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The Queen sat staring at her glass of champagne. Foreign dignitaries and heads of state prattled on around her about various affairs, and yet nothing seemed to be able to take the Queen's attention away from her glass of champagne. A rosy flush graced her skin and an unfocused gaze made her appear, to the untrained observer, that the Queen was a bit tipsy. But to her husband, the constant wetting of her lips and rapid breathing told him nothing could be farther from the truth- his blushing bride was, indeed, blushing.

Memories of the previous night ran rampant through her mind's eye: the moonlight walk in the gardens, the dinner in the gazebo surrounded by a string quartet and dozens of candles with the sweet aroma of roses mixing with Joseph's cologne. He had arranged all of this for their three-month wedding anniversary. They shared many loving kisses on their walk, and longing glances over dinner, but nothing could have prepared her for what her husband had planned for as after dinner drinks. They had done their fair share of groping each other while engaging in savage kisses on the way from the gardens to their private suite. Joseph had swept her off her feet and carried her to bed where he thoroughly ravaged her.

If that had been all they shared the previous evening, the Queen would have been a participant in the conversations swirling around her. But it was what Joseph had done to her and for her afterwards that had the Queen in such a non-verbose manner this evening.

Being awakened by her lover's kisses, Clarisse had sighed in contentment. Her sigh gained her a pause in Joseph's ministrations to her breasts long enough to make eye contact. She felt his smile against her breast and he then continued his journey further south. First kissing her neglected breast, then the valley between, working his way down to her navel, and further south still. She groaned in frustration as he purposefully neglected the place she wanted him to touch her most, but was rewarded with gentle kisses to her inner thighs. Joseph then slid from the bed, and she watched as he walked out of their bedroom, returning moments later with a bottle of champagne and a glass.

Joseph paused beside the bed, filled the glass and handed it to Clarisse. Clarisse's curiosity piqued when, instead of crawling in bed with her, Joseph placed the bottle on the nightstand and entered the private bathing area. He returned moments later with a few towels and a devilish gleam in his eye. Clarisse offered him the glass, to which he shook his head 'no'. He moved to the opposite side of the bed, taking his pillow from the headboard and moved it to the middle of the bed. He then spread a towel over it, protecting the bed from his future plans.

"Lay here," were the first words Joseph had spoken to her since this whole seduction began. There was no doubt in Clarisse's mind- she was being seduced. With little hesitation, she moved closer to her husband, her hips resting on the toweled pillow. Joseph leaned over her kissing her mouth as tenderly as he knew how, his hands gently caressing her arms. She pulled him closer to her, and he shifted his weight onto the bed so that he now straddled his wife, never breaking their oral embrace. His kisses began to move, first to the underside of her jaw, then under her ear, to the little dip in her neck. He then proceeded to her breasts, nipping at her right one, then her left, enhancing her arousal. Her eyes closed in satisfaction as her husband did the most delicious things to her breasts. He could bring her to orgasm with little more than kisses and caresses to her nipples if he was so inclined.

Clarisse's eyes opened as she felt her husband shift, as if reaching for something. She followed his outstretched arm to the neglected bottle of champagne on the nightstand. The bottle captured, Joseph moved further down the bed, kneeling in between her legs. Clarisse realized her husband's intentions as he took the bottle and gently tipped it so that some of the cool sweet liquid gathered in her belly button. Joseph then proceeded to lick her clean of the cool concoction.

The Queen's breathing became even more ragged. She could practically feel the champagne on her now. Even being surrounded by boring heads of state, all she could do was remember the contrast between Joseph's warm tongue and the cool liquid against her skin. The feeling of the chilly liquid as her poured it into her womanhood. The mini orgasms the tiny bubbles gave her as the liquid settled, followed by the extended orgasm conducted by her husband as he drank it from her sex. This elicited a groan from the Queen, one loud enough, that had anybody other than her husband been observing her, would have heard.

Her eyes cleared and looked straight into the eyes of the man who had brought her such joy last night. The man who's rampant imagination and observance of detail lead to a very interesting sex-life. She stared into his eyes a moment longer, making sure she had his full attention, then glanced at her glass of champagne as a satisfied but wicked smile graced her lips.

Her husband leaned closer and whispered into her ear, "tonight it's chocolate."