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What could that nimrod need from me at a time like this? Gosh, Uncle Embry has really bad timing. I was about half way to La Push and was already in a hurry to get back to the hospital; mainly because I was afraid that Grandpa Carlisle would change his mind about changing him, even though I knew he wouldn't.

It's kinda weird that I would be thinking that because I'm usually not the paranoid type.

When I got there, I wasn't shocked to see that there were more cars in the driveway other than Uncle Embry's. I could see Uncle Jared's red jeep, so I knew he brought his wife, Kim, Daniel's dark green muscle car, Grandpa Charlie's police car, and my mom's old beat up truck, which belonged to Claire.

But just because there were no other cars, didn't mean that there weren't other people there.

I pulled in behind Daniel's car and stretched, wondering why I needed to be here this exact moment. So help me if this isn't an emergency.

As I started to walk up the driveway, Uncle Embry walked out of the house, holding the ugliest snake I had ever seen. I had seen it before, but it had been so long ago. I missed Galen, his old snake, when I looked at Shaw-naynay.

"Finally! Took you long enough..." he grumbled under his breath.

"Sorry, some of us follow the speed limit." I rolled my eyes at him and he took my arm, leading me through the door.

"That would be your other family, not us." He stressed the word other to get his point across.

"Sure, sure."

As I knew would happen, everybody was inside waiting for me.

"Now, not that I don't love you guys, but I was in the middle of something very important. I need to get back as soon as I can, so can we hurry this up a little?" I let go of Uncle Embry and walked into the middle of the room.

"Remember, before Embry can tell you anything, you have to start with the stories..." Clair reminded me in an annoying voice.

"SHUT UP!" I balled my hand into a fist and before I could touch her, Uncle Jared was right behind me, grabbing my fist. "Let go of me! You have no right to touch me!" I snarled at him.

"Now, tell me what was so bad that you couldn't tell me over the phone," I demanded from Uncle Embry in a quiet tone.

"First you need to calm down a little bit. What I have to say will just make you angrier." He tried to sooth me with a sweet voice, but it wasn't helping me.

I took a few deep breaths, and tried to relax myself. Punching Claire would help me, but it wouldn't help anything if Uncle Quil was mad at me.

It wasn't helping, but I could pretend to be calm, when I wanted to be.

"You can let go of me, please. I won't punch her, for now, at least..." I glared at her as Uncle Jared let go of me. I walked up to her, and before anyone could take a step toward me, I told them, "If any of you touch me, I'll kill you..." None of them moved towards me anymore. They obviously knew I meant my words. They all knew that I could beat all of them in a fight, blindfolded.

I was standing right in front of Claire and whispered in her ear, "The moment you say 'I do', your mine. You might want to keep that in mind. Quil can't do anything to me. Anything. If I wanted to kill you, I could. And believe me, nothing at this moment of time would make me happier...If you catch my drift." I pecked her on the cheek, just to spite her.

I stood completely up, and asked Uncle Embry, "Now, what is it you need to tell me?" I smiled at him, hoping that it would ease his and my fears.

"Well, we have reason to believe that there is something out there killing werewolves. Leah was already taken from us." Everybody bowed there head when he mentioned one of the Elders. "And not long after, Heather was taken from us."

Heather was one of Jared's daughter, who had just figured out what she was even though she had always gone to the meetings. She was only 15.

"Well, I think it would be a good idea if we stayed in pairs, or groups, until we figure out what is going on." I sighed, this is just what I need at this point in time.

"Who's brave enough to partner with me, and be around the vampires?" I rose one eyebrow, knowing that none of them would.

But I guess that I was wrong.

Daniel walked up to me and said, "I will."

I looked back at Aunt Emily, knowing that she wouldn't be comfortable with the arrangement. I knew she wouldn't argue, but I said, "Is it alright with you, Aunt Emily?"

She smiled and nodded her head. "I trust you. But on a positive note, at least he'll be the best protected person here." She tried to chuckle, but it sounded false even to me.

"Okay, so this is how it is going to go..."

I split the teams up. Uncle Embry was with Aunt Emily, Seth, and his daughter, Kayla. Uncle Jared was with Kim, their daughter Torrah, their son Adam, Jacob, and Claire. I asked Jacob to keep his eyes on Claire and report to me anything she said. Uncle Quil was with the younger children, Grandpa Charlie and rest of the wives.

"Come on Daniel. We need to get back to the hospital."

He gave me a questioning look, but he said his goodbyes and headed out to the car with me.

"Why are we going to the hospital?" he asked me as he buckled his seat belt. Then he settled back into the seat, getting ready for a long ride.

"Zane's dieing."

"What?!" Daniel sat up real tall after I said that.

"Zane's dieing. While I'm in the room, I need you to stay with my Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett. Can you do that for me?"

He got a suspicious look on him face. "Why?"

"Grandpa Carlisle is going to change him." I kept on looking out the window and refused to look at him.

But he kept his mouth shut. He knew that I was stressed and mad--a very bad combination for me--and he didn't want to add any wood to the fire. "Fine. I can do that."

I reached over to him and squeezed his arm, lovingly. "Thank you."

He smiled at me. "No problem.


Okay, so I knew it wasn't midnight, but I knew that this would be the only time I would get a chance to do this.

Everybody was in the other room with Zane again, and it left me some free time. Needless to say, I am not a very patient person. So why not spend some extra time to change my new best friend?

Check list: First, get her out of the hospital.

Check. She was in my arms, while I ran to the morgue. Kind of cliche, I know, but where else was there? There were no people there. At least, live ones.

Second, position her.

I put her down on one of the operating tables, making sure that there was nothing on it.

Third, change her.

I tilted her head a little bit so that I had a better angle. I licked my teeth a little bit, to make sure that the venom could reach her heart faster and it would make it so that my teeth went easier into her neck, and let my teeth sink into her neck slowly. I only took a little, knowing that I would have to bite other places. She started to scream the moment that I bit down, but not as loud as I did when I was changed because of the pain killers Carlisle had injected into her for the pain from her fall.

Repeating the same steps that I did to her neck, I sank my teeth into both of her wrists and the inside of her foot just above her ankles. It wasn't nearly as easy as it was with her neck because of her kicking, but I managed.

Lastly, wait for it.

I took her hand, hoping that it would ease some of her pain. It was a good thing that I was stronger than her, or else I would have a crushed hand. I just squeezed her hand so that she knew I was there. She clung to me like I was the last anchor to her humanity.

I ran a hand through her hair, while I muttered reassurances that it would all be over all in good time.

I decided that it would take away some of her pain if I talked to her. "Hello, young one. My name is Jane, what's yours?"

She cringed from the pain but I could hear her mutter, "Nore."

"Well, Nore, the pain will be over in no time, even though it will feel like forever. But afterwards, you will never feel pain again.," I purred to her.

"Please..." She moaned. "Help me!"

"Believe me, Nore, I am." I sighed. Some people just don't appreciate me.

She just curled up into a ball and cried, still clinging to my hand.