CHAPTER 1-The Signal

F.E.A.R. Point man awoke realizing he was still in that Godforsaken and hellish city without an escape. The city was in flames and ruins and the rain began to pour down on the now cold earth he stood on. It had become clear if he wanted out of this city he'd have to find his own way out without help from any extraction teams. He'd lost all radio contact again and all he could hear was static. He turned off the radio trying to conserve what might be left of the battery so that his only lifeline to the outside world wouldn't be completely useless if he regained his signal. The flames began to die down due to the rain and all that could be heard was the cold dark rain and the thunder and lightning that accompanied it. It didn't take long before he could hear the screams and shrill shrieking of the dead following behind him. Alma wasn't gone…this much he could bet his life on!

Deciding to stay would be a foolish and life ending decision the point man began to repel down the side of the broken old hospital. Slowly he went down being sure every step was perfect so as not to crash to the ground. It wasn't long before he reached the half way point. That's when he heard it, that whispering and the dark laughter. Was it inside his head or was she really around. Looking ahead he quickly saw the girl in red with the long hair. Alma was now staring at him through the window he stood at. The world seemed to stand still as she stared seemingly into his soul. She was lifeless and seemed to care for nothing or no one. He wasn't sure what she had planned but he wasn't about to find out he was willing to take his chances of escape as falling the rest of the way if he had to do so to survive.

Quickly he let the line holding him go and went as fast as he could down the side of the hospital but every floor down he saw her standing their until finally he heard the glass windows shattering above him and as he moved to ¾ of the way down he was saw Alma grin. Then the glass shattered in front of him. The Point man whipped out his hand gun and pushed against the wall trying to jump as far out as he could outward. He then shot upward and the rope snapped. It was to late though as quickly he was yanked backwards violently and drug into the darkness. Clawing and grabbing for anything he could the soldier fought to gain grip on something. Deeper and deeper he was drug until he hit the basement level of the hospital and then stopped after being slammed against the wall and thrown down 7 flights of stairs. He soon passed out cold.

Three hours later….

The radio began to go off and on the other end through the static there was someone else! "Is…anyo…ne…out..there? Please help! I'm a member of F.E.A.R. from a team sent in after the last chopper went down. This is a rescue unit. Point man are you out there?" He wasn't sure how his radio was on but he clung to what little hope he had left. "This is F.E.A.R. point man to rescue team where the hell are you? "Great to hear your still alive you son of a bitch! I'm actually the only remaining member left on this team as far as I know. We were air dropped into here and then we got this signal. Figuring it was you we headed towards the signal and that's when it happened. We were ambushed by a still unknown enemy! I watched at least 5 members of my team die under mysterious circmstances. The others are missing. I have no idea in hell what happened to them! The signal was coming from an old abandoned complex 20 miles from the hospital. If your still there then get the hell out of there and head East. It's a straight shot you can't miss this place. It's got to be the biggest God damn building in this city! Head here as quickly as possible and once in I'll leave my signal output you can track me." "Alright, be careful though everyone to enter this city outside of myself has died already. Leaving your signal out there is dangerous so be on guard always!" "Roger that, out!" The radio went silent and F.E.A.R. point man began to head forward.

The darkened corridors of this new basement level of the hospital were lit up only by the flash light from the gun being carried. Looking around all the point man could see was blood dripping from every part of the basement. There was writing on the walls. Not all could be understood however it was clear by the fingernail marks and skin hanging from the wall that it wasn't good. As he stepped forward a screaming began to fill the air and then through the air could be heard the whispers of what sounded like Alma.

"He's here…Judgement is upon you! Slowly he will find you!" The whispering stopped however the Point man continued to be on edge expecting anything and everything from the hell he'd found himself in. Soon enough he saw a door at the end of the hall with a black blood seemingly carved into it. It was a simply the word Judgement. The doors soon opened up revealing a stair case leading upwards. Upon walking up the stair case the point man soon found he was outside again. The rain continued to pour and it seemed as though it never stopped raining. The radio began giving off the signal and it was coming from 20 miles east exactly.

The point man stepped forward and soon his radio went off again only this time it was the member of the rescue team. "We need to give you a codename so that if there are any remaining SFOD-D members they won't know who's talking over these lines should they intercept or pick up this signal. You can call me Grievance and I'll call you Reaper. Any-what the fuck!" The sound of shots being fired rang out and then the radio went to static. "Grievance…are you there Grievance!" Nothing was heard. Reaper walked forward and headed east. The rain poured on the hellish city and the point man now known as Reaper wondered if Grievance was still alive. He had no time to worry about that though all he could do was head towards that building and pray that he'd find someway out this time…someway back to safety. Someway out! Escape was the only option. Any longer and death might finally catch up to Reaper.