(Title- Re'idat Adama (Earthquake), Artist- Yehudit Ravitz, Album- Shem (Name))

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Summery: Draco thought he was the happiest man alive when he married his lover. But that was nearly four years ago and he hasn't heard a thing from his husband. Until today… A one-shot broken down to 6 parts.

Warning: This fic contains slash sex, mentions of mpreg and adult language, if you find any of these offensive go read the original books.

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July 8 2006, Saturday.

He shouldn't have been there, he knew that. Shouldn't have come back at all, not here, not where he was so exposed and so vulnerable. But he couldn't really help it, the idea of standing so close to Diagon Alley, to any sort of magical population was far too tempting, not to mention- just one step closer to his beloved. The same person he left three and a half years ago, without so much as a word. The person he loved so much he left in order to keep safe, but Seamus wasn't as naïve as to think that Draco would see his way on this. No, if his blond husband ever saw him again he was more likely to get hexed than kissed. And yet he wasn't able to make himself move from the spot, as farfetched as it seemed, hoping to catch Draco Malfoy of all people coming to Diagon Alley via the 'Leaky Cauldron'. Seamus couldn't leave, as long as there was a sliver of chance that he might see him.

Crossing the road and entering the Alley was out of the question, Seamus knew all too well that once he set foot inside the magical world he'd be watched. He had been watched for so long now, that it was almost disappointing to know that he was free. Seamus wrapped his arms around himself, though the July heat was making the air hang heavy and unmoving with no real hope for a breeze that would stir it and enable people to breath more freely, but he felt chills running down his spine, too long… too long has past since he was here last.

The last time Seamus had been to the heart of the magical community of London was nearly four years ago, a week before he and Draco finally tied the knot. Seamus smiled sadly remembering how happy they both were, after deciding to marry the night before. They had gone to choose rings, the same one that was currently hanging on a chain around his neck. Seamus fingered the smooth lines of the golden ring, as he did every time things felt a little too overwhelming for him, and memories of Draco washed over him, his beautiful face, his hands, the way he smiled, the way he loved Seamus. A tight lump formed in his throat and Seamus let out a small gasping sob. Thinking of Draco was always painful, but today, standing here on the edge of the magical world, so close to him it was ten times harder.

The young Irishman was turning to leave, deciding to put himself out of his misery and carry on with his original plan which was to go back home to Dublin in order to visit his father when a flash of yellow-white hair caught his eye. Seamus stared incredulously at the man, tall and handsome making his way to the hidden pub. Seamus rubbed his eyes in astonishment because this was just too… coincidental, too strange. This could not be him, his brain shouted even when his eyes confirmed the man's identity.

Seamus stared, feeling his knees go weak and his heart going wild, every atom in his body yearned to cross the street and flung himself at the man he loved so much, consequences be damned. The sound of high pitched laughter reached his ears from across the street and for the first time Seamus noticed that Draco wasn't alone. Next to the blond man was skipping happily an equally blond boy, his face sporting a huge grin and his hand clasped securely in Draco's. The tight lump in Seamus' throat tightened further when he took the sight of the father and son, feeling bitter tears forming in his eyes and slowly sliding on his cheeks. He had spent three and a half years in hell, hiding and running constantly, always vowing that he'd return to his husband's side as soon as it was safe again only to discover that his husband has moved on without him and formed a brand new family with some witch.

So Lucius has won, he thought bitterly, after everything the man has put him through- he won. Anger started boiling inside, drying the tears that still clung to his eyelashes and Seamus found himself jumping recklessly to the middle of the busy street, completely ignoring the angry beeping of car horns as he crossed his way towards the 'Leaky Cauldron' where the two blonds disappeared.

Only when he crossed the old pub and found himself in the back yard, facing the wall that connected the outside world to Diagon Alley did Seamus finally stopped to think for a bit. In the last three years he's been living like a muggle, not daring to use any magic that could be linked back to him, and here he stood in front of the brick wall that was separating him from his husband and he felt nervous once more.

