Well Hello everyone, so I have a story for you all. After years of letting this story sit collecting dust (approximately 4-5 years) I finally had a chance to reread this. I have to say, I thought I was pretty creative but dang I didn't realize how awful my grammar was before. So, I know many of you had read this story already but I'm taking this chance to correct my mistakes and revamp the story. Thank you all for reading this and thank you for those who will reread this story.

Catch Me I'm Fallin'

With immense force a soccer ball flew to the air picking up speed as the black and white ball rotated in the air. As the ball flew it was brought to a halt once the net came into contact.

"Woohoo! Hell yeah! In your face Toshiro!" cried out a joyful Raven-haired Kurosaki.

"Oh don't look at me like that, it could have been worse," she said as she patted his spiky snow-colored hair with a smirk. In return, he shoved her hand away and glared at her icily.

"I'll get you back next time," he grunted as she smirked again and shoved her face in front of him, "Oh, I'd like to see you try."

Toshiro was about to retort when his sake-loving fuku-taichou came running up to them.

"Taichou! There you are, I've been looking all over for you. Eh? Aw, why didn't you tell me you were on a date?" Matsumoto gushed.

A vein popped out on Hitsugaya's head "We're not on a –

"Hi, names Matsumoto Rangiku. It's so nice to finally meet the girl who captured my Taichou's heart."

Hitsugaya blinked several times fuming as he watched Matsumoto completely ignore him and gushed over Karin. Karin blushed at first but when she saw the now fuming Hitsugaya, she sniggered. Oh how she was going to milk this one.

"Nice to meet you Matsumoto, I believe we met before. My name is Kurosaki Karin."

"Eh, oh that's right. No wonder you look so familiar. You're Ichigo's sister. Oh Taichou, it's understandable for you to take interest in girls, but to be in love with Ichigo's sister no less. Now that's something to talk about," Matsumoto grinned, "Oh how will Ichigo react if he finds out you are dating 'his' sister."

More veins popped on his temple as he tried to size himself up on his fuku-taichou.

"Please don't say anything!" Karin faked cried, "Please don't tell Ichi-nii, if you do, I'll never be able to see Shiro-chan again!" Karin pretended to beg as Hitsugaya's eyes popped out of his head.

"Kurosaki," he growled.

"Aw that's so sweet! Don't worry Karin-chan, your secret is safe with me." Matsumoto winked.

Karin sniggered as Hitsugaya boiled up in anger. The possibility of Matsumoto harboring a secret was obviously zero percent. Once he returned to Soul Society, everyone will think that he is seeing Kurosaki Karin. Damn. He didn't even do anything, so why did he have to put up with this?

All he knew is right now, he must to find a way to make it Soul Society before the rumor somehow makes its way to Seireitei otherwise, he'll be humiliated for the rest of his life. Not only that, if this news gets to Ichigo, he might die a very violent death. He could already see it now, and Karin was enjoying this. Did she really want him dead so bad?

He glanced back at Karin and saw her devising strategies on the dirt writing 'How to make Toshiro's life a living hell.' He sweat-dropped no doubt about it Karin wanted him to suffer.

"You know I fail to see why you keep denying it Taichou, Karin-chan is such a great girl. Actually that's probably why you love her."

"For the last time Matsumoto I don't love –

"Shiro-chan how could you! I thought what we had for each other was deep," Karin interrupted Hitsugaya with a smirk.

He gave up, he was ready to explode and really explode on them. For hours and hours, all he heard was Matsumoto gushing over 'his new found love' and Karin acting as if she was madly in love with him. As he crossed the street with Matsumoto, he whipped around.

"Damn it! Listen to me and listen to me now! We are not in love. I repeat, read my flapping lips we are not –

His icy eyes widened darting to the said girl. Matsumoto relinquished her grin as her arms flailed in the air. She screamed,"Karin-chan! Look out!"

Karin was halfway to crossing the street when a crazy man honked at her. From a distance there were four police cars behind, chasing the speeding car.

"Move it! You damn girl!" the driver roared honking madly at Karin. Karin whipped her head around preparing to jump out of the way. A loud crash resounded throughout the street.

"Karin!" a deep voice screamed echoing through out the block.

The doors of the Karakura hospital burst open as a team of medics ran pushing a bed into the emergency room. Before the two distressed shinigamis, stood a middle-aged doctor.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you two will have to wait." The doctor apologized once again as he walked into the E.R.

Not much was said between Matsumoto and Hitsugaya. So many things were on their mind. After about an hour Matsumoto broke the silence.

"Taichou, should I call Ichigo? I mean, they will know eventually. Should I –

Matsumoto was cut off as Hitsugaya flipped his phone open and called Ichigo.

"Come to the hospital, Karin is here."

"What the hell! Toshiro! Oi Toshir –


Hitsugaya hung up on Ichigo as he sat and drifted away. How will he explain to Ichigo that it was his fault for not taking care of Karin? How the hell will he face Karin when she wakes up? That if she wakes up. If he hadn't let his temper get the best of him then he would have shunpoed on time to save her. Hitsugaya clenched his fist to his sides. Karin was tough. She would wake up. She had to.

Not long after many thoughts and silence, several footsteps and distressed voices were heard as Hitsugaya stopped himself from pacing. Matsumoto looked up and saw the group of people racing to them. Among them was a bright orange haired shinigami looking really pissed. Before anyone could stop him, Ichigo flung himself at Hitsugaya and began to shake him psychotically.

