Only in Tokyo

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Author: Skitter160

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Joey sighed as he changed into his suit. He still wasn't quite ready to face the board even after Seto's pep talk. Though he was truly happy and grateful for it, he still could not shake the feeling that something bad would be happening. He was just putting on a black tie when he heard a knock on his office door. "Come in." He called out loudly from the almost invisibly hidden closet that was in his office for such occasions.

"Are you ready?" Seto asked stepping into the office to see Joey struggling with the tie. "Haven't you ever worn a tie before?"

"Do I look like someone that would ever wear a tie?" Joey shot back with a scowl he would still prefer to not be wearing one now. "So how long do we have before the meeting?" He asked instead of allowing Seto a chance to remark.

"Not long." Seto smirked stalking over to were Joey was miserably failing with his tie. "Let me."

"…" Joey sighed and dropped his hands allowing Seto to do it watching so he could do it later. "…" Looking up slightly he glanced at the concentrated face of his boss.

"There." Seto smiled softly as he backed up motioning to the tie. "We need to get going. Don't forget to follow all the courtesies I taught you. Other than that try your best not to fall asleep." Seto smirked slightly at the blush it brought forth before turning and leading Joey out of the room. They made their way to the conference floor slowly heading towards the elevator that would take them there. As they got in Seto could feel the nervous vibes rolling off of his assistant. "Don't be so nervous." He smirked.

"Easier said than done." Joey looked down at his hands that were moving nervously.

"It's not like you to be nervous." Seto commented placing his hand on Joey's to stop the movement. "We're here."

Taking a deep breath Joey stepped off the elevator and followed Seto to the conference room quietly. Stopping just behind him as they reached the door.

"Don't let anything they say bother you." Seto whispered before stalking into the room with an air of superiority that Joey was surprised to find absent most of the time. "Sit." Was the first word Joey heard him utter to the board in a voice that commanded no argument. "Before we begin the meeting I would like to introduce my assistant Joey Wheeler."

At the sound of his name Joey entered the room taking a deep breath and putting on airs. "Nice to meet you." Joey said with a nod looking over the board not at all surprised to see the shocked faces and envious looks from a few. Almost all of the board was in their late forties to fifties.

"What brought this on?" One of the younger and envious board members asked. "Do you know we can trust him?"

Seto didn't bother answering until after he and Joey had seated. "All that matters is that he is my assistant the rest is no concern of yours." He glared at the board member. "Now let's start with the first order of business."

Sitting next to Seto Joey was surprised to hear him standing up for him. But as the meeting went on he did find it very hard not to jump up and snap at some stupid board member for going on for about an hour about nothing that had any weight. Glancing over at his boss though he noticed the intent look on his face and the slight nod when a point was made. 'Maybe it's to let him know he's listening.' Joey subtly looked around the room noticing the behavior was similar to the rest of the board. It was going on three hours when the meeting came to a conclusion. He waited until Seto signaled him to get up to leave following his boss quietly as they made their way back to the elevator.

"You did well." Seto told him as they stepped into the elevator.

"Thanks." Joey smiled softly. "I was really nervous. I can't believe your whole board is a bunch of old geezers. I thought there would be at least a few younger members."

"They were much younger some of them started. It's hard to believe how poorly they aged."

Joey looked over at his boss and tired to picture him aged but couldn't conjure a picture of it then down at himself. "I hope I age gracefully."

"Don't we all?" Seto asked reaching their office floor moving slowly towards Ms. Suzuki's desk motioning her to sit as she attempted to stand. "We'll be leaving for the day so please leave all messages on my desk for tomorrow." With that he ushered Joey over to his own office. "Get changed and we'll go pick up Mokuba and Akira. I don't think you could stand another minute behind a desk." He looked at him finally and saw the relief written all over his face.

"Wait where are Mokuba and Akira anyway?" Joey asked stepping into his office not surprised Seto was following.

