Chapter 7- Judgement

The Point man was not sure what Judgement was doing but immediately he raised his sub machine gun and began to fire at the hulking figure. To his shock though after emptying all his bullets in his sub machine gun Judgement had not moved and had merely taken the bullets and continued to stare into his soul unphased by the blood now coming from his bullet ridden spirit. Point man quickly dropped his weapon and pulled out his shotgun ready to unload on his still immobile opponent. Stepping forward he raised his shotgun to Judgements face and went to pull the trigger.

Before he knew it Judgement had already disarmed him and was now picking him up by the throat soon throwing him into the wall. As he went for his 9mm Judgement grabbed the Point man who only got a few bullets into him before his hand was snapped like a twig. Point man screamed in pain as he was picked up and thrown to the ground. He got up and ran for the elevator but was cut off and soon couldn't move. Around him Point man soon felt cold as the screaming souls of the damned soon rose from the ground and stepped towards him. Darkness flooded the hallway and the equipment on Point mans suit was malfunctioning leaving him blind to everything around him. His helmet soon repaired and to his horror all around him were the dead twitching, blood ridden, and craving the life of the living!

Point man then turned to Judgement and was flooded with the images of those friends he had in life and all the most painful moments of his life continued flashing before him. It was in those painful memories he began to realize that this could very well be the end for him. Even if he lived his life would continue to be plagued by that of the dead haunting his memories and his soul, he'd be tortured by his fear of Alma and she would forever haunt his nightmares and memories. Every waking moment he would be tortured by the events of his life ever since joining F.E.A.R. He thought to himself had he knew what he knew now back then would he ever have joined up?

It was now he faced Judgement and he seemed powerless to stop it. All his life had led up to this moment and if he lived would he ever regain his sanity? He hadn't gone insane but in many ways he'd truly lost himself, his mind and thoughts were straight however they were plagued by memories and nightmares. It seemed time that Judgement had come for him just as Alma had told him and it seemed this time he would die. He'd seen Judgement and all that seemed left was his sentencing. His life flashing before him, his hand in severe pain and his body aching, his mind on the brink of complete insanity and a complete breakdown the Point man made a decision.

Regardless of what happened...even after seeing Judgement and all that had happened..he'd decided that he was going to live. He was going to live through his endeavors and he was going to find a way out of the hell he was in alive! Tortured, lost, it didn't matter to him he was going to keep fighting until he had no life left inside him!

The Point man came to and out of the deep lock Judgement had on his mind. Point man realized the whole time Judgement was reading his worst fears trying to take hold of his mind and keep hold over his thoughts till he gave in and gave up. That wasn't going to happen though. Point man felt with his left hand and started his last available grenade capable of killing Judgement or the Ghost Soldiers. He then waited and finally with 3 seconds left threw the grenade at Judgement and ran forward past him onto the elevator. The grenade flew right in front of Judgements face and then BOOM! The grenade exploded blowing Judgements head off sending black blood spewing everywhere while also rippin the rest of Judgements body to shreds. This left a path of blood and body parts everywhere.

Immediately Point man hit the elevator and headed upwards. As he did he stared as the dead began falling down below. Everything grew dark as the elevator went up and he soon saw in the corner of the elevator Alma standing there. The Point man felt his fear welling up inside and soon heard Alma's voice whispering around him and in his mind. "Can you hear that?" Her voice whispered and then the sound of the creaking elevator fell silent and all that the Point man could hear was the beating of his own heart. His radio was soon back online outside of the area. On the other end of the radio all the team coordinator Betters heard was Point Mans heart beat soon followed by tortured screams! The radio then fell to static which was followed by Alma's voice whispering "You will know nothing but suffering!"

Then the radio went...silent.