About using magic, about facing Draco again, about venturing into the place that he loved so much as an adolescent and as a young man. After a long moment he drew his wand from its little holster on the side of his calf, where it rested ever since he left the magical world and took a deep breath before tapping the proper bricks. As soon as his wand touched the stone the whole wall started to change and shift, forming the famous gateway to the magical world.

Seamus licked his suddenly dry lips and took a deep breath before venturing inside the alley. The place was bustling as it usually did, everywhere were robbed people laughing and talking, busy with their weekend shopping and gossiping. Seamus stepped inside tentatively, eyes scanning the crowd for the blond head of his husband but could not find it anywhere. The crowd, the colours, the atmosphere were all making his head spin and Seamus felt like he was about to cry yet again, because it was just too overwhelming to be back here after all he's been through.

For a moment he even forgot why he even came to the Alley, and just started to wonder about, going from shop to shop, each window display bringing back so many memories.

Eventually he found himself standing in front of "Quidditch Quality Supplies" the shop that was most popular amongst the children. There were always several of them loitering about, faces pressed against the glass and excited voices talking of the newest race broom models. Seamus pressed his forehead to the cool glass and sighed deep- it was time to go, it's been a complete waste of time and a very dangerous stunt to pull, coming here like that. Seamus has just made up his mind to leave when he heard an excitable voice coming close rapidly,

"Daddy look, bwooms! Humph…" The little boy cried as he collided square with Seamus' shins and toppled backwards. Seamus winced at the pain and immediately squatted to inspect the damage. The boy looked a little disoriented but otherwise unharmed and Seamus sighed in relief, the last thing he needed right now was to cause a scene in the middle of Diagon Alley.

"Are you alright, Tiny?" Within seconds the boy was engulfed in a tight embrace and Seamus pulled back, slightly embarrassed,

"I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to hurt him, he just ran into me…" He mumbled without lifting his head,

"Seamus?" Seamus' head flew up and he stared completely bewildered into the grey eyes of the man in front of him, his throat constricting once more,

"D-Draco?" Draco rose to his feet, placing the toddler on his hip and Seamus rose slowly as well, the tone of voice Draco used and the coldness in his eyes told Seamus that he'd have to work extremely hard to regain his lover's trust. He racked his hand in his hair, desperately trying to think of something to say, "How… How have you been?" The blond man in front of him snorted in disbelief,

"I'm fine."

"Hmm, congratulations… for the new marriage I mean." Seamus nearly chocked on the words, feeling like a heavy rock was put in the place of his heart dragging him down.

"I didn't remarry." Seamus nodded slightly, eyes fixed on Draco, trying to memorize every last line in those face not sure when he'd be able to see his loved one again. He then turned his gaze to the little boy on Draco's hip, his little head was resting on Draco's shoulder and he was sucking his thumb quietly. He looked a lot like Draco Seamus mused, except that his hair was a little too dark- more wheat coloured than flaxen, his eyes had a bluer hue to them and he had little freckles sprinkled across his nose and cheeks as if someone dusted him with brown sugar. "What are you doing here?"

"I- I don't know, I shouldn't have come…" Seamus was a little taken back by the coldness radiating from Draco and bowed his head in shame, completely missing the hurt flash that crossed the granite eyes,

"Very well, then if you don't mind, we'd be on our way." Draco swept past Seamus, back straight and head held high and headed back towards the pub. Seamus wanted to call after him, make him stop. There were so many questions he wanted to ask, so many things he needed to find out- most importantly who was the child. But before he could gather his wits about him the two disappeared and he was left standing alone in the middle of the Alley, people bumping into him without him noticing. It seemed to be hours before Seamus could bring himself to move, and when he finally did it was sluggishly and carelessly.

