Only in Tokyo

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Author: Skitter160

"Hey Yugi there's a duel tournament coming up in Tokyo. Think we should go?" Joey pointed out the flyer to his best friend, as they passed a store on their way home.

Yugi stopped beside him. "Did you even read all of the flyer?" Yugi looked it over. "It looks like it's invitation only. That's too bad. It's during our break too, we could have used it as a vacation." Yugi moved on.

"Could? Who are you kidding? You know you'll be invited!" Joey reminded him. "You know you're the best duelist."

"I wouldn't say that." Yugi blushed.

'Almost.' Yami told Yugi.

"So then if we do get to go let's invite Téa and Tristan, okay?"

"Yeah. Then we can go early and go site seeing."

"Well, here's my street. See ya, Yug!" Joey took off around the corner.

"Hey Grandpa I'm here!" Yugi called opening the game shop door.

"Oh Yugi." Yugi's Grandpa called him over. "Here you got this in the mail."

Yugi opened it. An invitation to the tournament and even train tickets were inside. 'I wonder who's sponsoring this?'

'Yugi there's a note.' Yami informed him. It read:


Hey it's Duke. I'm running the show this time. Cool huh? Well I put another two tickets in for Téa and Tristan. Well I can't wait to see you guys.



PS: Tickets good until tournament.

'Duke!' Yugi thought exasperated.

The shop door opened. "Yugi." A cold voice sounded behind Yugi. Kaiba entered the shop the door closing behind him.

"So what brings you here Kaiba?" Yugi asked pleasantly.

"The tournament." Yugi looked a little confused. Kaiba walked up to within a few feet of him. "Mokuba wants come. But I don't want him to be by himself there…"

"I understand." Yugi thought a moment. "I know. Why don't you and Mokuba join us? You could even come with us to site see beforehand."


"Well, think it over and meet us at Bobson's around five and we can discuss it. Bring Mokuba." Yugi tried to sound suggesting instead of demanding.

"I'll think it over." And with that Kaiba left.

Meanwhile in Joey got to his apartment and put his bag away. After changing clothes he checked his mail. He received a vanilla envelope and some bills. Opening the envelope he found an invitation, a ticket to Tokyo, and a note. It read:

I've got a surprise for you!



Joey picked up the phone to call Yugi. 'Maybe we can go early after all.' He dialed Yugi's number and the phone rang twice before it was picked up.


"Hey Yugi, it's me Joey. I got an invitation to the tournament."

"That's great Joey! I did too. Plus tickets for Téa and Tristan. I already called them."

"So what did they say?"

"They said to count them in. Oh that reminds me we're meeting at Bobson's later to discuss the details. You coming?"

"Yeah, what time?"

"Five, that way we can get things done. Like the painting I know you haven't started yet."

"I'm getting to it."

"Well you're always getting to it."

"Well then I'll start now." Joey huffed.

Yugi smirked. "Good. I'll see you at five."

"Yeah, bye."


Joey hung up the phone and dug out his homework. Sometime later an alarm sounded. Joey put his started painting some where to start drying. Good thing he was done with that part. Heading to Bobson's. When he got there he found Tristan and Yugi waiting. He sat down between them and looked over the menu. Not that he planned to buy anything.

"I'm sorry I'm late." Téa ran over to them and sat down on the other side of Yugi around the circler table.

"It's alright. There's someone else coming too." Yugi comforted her.

'Who?' His friends thought and as if on command the door opened. In the doorway stood the Kaiba brothers.

'Don't tell me…!' Joey's mind screamed.

Mokuba waved enthusiastically at the gang. Kaiba scowled in their general direction. "Are we late?" Mokuba asked walking over to them.

"No right on time." Yugi said cheerfully. "I'm glad Kaiba allowed this."

Mokuba smiled. 'You have no idea!'

'Noooo!!!' Joey's mind was sent reeling with this confirmation.

Kaiba went to the counter to order ice cream for Mokuba and himself. It only took a minute before the girl brought it to him. 'I can't believe I'm here.' Kaiba brought the ice cream over to the table, handing Mokuba his. He stood between Joey and Tristan seeming to be glaring at everyone.

"Okay now that everyone is here"

Joey cut Yugi off. "Hold on how come I wasn't told about this?"

"Oh, sorry. I know you needed. To get that painting started, so I didn't want to bother you."

Joey sighed knowing Yugi was right not to tell him.

"So anyway" Yugi smiled. "when would you like to go?"

"Well considering our two week vacation starts in a few days…" Téa thought a moment. "The tournament will most likely take a week and we'll be left with a week here."

"How about we leave a two or three days before?" Tristan suggested.

"We'll need four if you figure in the ride." Mokuba told them.

"We'll never see all the sites in three and a half days." Joey whined.

"Don't worry I hear every duel is at a different location." Yugi smiled. "That way we can look on the way to our duels."

"Sounds like Duke." Joey mumbled into his hand that he was using to prop up his head.

"Is all settled then?" Kaiba asked rather impatiently. Yugi nodded. "Then let's go, Mokie." Kaiba turned and left with Mokuba in tow. They took off in a limo that had been waiting for them.

Joey scowled. "There goes my fun." Joey mumbled as he laid his head down.

"Yugi do you really think this will be okay?" Tristan inquired ignoring that Joey was still there.

"I mean you know how the two of them always are." Téa added.

"It'll be fine. It's all for Mokuba remember." Yugi said and they nodded. They all knew how Kaiba was when it came to Mokuba.

Joey sat up. "I'm going home." His voice was low and mellow, extremely unusual for Joey.

"Are you alright?" Yugi asked as his best friend got up to leave.

"Yeah." He managed to sound a little more cheerful. "It's just I still have to finish my painting." Joey headed to the door.

"You still haven't done the painting?!" Téa screeched shrilly.

"Well good luck." Yugi said then turning to calm Téa.

"Well see ya guys." Joey opened the door.

"Bye Joey." They called and he was gone.

Joey walked home. 'I hope I do this. Well at least it's not the whole two weeks and I don't have to be near him the whole time either.' Joey opened his apartment door. 'I'd better ask for leave from work for those four days. Thank heavens tournaments are considered holiday.' Going inside he saw the beginnings of his painting. "Man after that news I don't feel like painting. But I'd better get it done." Sighing Joey got ready to paint putting his smock on.

He picked up his brush and pallet. Looking over his painting he remembered what his plan had been. Finding the mood again he began. Two days later, the day before it was due Joey finished.