"Together at Last."

Katie's POV

Katie woke to the sound of faint snores to her left. She rolled out of bed and looked at the giant hulking mass of Oliver Wood, under the covers. She sighed turning away to get ready for practice. Katie Bell Wood played for the Hollyhead Harpies as a chaser.

They had dawn practices nearly every morning. Katie was accustomed to waking up and didn't need an alarm anymore.

She bustled about the small flat gathering all of her various pieces of quidditch equipment. She threw on her clean set of robes smoothing out the crinkles. She went back to her room to turn out the lights. She paused for a moment and went back to tuck Oliver in. The covers were falling off the bed and he was shivering. She lightly kissed him goodbye not wanting to wake him from his sleep. She smiled and grabbed her broom on

the way out the door.

Oliver's POV

Oliver cursed as the loud sound of his alarm rang out in the silence. He hated waking up, especially to such an empty house. He groaned shoving the carefully tucked in covers away from his muscular body. Oliver Wood, starting keeper and captain of the Puddlemere United starting team, Wizarding World's number one bachelor for three years straight, until last year. He was an excellent keeper and rarely let any goals in, but the chaser on the Hollyhead Harpies team always took his breath away. Katie Bell, his rival, his opponent, and the love of his life.

He slowly made his way around the flat picking up random items that might be needed at practice. Oliver was always slow in the mornings. He had his team practices moved to a later time so he would never have to be up at dawn. The only downside to his later practices was that he rarely saw Katie anymore. He gave his bed a last longing look and headed out the door to practice.

Katie's POV

Katie stumbled through the door to her flat throwing her Quidditch gear in random directions. She had been out practicing in the heat for hours and was exhausted. She yawned, not caring about the messy state of her living room. I can clean the flat this weekend. We don't have any practices or games. Unless we get rescheduled.. She shook her head cleansing it of all thoughts. She just wanted to sleep in her bed with Oliver next to her.

She walked to the room looking around the lonely flat. Katie was trying to switch to Puddlemere United so she could spend more time with Oliver, but they turned her down again and again. She sighed slipping out of her robes and into a pair of short shorts and a big t-shirt, her usual sleeping attire. She snuggled down into the covers falling asleep almost instantly. He'll be here in a few hours. Her last thoughts filling her with peace as her mind drifted off.

Oliver's POV

Oliver trudged through the door of his flat angrily. He had just come from a meeting with his coach asking him to let Katie on the team. She was good enough to be on Puddlemere, better than the chasers that had now anyways. He tossed his stuff in a pile next to the door and walked along the hall throwing bits and pieces of gear every which way. If he'd just agree to watch her play she'd make it on the team. She's amazing, truly amazing.

His anger quickly dissipated as he saw Katie sleeping soundly in their bed. He stripped down to just his boxers throwing his sweaty clothes off to the side of the room. This place is a wreck, Katie should clean this weekend.. He slid into bed next to Katie holding her in a warm embrace. He smiled, happy to be where he belongs. Even in her deep sleep Katie felt Oliver's warm body lay next to her and she snuggled closer to him. Together at last.