Once outside the 'Leaky Cauldron' Seamus turned to get back to his hotel, his mind still trying to process what had happened, but unable to get past the fact that he saw Draco, and spoke to him- albeit not any of the words he so desperately wanted to say. He walked into the tube station and tried to compose himself, blend in with the crowd of muggles on the platform, a trait he'd perfected while in hiding but somehow he was unable to execute today. Seamus felt exposed, naked to the world as if every one of those people were looking straight into his soul and condemning him for the pain he caused Draco.

By the time Seamus reached back to his hotel room he was a complete wreck emotionally. He walked over to the phone and asked the room service for a large bottle of whiskey to dull his pain in. his insides were bubbling like a volcano, his entire body was shaking like an earthquake- Seamus felt all the sadness, the terror that were burdening him for years now, all the sorrow, all the guilt that were like a scorching mass buried in his chest and trying to claw its way out.

A knock was heard on the door and Seamus heaved himself off the floor, hoping beyond hope that it was the booze that was arriving. He flung the door open and was about to scold the waiter for his tardiness when he found himself face to face with the man he just seen in Diagon Alley. Seamus stood gob-smacked and looked at Draco in shock, while the other man was getting more and more restless and even began to tap his foot impatiently on the floor,

"Well, are you going to invite me in or am I going to have to stand here at the door like some sort of plebeian?" He snapped and Seamus moved back in some sort of daze and let Draco stride into the room, wrinkling his nose at the shabby wallpaper, the little child was still straddling his hip, now nearly sleeping. "Can I put him down for a bit while we talk?" Seamus nodded dumbly and watched as Draco put his son to sleep in the large double bed that dominated the room. His manner with the child was so soft and affectionate that Seamus had to avert his eyes lest he burst in tears again.

"Sir, your whiskey…" Draco straightened from the bedside and walked briskly towards the young man that was standing at the door looking sideways at the bewildered Seamus, "Is he alright?"

"He's fine. Thank you for the alcohol, you're free to go." Draco said with a smile as he took the bottle and then grabbed the doorknob out of Seamus' lax grasp and practically shot the door in the poor waiter's face, when he turned to Irishman he saw that Seamus was still in his trans-like state so he snapped his fingers under Seamus' nose which made the latter jump, "Oi, Finnigan! Look alive, we need to talk."

Seamus walked slowly over to the couple of squashy armchairs on the other side of the room where Draco already sat filling two tumblers with the clear amber liquid, and gingerly lowered himself into the other chair, eyes focused on Draco as if afraid that he might vanish if Seamus wasn't paying a close attention,

"How did you find me?" He asked hoarsely as he accepted the glass handed to him,

"Tracking spell." Draco answered shortly, "So, care to tell me why you left me two days after our wedding without saying a word?" Seamus nearly chocked on the whiskey he just imbibed, trust Draco not to beat around the bush too long when he wanted answers,

"I… something… came up, I had to go…" He mumbled, eyes downcast on his drink, cheeks flushing red with guilt at the lie,

"And this something took you three bloody years to finish?" Seamus shrugged, "Fuck, Seamus don't lie to me! You left me without a fucking word! Not one word, not even a bloody note and I'm suppose to believe that you just had 'business'?" The venom in Draco's voice was cutting deeper than any of the wounds inflicted three and a half years ago and Seamus cringed inwardly,

"Well, you seemed to have kept yourself quite busy without me!" Seamus pointed at the bed with his tumbler, indicating the sleeping boy in it,

"Yes, I have been busy, raising your son while you were off doing Merlin knows what!" Draco retorted hotly, effectively silencing Seamus. Seamus' eyes flickered from Draco to the bed, his son, his child… How was that possible… he bit his lip and rose from the chair, walking to the bed to get a better look at the toddler. The little boy was so much like Draco that it was quite astonishing but now that he had a proper look Seamus could see the little details that made the boy different, the freckles for one thing- as Draco loved to boast, Malfoys didn't have freckles. Finnigans on the other hand had them in abundance. Seamus thought he could see something of his own in the chin and the delicate arch of the boy's lips, but it still didn't explain things…

"Mine? How…" He gulped and tried to blink back tears again, only this time they were tears of joy, undiluted, exuberant joy that was pumping through his veins like fire.