"They are in the game room as usual it was the driver that picked them up though since we had a meeting. I'm sure they would like some fresh air as well." He turned away as Joey stepped into the closet still in full view of him if he turned around. Which he decidedly didn't do even though he caught himself watching slightly from the corner of his eye unaware of any reason he would do so. "I also need to change so I'll meet you at the desk." He quickly exited the room looking back behind him only to see Joey looking around for his bag. Slipping into his own office he quickly changed into casual clothes, not like he wasn't already in much more casual clothes than his assistant. He found himself thinking over the desire he had to look at Joey while he was changing. He knew he wasn't into women, but as far as he knew he wasn't into men either. But he couldn't find any good reason it to be that important it was after all his Mutt. And he couldn't be a-sexual if he kept finding himself staring at the blonde.

"JOEY!" Akira and Mokuba called exiting the game room to get snacks and finding him at the desk. They ran over to bother him.

"Hey!" Joey replied smiling noticing they were also in their uniforms. "How was school?"

"It was alright." Mokuba looked over at Akira and smiled as she nodded agreement. "But enough about that. How was your first meeting? Aren't the board scary?" He asked pulling Joey over to the couch in the reception area. "Most of them are old and ugly aren't they?"

Joey smiled and Akira pinned him with a questioning look. "It's true, they are mostly old and they aren't scary unless you count being able to talk you to death as a villain's skill."

"Oh but it is." Seto smirked as they jumped at hearing him as he left his office. "Akira will you please ask your Mother if it's alright for you to go to Kaiba Land?" He pointedly ignored the shocked look on his own little brother's face.

"SURE!" Akira jumped up pulling Mokuba with her and whispering. "This is a good time to give them the pictures we took in Tokyo only taking out the ones of them being intimate." She handed him a package of photos to sort.

"Your right." Mokuba nodded taking the pictures she offered so they could sort them out.

"So we're going to Kaiba land?" Joey asked calculating just how much that would cost.

"Yes and stop doing the math in your head you get in free. You work directly under me and are to receive almost the same perks." Seto didn't know how he knew that's what the blonde was doing but he did and he was also quite surprised himself at what had followed. No one else who worked for him had those kind of perks, well except Ms. Suzuki but hers were still by far less than what he just promised his new assistant and hers were mainly for Akira.

'It's because you love him.' A voice shouted in the back of his mind but was too fuzzy by the end to be truly understood so all he was able to hear was 'It's because…' Before it was all static.

Joey hid his surprise but not his joy hugging the other male quickly as he thanked him before realizing what he was doing and pulling back quickly. "Thanks Seto." He quickly turned and followed Akira and Mokuba who looked like they were scheming anyway.

Seto stood there a moment unsure of why his stomach was turning in the most pleasant of unpleasant ways and his body felt warm. He couldn't however get over the fact he had wanted to pull the blonde closer and keep him there. Shaking his head he looked after the blonde and sighed. "Lately it seems he's on my mind a lot." He clutched his duel monster card necklace tightly, something he did a lot when he was thinking about someone but he couldn't recall who and the locket was shut too tightly to look to see who was on the other side of Mokuba. He knew he needed to get it fixed but he couldn't bring himself to do so yet even though he was quite certain the person in the other picture meant a lot to him, he was sure it was that blonde from Tokyo whoever it was he had a feeling he would remember soon.

"You coming Seto?" Mokuba called. "The driver is on his way already!"

The limo ride was silent for about five minutes before Akira nudged Mokuba pulling out Joey's packet of photos wanting him to pull out his brother's. It wasn't until he had them out she noticed the size difference. "I developed the photos from Tokyo." She smiled handing Joey his packet while Mokuba handed Seto his. "I know they aren't all that great or anything but I hope you like them."

Joey smiled thanking her and was about to open his when they were snatched away. "What's the deal Seto?" He asked looking at his now empty hands.

"Yours is a bigger package I want to see what's different." He stated simply opening Joey's first not noticing the uneasy looks the rest of them exchanged. The first picture he pulled out was of him and Joey standing next to each other at the amusement park and it seemed very familiar while he could not place when it had happened.

'REMEMBER! REMEMBER! REMEMBER!' A voice practically split his head screaming at him from somewhere deep down.

