Catch Me I'm Fallin'

Karin walked around the Gotei 13. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail and she looked really happy.

As she walked many shinigami that passed by her and bowed to her. She smiled back at them every now and then saying hi.

She walked by the training hall and stopped. Standing before her was Byakuya. She looked at him quizzically, he reached out his right arm and dangling from it was a little boy who looked strikingly like Hitsugaya.

She frowned, "What did he do now Byakuya-nii?" she asked. Byakuya didn't say anything, only handed her the little boy.

She stared at him straight in the eyes. Although he looked very much like the 10th division captain, he definitely didn't have his eyes.

"What am I going to do with you?"

He only smiled a cute smile, "Well, you can make me captain."

She laughed, "Now that I can't do."


"If you want to reach captain level, you have to work hard."

"But I can! I mean I'm the strongest in my grade. I take advanced classes and I can so kick butt!"

Karin smiled at the Hitsugaya look alike, "Huh," she sighed, "Juubei, keep working hard and don't aim to be a captain because you think you are strong."

"I know. I want to be captain just like you and otou-san. I will protect everyone in Soul Society!" he said with enthusiasm.

Karin chuckled she lifted him on her back, "Well let's go visit your otou-san."

They entered the 10th division and slowly walked towards Hitsugaya's office.

"Why is everyone being mean to me?"

Karin stared at Juubei strangely, "What do you mean?"

"Well every time I talk to someone today they would leave me and say they have to go."

Karin smiled, "They probably have to do something."

"But they just walk away, even uncle Byakuya pushed me aside today. He ended our training early and didn't even say anything to me. Then he just tossed me to you."

Karin smiled, "Maybe he was just tired."

"TIRED!" Juubei fumed, "How can he be tired? He didn't do anything to make himself tired."

Karin only smiled, "Well here we are."

Karin pushed the door open to Hitsugaya's office as soon as the door opened, the lights turned on and everyone popped out, "Surprise!"

Juubei looked up and saw a banner that said, "Happy Birthday Hitsugaya Juubei."

Juubei's eyes lit up, "No way."

Karin smiled, "Well now you know why everyone's been avoiding you. Happy birthday Juubei," she said handing him something really long wrapped up in a cloth.

Hitsugaya tapped Juubei from behind. Juubei turned around and jumped on Hitsugaya's back, "Otou-san!"

"Hey kiddo." Hitsugaya said.

Karin smiled at the two snow color haired Hitsugayas, "Juubei, your otou-san and I have decided that you are ready to own this," Karin took the long object that was wrapped in a cloth and unwrapped it.

Juubei's eyes widen. He couldn't believe it, "Hyorinmaru?"

Hitsugaya and Karin watched the little boy start to cry, "Kaasan! Tou-san! Thanks so much, you're the best!" Juubei glomped his parents. Karin and Hitsugaya smiled, then Hitsugaya lifted Juubei by his shirt not in a mean way but in a very fatherly way, "if you break it, I will hunt you down. It took a lot of effort for your mother to convince me to give Hyorinmaru to you."

Juubei nodded, "I will protect it with my life."

"Good," Hitsugaya placed Juubei down. Juubei said thank you one last time and then headed off to hang out with everyone else in his birthday party.

Hitsugaya pulled Karin out his office and Karin stared at him confused. "Where are we going?"

"If you're worried about Juubei, don't I already talked with Rukia, Ichigo, and Matsumoto. They'll take care of Juubei for the night."

Karin stared at him, "For the night?"

Hitsugaya smirked and continued to drag her with him.

"Okay mister, where are you taking me?"

"You'll see."

"Is this punishment for making you give Hyorinmaru to Juubei?"



He smiled slyly at her, "I love it when you get angry."

Karin blushed and then laughed, "Oo I'm scared."

"You should be after all you are married to the ice king."

"You know now that I think about it, why did I marry you?"

"Why, are you regretting it?"


"Then are you complaining?"

"No. I was just wondering."

"I see. Well we're here."

Karin looked out, "Hey, when did we leave Soul Society?"

"Just a few seconds ago."

"I never noticed. There wasn't a portal or anything."

Hitsugaya sighed, "Geez, for you to be the 1st captain of Gotei 13 you really are slow."

"Hey!" He laughed, "I didn't use the portal. Mayuri and Urahara built in a new type of connection to the human world and Soul Society. Its much quicker and more efficient."

Karin looked around her. She never thought she would walk in this room again. After the whole ordeal with Yamamoto and Shiva's Pearl, she never stepped foot into this room again. Its not that she didn't want to its just she didn't need to go in it. She had Hitsugaya to help her out and she no longer needed her mother. She slowly walked around the room.

He held her hand, "You must be wondering why I brought you here. Well you see, that day when you dashed out on Hinamori, and me you went missing in the middle of the night. Before I found you, I came into this room. Now I know why you like being in this room. Everything in here, makes you feel safe, why? It's because you can feel you're mother's spirit everywhere in here. What I'm trying to say is that, this room made me realize everything. Karin I –

"Shh…" she placed her finger on his lips, "You don't have to say anything more."

Karin smiled at him, "Thank you for everything. For making me happy, for giving me Juubei, and for catching me when I'm falling."

Hitsugaya hugged her and she leaned in, their lips were about to touch when the door flew open, "Kaasan, tou-san I found er uh you. Uh….I'll leave you two alone," Juubei said closing the door.

Karin and Hitsugaya laughed at the way Juubei stared at them, through the door they heard Juubei throwing a fit, "But Auntie Rukia! I think they're going to do 'it'!" Rukia laughed, "See, I told you not to come here but who didn't you guys listen to."

"C'mon we should let them have their time together," Ichigo said gagging at how Juubei explained what he saw.

Karin laughed and aggressively pulled Hitsugaya, "Now where were we?"

Hitsugaya smirked.