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April 12 2007, Thursday

"Seamus… I swear to Merlin I'm going to kill you! You son of a bitch, this is all your bloody fault! AAAHHH!!!" Seamus winced a little as his hand was once again crushed in his husband's grasp, smiling apologetically at the medi-witch who looked amused more than anything,

"Breath Draco, you're doing just great." The young woman was trying to sooth the cranky and pained Draco, while Seamus watched, he could have told the girl that an upset Draco isn't easy to pacify but he figured there wasn't much anyone could do right now.

Last time Draco had been in this position, legs spread wide apart and trying to squeeze a human being out of himself Seamus wasn't around. He briefly wondered who did Draco cursed when Sage was born but figured it was him, only sans the real person present.

"What do you know, did you even finish Hogwarts? You… useless Hufflepuff!" Draco was alternating between yelling at the medi-witch and Seamus, for what felt like hours, Seamus was sincerely hoping something would happen soon since he knew that if not he would simply explode and start talking back to his labouring husband and that was a sure way for him to end up in the un-bonding office in the ministry.

"Ok, Draco, in the next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can, ok?" The medi-witch, who probably wasn't as young as she looked and had at least a bit of experience with labours was far from being flustered by Draco's rudeness. Draco squeezed his eyes shot, praying to every god under and above the sky for the baby to come out fast and easy, he wasn't sure how much more of this pain he could take. Granted, this time round was much better, with Seamus and Sage doting over him, pampering him to destruction and doing their best to make the pregnancy as easy and as pleasant as possible made Draco feel like the nine months zoomed by and now he wished they would back up a little and slow down.

The contraction hit like a tidal wave of pain. The Cruciatus curse had noting on labour pains! He tried to remember to breath and push at the same time, not an easy fit in the least considering the fact his brain felt like it was about to explode. When the wave of pain was over he slumped back against the pillows exhausted. He just wanted to break down and cry. Draco felt a soft hand and a cold cloth pressed against his sweaty forehead, and sighed in gratitude.

"You're doing very well, Draco, I can see the head, I need you to keep pushing." The medi-witch's voice was way too cheerful for Draco's taste and he wished she'd leave the sanctuary of his legs and come round to where he could grab her and show her exactly how well he was doing!

He pushed again and felt the tears streaming down his face, he was tiered, so tiered and he just wanted to take a nap and let the others deal with a way to extract the baby from his body. He didn't mind at all taking a nap right now and see his baby when they'll be all clean and calm. Suddenly there was a feeling of something large squeezing its way out, something that was far too big and he grasped the hand he was holding tighter and screamed as loudly as he could until he felt the pressure lifting somewhat. He was sobbing with effort by now, feeling like he'd been split down the middle with a blunt knife,

"Great job Draco, the hardest part is over, the head is out. Now I need you to keep pushing till the rest of the baby is out." Draco tried to shoot a glare at the pesky medi-witch, but her head was buried between his legs and he couldn't see any part of her beyond his huge belly, save for a hand that was placed on one bent knee. He couldn't find a voice to yell at her anymore so he simply did what she asked him to.

When Draco pushed again, he knew for sure that the medi-witch had no children of her own, because this time pushing didn't become any easier, nor less painful. It seemed that he forgot all about the pain and joy of delivery in the near four years that passed since Sage was born.

"One more big push." The medi-witch chirped from the area of his loins and he pushed, roaring and arching until he had no energy left in his body.

"Well done, Draco. Congratulations, you have a little boy." Seamus used the release of his aching hand and rushed forward to see his newborn son. When he reached the medi-witch he was almost sorry he went. The little creature, baby, was red and puffy and screaming and looked more like something you'd find in an 'Alien' movie than an actual baby. And then, horror of horrors the medi-witch covered the little hideous thing in a blanket and handed it to Seamus. Seamus gulped and gingerly took the bundle from her hands, alien or not, it was breakable. Once the infant felt the arms of his parent wrapped around him he stopped crying and slowly opened his eyes. Seamus stared in astonishment at he clear baby-blue eyes and let out a soft sob. Gone was the alien and the gore, this was his baby, his little boy!

Slowly and carefully as if he was handling the most precious cargo in the world Seamus moved along the side of the bed to where Draco lay exhausted but smiling, and placed the precious bundle on his heaving chest,

"Gods, he's so beautiful…" Draco cooed, nursing the baby's head close to him. Seamus thought that beautiful was a little bit of an exaggeration but wisely kept his mouth shut. He stroked his finger on the soft, slightly moist skin of the little puffy face, and down his little hand. When the baby reached and wrapped his tiny fingers around Seamus' finger, his breath stopped and he felt tears prickling in his eyes. Life didn't get a lot better than this.

"So, how are we going to name him?" Draco asked softly, arranging the blanket more securely around the little body. He wanted to have his son named before the medi-witch takes him to get cleaned up. Seamus took a moment to come back from his wonderment on babies before replaying,

"Let's see, we already have Sage, how about we name this one Basil?" At Draco's horrified look, he hurried to explain, "Think about it, in a couple of years we could have an entire spice rack." He finished happily. Draco gave him a scalding look,

"This baby is lucky you got officially kicked out of the naming committee," He remarked dryly and Seamus laughed. Draco looked at the baby for a long moment, and just like with Sage he knew the prefect name, "Seamus, I'd like you meet your son- Daniel Seamus Finnigan-Malfoy." Seamus looked down at the baby and smiled wide,

"Daniel. I like it. It's not as inspired as Basil, I'll tell you that, but at least this way he's less likely to be bitten into a pulp at the playground." Draco rolled his eyes and sighed in acceptance. It was his own fault after all, he was the one who proposed Seamus in the first place after all.

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Thank you for letting me share this little story with you all. Hope to see you in my next fic.