible internationally, with enough money to last me for years until I have built a life of my own."

"Granted," Arthur quickly said, "the reparation money alone should be able to do that, and I will add a considerable sum to that after the defeat of You Know Who."

"Good. Second, I want to be left alone. No one is to contact me unless I contact them first."

The others looked crestfallen at that, but nodded anyway.

"Third, since you are already asking me to kill, I will ask for another life. In return for killing Voldemort, you will give over Albus Dumbledore to me."

The crowd collectively turned white. Albus Dumbledore, who had wisely not pressed to the first rows, sighed in resignation.

"You want to kill the Headmaster? We can't…can't allow you…" Arthur spluttered.

"That is my condition, Weasley," Harry said sharply, "I could walk away now and leave you all to be killed. One life in exchange for all of yours. Not to much too ask for, I trust."

Strong hands pushed the Headmaster forward.

"So, Albus. How does it feel now, that it is YOUR life being sacrificed for the 'Greater Good'?" Harry sneered, "how does it feel to be on the other side for once?"

Dumbledore stepped forward bravely. "If my death will save the Wizarding World, I welcome it," he stated.

"Oh, no, old man," Harry smiled, a cold smile that sent chills down the spines of those watching, "I will not allow you to become a martyr. No – I do believe you are familiar with a spell – not even a Dark spell, mind – that forces upon you everything you ever did to others?"

Dumbledore paled and looked ready to faint.

"I don't understand," Hermione muttered, "you said you were going to kill the Headmaster. But that spell won't kill him, unless…"

"It will revisit upon him what he did to others," Harry calmly repeated, "if he is the benign Light wizard you all revere, he should have nothing to fear from this spell. However, it does seem he himself isn't expecting to survive."

That shocked the room even more.

"You see, it wasn't just sending me to Azkaban. It was orchestrating my whole life to get me killed. How many others died because he insisted that he was acting for the Greater Good? Funny how it was never him that had to sacrifice, how he always got to decide what the rest of us should give up."

"If that spell gives you what you deserve, then you would die, too, if it was cast on you, Potter!"

Harry regarded Ron with a shrug. "It would, at that, Weasley. Care to test your theory? Because honestly, I am long past the point where dying bothers me, but it does seem you are in need of me."

He glanced at Dumbledore. "See how eager they are to sacrifice you, Dumbledore? I can understand why you wanted to pretend to save them – for power. I don't see what's worth saving beyond that, honestly. But very well – I will kill Voldemort for you and then be off. You can forge your own destruction from then on."

Harry turned and made to leave.

"Where are you going?" shouts went up, "you didn't kill him yet! Does that mean you are not going to fight He Who Must Not Be Named?"

"I don't see why he should not be named. It makes conversation so much less time-consuming to just use his name. Yes, I am going to kill Voldemort. I am giving your dear Headmaster until after I do that to set his affairs in order."

With that, Harry Potter disappeared.


The next day, a clean, shaven Potter in new robes made short work of the Dark Lord.

"There. Done," he said, wiping his hands on his robes.

"Now, give me Dumbledore."

Unfortunately, the aging Headmaster was apparently making a break for it. He was nowhere to be seen.

Harry frowned in annoyance. "Look, I killed him, I can bring him back," he pointed his wand at the body before him, "you promised me Dumbledore, an account and guarantees of privacy. Time to pay up, or I WILL resurrect him and leave him to it."

Under that threat, Aurors quickly apprehended the old man, who was deposited quivering and whimpering in front of Harry. Account information was shared and former friends gave vows to keep their distance.

Then Harry pointed his wand at the Headmaster. "Revisitus!" he cast, and turned to leave without bothering to view the effects.

Albus Dumbledore was buried by his brother Aberforth in a small cemetery somewhere in England. The wizarding world collapsed under the continuous corruption, bias and anarchy. When the Muggles finally found their way into it, they found a savage society full of wild mages that were beyond anyone's control. The most reasonable were captured to be examined. The rest was exterminated. Muggleborn witches and wizards were given the choice of cooperating or having their magic bound. Most eventually found a place as part of the British secret agencies.

Harry Potter lived out his life happily, if anonymously.