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Author's Notes: This is going to be a drabble series, I hope. I have lots of ideas for these two. Some fluffy, some sexy, some angst-ridden and dark. Hope you enjoy them all! I promise to have at least one a week, if not more. Depends when the mood strikes me. Pairings may change...or probably will change.

Drabble #1

3 a.m.

Sasuke sat up, the annoying sound of the alarm finally winning out over sleep. As he rubbed the few lingering remains of sleep from his eyes, he felt very familiar – very warm – arms encircle him. How could Naruto stay so warm in such cold weather?

It was barely morning, the sun was even refusing to wake up. Sasuke gave one of the hands that were connected to the very warm arms encircling him a light squeeze before attempting to stand up. But he was stopped mid-position change by said warm arms. Sasuke looked back over his shoulder, seeing the blue eyes staring back at him. Those damn eyes even shining in the black haze of early morning.

"It's lying." The groggy voice, belonging to Naruto, whispered. The silence that once filled the room was shredded upon that groggy whisper leaving its owner's mouth.

"Huh?" Sasuke thought he didn't hear him right. "What's lying?"

"The clock, it's lying." Sasuke turned in his sitting position on the bed, looking Naruto full in the face. "It's not telling you to wake up. It's telling you to stay here, in this bed, with me, where it's warm."

Sasuke let a smirk play on his face. Only that logic worked when Naruto said it. Only he could make it sound perfectly, well, logical. "Ah, wouldn't that be nice?" The blonde laying beside him, his elbow propping him up slightly, looked too tempting to refuse at that moment. But, he had to. He had work to do. So, he attempted to get up again, only to have a tan hand grip his pale wrist.

"I'm the future Hokage. What I say goes." Naruto allowed a smirk that rivaled Sasuke's to play on his face.

Sasuke turned to look at him, his dark hair falling into his eyes, which were shimmering with amusement. "Really now?" He let the amusement spill over onto his face. "Not even in the bedroom, dobe."

Not missing a beat, Naruto returned his snide comment with a, "Hmm, that's not what you said last night." This earned Naruto a special treat, an Uchiha blushing.

So, instead of trying to fight him, or hide the blush that slowly crept over his whole face, Sasuke decided to give in. The bed was as warm and comfortable as when he left it, and so was Naruto.

And cuddling was far better than 3 a.m. ANBU meetings anyway.

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