Flipping to the next picture he saw him and Joey standing very close together and he felt something roll down his cheek as he studied the picture. Beside him Joey was frantic and calling his name while Mokuba and Akira did the same he didn't seem to notice as he flipped to the next picture to see one of him and Joey sharing a passionate kiss. The photos slipped from his hands as silent tears began to fall from his eyes as it clicked. The blonde, Tokyo, love, his locket, the Mutt, and every thing just seemed to fall together. Turning to Joey who was about to shake his shoulder he pulled him close. "I'm so sorry Joey… I'm so sorry." He pulled him closer his tears falling on his shoulder.

"Seto?" Joey asked praying to God for him to be apologizing about what he thought he was. "What are you apologizing for?"

"I forgot." Seto pushed himself just far enough away to look into Joey's eyes. "I forgot you. I'm so sorry Joey." He said tracing his lips as the tears began to pour down the blonde's lips before claiming them with his own pulling the blonde closer.

"It's okay Seto, it wasn't your fault." Joey whispered pushing closer to his love.

Mokuba and Akira looked away as they signaled the driver to pull over. "Are we still going to Kaiba Land?" They asked when they finally separated.

"Yes." Seto said looking over at Joey knowing he had so much to make up for.

"Yeah." Joey croaked out blushing deeply when he remembered they were indeed in the limo. "We have a lot to talk about Seto." The brunette just nodded and smiled softly taking his hand.

It was a few hours later that found them at Kiaba Land off in a secluded place talking over the events that Seto found fuzzy still. It was another few minutes that had him swearing to put Mai in her grave early.

"Seto it won't do any good." Joey smiled just happy to finally know that every thing was okay. "I love you." He kissed his cheek and he found it calmed him instantly.

"I love you too. But I swear if I see her anywhere near you…"

"Seto… Let's go ride that one." Joey smiled pulling him towards it efficiently shutting him up.

A few months later:

"Are you sure you don't mind going with me?" Joey asked from the bathroom he and Seto now shared at Kaiba mansion. They hadn't gone public quite yet but were planning to very soon on their anniversary of six months.

"I'm sure." Seto kissed his forehead from behind before walking out the door. "If you don't hurry I'll be there before you."

Joey laughed following him slowly knowing that any second now Mokuba would jump out and grab his older brother which he did thankfully before they reached the stairs.

"I'm coming with you!" Mokuba cried latching onto Seto.

"Then hurry up I'm sure the reporters have already spotted his painting." Seto smirked back at his lover.

"I'm sure they have already looked at yours too." Joey countered blushing.

When they arrived at the school display of paintings they walked straight to Joey's. It was a painting of Seto working on his laptop with a mug of coffee near him and a Blue Eyes White Dragon emerging behind him. Next to the painting stood the last person any of them ever wanted to see chatting idly with a reporter who didn't have her camera pointed at her yet. With one look at Seto Kaiba she went to fetch her cameraman.

"What do you want Valentine?" Seto hissed stepping in front of Joey as if to shield him from her presence.

"I just…" She started.

"You just nothing. Get lost." Seto stated as Yugi and company arrived rushing over to Joey. Duke was there with Akira, who he was steadily getting along better with.

Mai looked to Joey and the rest and they turned their attention to Seto. "Whatever." She huffed before storming away.

When the reporter returned she smiled sweetly at them and asked how flattered Seto was that this artist did a painting of him. It was then that they went public, plans be damned. Joey wasn't too upset either as Seto kissed him on national TV. Of course his PR people turned it into awesome press for Kaiba Corp.

The END!

Tiny future forecast:

Yugi and Téa were finally married. Duke found someone, Tristan and Serenity were expecting their second child, Joey and Seto were legally married as Seto had pressured the government, and Mai was rotting away miserable somewhere they didn't care to think about.

And as to Akira and Mokuba? They were planning their arranged marriage in bliss. After all it wasn't every day you are arranged to marry your true love.

A/N: SO this is the end. It may seem kinda rushed... I'm okay with that really since I was never good at endings and I find this to be one of my better ones. Well R&R!