Title: Postulate
Fandom: Loveless
Characters: Nakano Yamato/Sakagami Kouya
Rating: PG
Warnings: Femmeslash
Disclaimer: Loveless is copyright Kouga Yun and all related affiliates.
Notes: Written for an RP application; my first attempt at the pairing.

In all bluntness, Kouya did not like math. In all honesty, she hated it.

She knew--logically, for she was always logical in order to counter the whimsical, beautiful Yamato [for every action, an equal and opposite reaction--that it was useful, and she did use it, often enough to gain a reputation in being proficient. School teachers, poor substitutes for Nagisa-sensei but relieving in their lack of sporadic cruelty, always bragged to the rest of the class: look how precisely Sakagami writes her formulas, how quickly she works! But what none of them knew was that she loathed the very thing at which she proved so proficient.

"So don't do it," Yamato said one star-studded night following a battle, sucking on skin which is burned but unhurt by another's spell. "You're smart enough already. And it's not like we need math to win word spell fights." But her feline eyes didn't match her careless words; they always regarded Kouya with a certain degree of gentleness, and Kouya had to close her eyes to deny them.

"It isn't that simple. I need to be able to think in more ways than one. To be versatile." But really she was thinking of the presumptuousness inherent in mathematics, how zero and zero would always circle back to their origins, and how math didn't take into account that life is not logical or neat or clean.

Yamato turned to face her. "Y'know, Kouya," she said, smiling but serious. "I don't give a flying flip about how many ways my fighter can think. I care what Kouya thinks on her own."

When Yamato spoke, even the stars, nestled in their corners of eternity, listened. It was the most perfect equation Kouya could fathom, and she doubted she would ever need another.