A/N: I wasn't really sure where to put these. I also wasn't sure I wanted to start a whole new "story" for something that wasn't really a story, lol. So, I guess I'll post them here and update them whenever? Unless you guys want them in a seperate section. Let me know what you think, I'd want to put them where you guys will be happy with them. (If you are at all, I guess.)

[Not Really A] Drabble #84
1sentence Prompts

#1 Slow

Sasuke knew Naruto was always fast to act at everything, he didn't realize Naruto could make love to him so slow it was bittersweet torture.

#2 Steady

He held the kunai in his hand and wished for his nerves to steady, but he knew that killing his best friend was something he could never do.

#3 Breathe

It was hot and damp, and smelled a lot like miso pork ramen, but Sasuke loved the feel of Naruto's breath on his skin.

#4 Relax

A day off didn't happen very often, and flew by quickly when it was spent underneath the covers.

#5 Friends

Sometimes he wanted to kill them, other times he wished they never existed, but Sasuke knew they were the family he tried so hard to deny he needed.

#6 Candle

It was something about the way the wax burned Naruto's skin that reminded him of Sasuke; born of fire, slow to burn, and leaves one hell of an impression.

#7 Light

Sasuke was reaching over to flick the lamp off when Naruto grabbed his wrist and whispered, "Leave it on, I want to see everything."

#8 Stars

Naruto could name every constellation in the sky, and name some of the stars, too, but Sasuke knew the brightest ones were in Naruto's eyes.

#9 Sunrise

Sasuke never thought he could say so much to one person until he watched the sun rise out Naruto's bedroom window and realized they hadn't slept that whole night.

#10 Daylight

"It would do you good to get outside more, Sasuke, you look like a vampire!"

#11 Stroll

The constant mantra of 'I'm not a girl, I don't hold hands' ceased when he realized Naruto hadn't said anything for two blocks and holding hands might not be such a bad trade after all.

#12 Food

The look in Naruto's eyes and the way his voice sounded made Sasuke realize the blonde wasn't hungry for actual food.

#13 Rain

When Sasuke returned to Konoha, it was raining a fine and steady stream, but from where Naruto was standing the sun was shining and there was a rainbow signaling a new beginning for him and his friend.

#14 Emotions

Although he may have acted like they didn't exist, Naruto knew Sasuke was filled with emotions he was afraid to express.

#15 Dance

It's what their fights always were; bloody, dirty, raw, and sexually-charged dances.

So, what do you think? I think I didn't do half bad for my first time doing sentence prompts. I like them a lot. Quick and to the point. lol