"Funny that," Draco started, swirling the drink in his glass and refusing to look at Seamus, "I never got around to tell you that bit, but I'm part Veela on my mother side and well… we're fertile." He finished somewhat sheepishly, refusing to meet Seamus' incredulous look,

"Fertile… You knew you could get pregnant and you never told me?" Seamus tried to summon all his righteous anger, at having being lied to but he couldn't help but smile as his eyes fell on the little boy again, his son, his little baby. He had a son!

"There wasn't a real need to ever tell you, I always used contraceptive charm to prevent that from happening." Draco tossed his hair back and fixed Seamus with a cool gaze which the Irishman returned without blinking until Draco seemed to deflate a little, "Well, except for that one time… On our wedding night, I was a smidgen tipsy and I might have forgotten." He finished haughtily, his pointed nose up in the air, Seamus couldn't help but grin at the picture his husband made,

"He's mine…" He whispered and brushed a few strands of hair out of the sleeping boy's eyes and smiled softly, "What's his name?"

"Sage Draco Finnigan-Malfoy."

"Sage? Like the herb?" Draco closed his eyes as if pained,

"No, Sage like a wise person." He nearly barked and Seamus turned to look at the toddler again completely unfazed, drinking in the sight of the innocence and sheer beauty of the boy, inhaling the clean child scent. Seamus felt transfixed, he couldn't seem to be able to tear his eyes away, this was so much more than he ever expected, more than he ever dreamt of and deep down Seamus knew that whatever would happen from then on, he'd never leave again, not willingly. This time he had more to fight for, more to lose.

"He was born on the 23 of August 2003, he should be three years old in a month and a half." Draco said quietly, moving the kneel besides Seamus, watching their son with a soft smile,

"That's just a week after my birthday." Seamus breathed out and felt the tears prickling his eyes again, this is the best birthday gift anyone could receive and he missed it for so long, missed so much of his son's life- his first steps, first word, first laugh. The tears were running down his cheeks, unstopping and he made to brush them off but new ones came just as fast. Draco watched the way Seamus seemed to break apart at the sight of his son and felt his heart twisting painfully. He planed on being angry, on yelling and cursing and making things unbearable for Seamus for leaving them but seeing the way the Irishman reacted to the simple knowledge that Sage was his, Draco realised that Seamus' leaving had much more to it than just cold feet and he was determined to find out the truth, so that they could finally move on and be the family they should have been three and a half years ago.

"Come on," He said briskly and rose to his feet, Seamus lifted his head and gave Draco a puzzled look from under his messy fringe, "This place is simply atrocious, so we're going to go home where you can explain everything to me and then spend some time with Sage, if you wish." Draco finished a little uncertain, all of a sudden worried that Seamus wouldn't want to follow him. After all, he did practically barge into the man's room without an invitation and started to hurl accusations.

"Alright." Draco breathed a mental sigh of relief. He walked over to the table to retrieve both his bag and the bottle of whiskey, handing them to Seamus before bending to pick up the sleeping boy carefully.

"He still got an hour and a half before I have to wake him up." He explained and Seamus nodded, not sure what to do with himself. He desperately wanted to wrap his arms around his little family but he wasn't sure the gesture would be appreciated by Draco. "Put your arms around Sage and I'll apparate us back home." He instructed and Seamus complied quickly. He felt the tug behind his naval and then that horrible feeling of being sucked through a tube that was two sizes too small when the side-along apparition was in motion. Before Seamus had time to get accustomed to the uneasiness the feeling ended and he opened his eyes to find himself in the living room of a small two story town-house.

A/N: I'm not the biggest fan of creature!Draco stories, but I needed a quick fix for the pregnancy to be believable (as much as Mpreg can be believable of course…), so Draco is only a teeny tiny bit Veela, let's just say it's the important bit...