"Where is she?! What the hell did you do to her?! Answer me damn it!" Ichigo shook Hitsugaya as Hitsugaya's cold features dissolved.

He sadly dropped his gaze from Ichigo. Ichigo's hands slipped away from Hitsugaya. From behind, Rukia rubbed her hand against his back, calming him down. Ichigo removed his gaze from the shorter shinigami leaving him to stand alone with Ruki. For the next few minutes nobody spoke. Suddenly, Hitsugaya smiled a little without noticing the curious stares directing towards him. He had thought about a time that a certain someone said something about him. Somehow, it just brought a small smile to him.

"What the hell are you smiling about?" Ichigo spat still upset that his baby sister was in the E.R.

"Nothing," Hitsugaya whispered. There was a dead silence as Hitsugaya got up and paced back and forth again.

"Would you stop doing that!" Ichigo grabbed Hitsugaya and yanked him down to sit. Beside him, Yuzu tensed up at her brother yelling.

"I … Ichi-nii –

"What I don't understand is why Karin's in the E.R. What happened?"

Matsumoto opened her mouth to speak,"Karin-chan .. um… well you see, we were just walking but then she um um," gathering whatever courage she had left she blurted, "she got hit by a car!"

"What?! What the hell do you mean she got hit by a car?!" screamed a furious Ichigo. "Well … uh you see … it all started like this," Matsumoto said sweat dropping at a now red in the face Ichigo and a frustrated Hitsugaya.

At this point, Hitsugaya quickly interrupted Matsumoto. He knew that even at a serious issue like this Matsumoto would tell Ichigo everything including the little details about him supposedly going on a date with Karin. He couldn't let Matsumoto say that for it might make matters worse. Ichigo will definitely have his head if that were to happen.

"We were just walking and Karin was about to cross the street there was a man who was being chased by four cops. He was speeding and he crashed into her."

With that final statement the emergency sign hanging above them turned off and the doctor from earlier opened the doors to the E.R. and began heading their way.

"Are you relatives of Kurosaki Karin?"

Ichigo and Yuzu both nodded.

"I see. Well, she is stabilized. She received a few bumps and bruises. Her right arm is broken but not shattered and she has a sprained ankle. We manage to stop her from bleeding internally."

"Um… excuse me doctor, but can we see her?" Yuzu asked anxiously.

"Yes, however she is still asleep."

"Thank you doctor," Ichigo said. The five of them followed the doctor into Karin's room. Once they entered the room a few gasps was heard upon seeing the sleeping form of Karin. Karin didn't look too well, her forehead was wrapped up in a bandage, her right arm was on a cast, her ankle was also wrapped up. There were a few gashes on her and bruises forming around her arms and legs. Never in their minds would they ever think to see Karin in such a state.

Everyone had crowded around her taking in every little detail of her. It was hard for either of them to see her like this. Yuzu was at breaking point as Ichigo, Rukia, and Matsumoto winced at every bruise and gash they saw.

Hitsugaya had difficulty staring at her. Guilt was slowly eating him from the inside out.

From that day on, Karin remained asleep. Ichigo and his family visited her every day. Her wounds were beginning to heal. Soon Ichigo and his family only visited every other day, but unbeknownst to them there was only one person that continued to visit her every day. As the visits dwindled Hitsugaya found it easier to see Karin without having to mask his movements. Hitsugaya pulled up a chair beside her bed. He placed his rough hands on the bed beside her hand. Icy eyes gazing at her un-cast arm he slowly reached for her hand. He shut his eyes out of sadness feeling the deathly cold surface of her skin. The youngest Taichou placed her hand back down gently before standing. He gave her one last glance before disappearing out of the room.

One Saturday morning three weeks after the accident everyone was hanging around Karin's hospital bed.

Matsumoto and Isshin were playing cards, while Rukia and Yuzu were talking about Chappy the rabbit, and Ichigo and Hitsugaya remained silent waiting for Karin to wake up. Hitsugaya got up and walked away saying he needed to go to the bathroom. With that said, he left the room.

"Hey, would you guys like anything to drink? Rukia-nee and I are going to find a vending machine." Yuzu said. A sudden gasp escaped from Yuzu's lips seeing from her peripheral vision movement coming from Karin's bed. Before them Karin shifted positions and in a swift moment, her eyes fluttered open. To Karin, everything was blurry but as her eyes began to focus around her she saw several people surrounding her. Out of the blue, a body flung on her and pulled her in a bear hug.

"OH MY KARIN-CHAN! COME TO DADDY!" Isshin excitedly exclaimed. Everyone sweat dropped at the greeting she got from Isshin.

Surprisingly Karin didn't punch Isshin or injure him at all. Instead, she sat there staring wide eyed at the people before her. She looked fearful as Ichigo pried his father off her.

"Welcome back," he said with a smile. Karin continued to stare at them strangely.

"Nee-chan? What's wrong?" Yuzu asked noticing Karin's strange silence. After a brief silence Karin brought her head up and spoke.

"Um … do I know you guys?" Karin asked as everyone in the room looked at her aghast.

Well everyone, that is chapter one. Now I gotta tackle the rest of the story. On a side note, I have made some changes from the original for example, I added the scene with Hitsugaya pulling up a seat next to Karin and caressing her hand. Anyways, its amusing for me to see how I used to write. I'm so glad that I'm taking the time now to correct my mistakes to improve this story.