It had been 2 weeks that zuko and katara fond out the good news about having a child, but morning after morning of being sick was getting on there nerves. It was a sunny morning and katara started to fill sick again but not like she was going to thrower up. Zuko was holding her thinking soon he would be running in to the bathroom after katara but for some odd reason this morning was not the same' she didn't get sick for the first time in weeks' zuko thought.

"Katara sweetie, are you filling better?"

"Yeah, I fill better I hope my morning sickness is over"

"Me to" zuko said then smiled at her

They got out of bed and got dressed and when to breakfast and then zuko would do his training for the day with his uncle iroh. Katara loved to see how fast iroh would attack his nephew just to be attacked back.

Meanwhile at the south pole-


"But your sister is happy with him and he's a lord, he will take good care of my katara"

"Yeah right……….. He kidnapped her, then tided her to a tree"

"That was a long time ago; I thought you made friends with zuko"

"Yeah 'JUST' friend, NOT brother-in-law"

"You will get over it son"

"Yeah right, he's fire nation…..FIRE NATION are you listening to me "

"Yes, but think about your sister and her fillings for him"

Back to zuko and katara-

Zuko was almost sleeping at dinner, but katara scared him by acting like she was going in to labor. Iroh and katara just laughed at him as he looked to her and said "never do that again" he was getting mad at them for there laughing but he just started as well.

"Sorry but one more time that I get to scare you like that, but I'll make sure it's for real"

"yeah just 'one' more time but it has to be for real" zuko said half asleep again


After dinner they went to there room for bed. Katara fond herself looking in the mirror at her body, nothing was showing yet of the child with in her. Zuko walked out of the bathroom to see her looking in 'that' mirror.

"You kwon the more you keep looking…"

"I know but I what to know my little one is in there"

Zuko walked over to her and hugged her form behind. They went and laid down for the night after about a hour of talking they said there goodnights.

"goodnight……My lord" katara smiled at him as he just looked at her in the dark

"good night my water bender" both fill asleep holding each other.

The end but not for long

More on the way