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It was Friday night. The first Friday night since school had started up again. There was something in the air, other than the smell of the cafeteria food and gym lockers that is. It was the smell of adventure, of fun, of scandal, of something exciting that was going to happen tonight. The first party of the school year was imminent, and all the students could feel it. As the final bell rang, the sound echoed throughout the halls, sending the high school students into a frenzy, rushing to their lockers so not a minute could be wasted.

16-year-old and newly ordained sophomore, Tommy Pickles, was busy rummaging through his locker, trying to figure out the least amount of books he needed to bring home for the weekend. He kept getting distracted by the pictures of him and his friends that were hanging up inside his locker. He hadn't put them there though because boys typically didn't do that. His girl best friend Lil had hung them up the first day of school, insisting that his locker was too boring. Of course, Lil put a picture of her and Tommy in the center, bigger than all the rest, so she would be the first thing he saw whenever he opened his locker. He smiled at the picture. It had been taken at Lil and Phil's surprise 16th birthday party that he and Chuckie threw for them.

He and Lil both had icing from their cupcakes smeared all over their faces and were laughing hysterically. Tommy smiled. That was a good day.

"Hey!" Speak of the devil.

"Hey, Lil," Tommy peered around the edge of his locker door to see Lil DeVille. She was dressed in her cheerleading uniform with her dark, brown hair tied up in blue and red ribbons, in honor of the first football game of the season.

"Are you ready for tonight?" she squealed, bouncing a little in her tennis shoes.

"Oh yeah," Tommy straightened out his football jersey, "Bobby's party is going to be awesome. If only Bobby didn't have to be there,"

"Not the party, doofus, the football game! Although I'm pretty excited about the party, too." She admitted, scratching her cheek.

Tommy took her hand and held it to her side, "Be careful! That's my number you have painted on your face remember! You can't very well represent your quarterback and best friend if you rub it off."

Lil giggled, "Does this mean you'll paint my name on your cheek at cheerleading competition next month?"

"Sorry, but that spot is reserved for Stephanie," Tommy grinned proudly at the mention of his girlfriend of 8 months.

"How are you gonna fit her whole name on your cheek?" Lil teased, throwing a pom pom over her shoulder as she sauntered off to get ready for the game.


17-year-old Chuckie Finster threw his shoulder pads on hastily, wincing from the impact. It was his junior year of high school and he was finally on the starting line up for his football team, unfortunately.

How had this happened to him? How did he, Chuckie Finster, end up playing football? Oh yeah, it was his punishment from Principal Anderson for having alcohol on campus. He claimed that if Chuckie had the time to drink, he had the time to play football. Firstly, it wasn't his alcohol, and secondly, the punishment really didn't make sense. If you're on the football team and get caught with alcohol, they kick you off. Where's the logic in that?

"Chuckie! Come on they're waiting for us!" Tommy tossed a helmet to his best friend.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Chuckie grumbled, stuffing his head full of messy, red hair into helmet. Even though Chuckie had lost his glasses and braces over the years, he still had hair that made him stick out like a sore thumb, which was fitting, because sore thumbs are red, too.

Tommy and Chuckie ran out onto the field, joining the rest of their teammates. The cheerleaders had already pumped up the students and parents who were screaming the names of the boys on the team at random. You couldn't make out exactly what was being said, but the volume was enough to get the team fired up.

"Go T-Man! Go Chuckaroo!" yelled 16 year old Phil DeVille, twin brother of Lil. He was jumping up and down on the bleachers, causing the bench to vibrate, annoying the girl sitting next to him, who happened to be the sister of Chuckie, Kimi Finster.

"Phil, you really should have just played football," Kimi groaned, "you're loud, obnoxious…you're perfect for the job!"

"You realize you're insulting your brother by saying those things about football players right?" Phil asked, running a hand through his spiky, brown hair, making sure it was still nice and pointy.

"If that's the price I must pay for insulting you, I'm okay with it," Kimi smiled proudly, "Now, can we just sit down and watch the game. You got me here without bribery, but I will not act like I'm enjoying it."

"What else would we do? All of our friends are here," Phil pointed out.

"We could hang out somewhere else." Phil was surprised at this. He sat down on the bench next to Kimi.

"But, you never wanna hang out with just me," he replied.

"I'd hang out with Spike before I resorted to going to a football game," Kimi laughed at her clever utilization of Tommy's dog to insult Phil.

"Well, too late, you're already here," Phil winked at her before standing up to cheer again. Kimi brushed her long, black hair in front of her face. Phil was way too embarrassing to be seen with right now.


"You did great out there, Tommy," Lil smiled at him, batting her brown eyes at him as she playfully took a sip from her paper water cup, "I mean, for the 15 seconds you actually played."

"What can I say? My sport is a little bit harder than yours," Tommy shrugged, tapping her cup with his finger so the water trickled down the front of her uniform.


"It's water, you loser," Tommy laughed, watching Lil run her hands frantically all over herself.

"So, where's Stephanie?" Lil raised her eyebrows mischievously.

"She went out of town this weekend, but I assure you, she'll be here for my next star performance."

"Whatever," Lil shoved him, "Hey, can I catch a ride with you and Chuckie to the party? Phil and Kimi left with Susie, like, the second the game ended."

"Of course," Tommy replied, "meet us at my car after you get changed."

"Awesome!" Lil turned around and skipped off, Tommy watching her all the way. He realized he was staring and looked away quickly. But why had he been staring?

"Hey, T, what's up?" a hand slapped Tommy across the back. It belonged to Bobby, the senior quarterback of the team, Tommy's competition, and the biggest jerk in school.

"Just gettin' some water," Tommy replied.

"Cool. You and Chuckster are coming to my party later, right?"

"Yeah, I'll be there," Tommy smiled through the utter detest he felt for Bobby. Sure, he was always nice to Tommy and all his friends, but he was a little too nice to nearly all the girls in school; way too nice for a guy who had a girlfriend. Given, he'd never met his girlfriend because she went to a different school, but Bobby talked about their great sex life at every football practice, in way too much detail to have been made up by a guy with half a brain.

"Great, see ya there!"


Tommy and Lil stepped cautiously into Bobby's giant, three-storied house, currently lacking parental supervision and abundant in barbaric teenagers. It was their first real party, seeing as they had been freshman last year, and never got invited anywhere.

"Come on, guys, parties really aren't that big a deal," Chuckie shoved the two sophomores further into the house. He was usually the timid one of the group, but tonight, his friends were the ones who were entering new territory, and he felt as though he should use his experience to keep them relaxed. He was the kind of guy who would do anything for his friends, even if it meant acting like he actually enjoyed going to wild, drinking parties.

"Hey, Chuckie, isn't that your ex-girlfriend, Brittany?" Lil asked, pointing at a pretty, brown haired girl standing with a group of friends nearby.

"Uh," Chuckie took a step back, "on second though, they're a huge deal, and we should just go."

"Oh, no, Chuckie," Tommy grabbed him by the collar of his blue and white striped, button down shirt, "we are doing this, and didn't you and Brittany break up on good terms?"

"Does anyone break up on good terms?" Chuckie whined.


"Hey, babe," Bobby snuck up on his girlfriend, whisking her up in the air and kissing her neck, "some of my teammates just got here and I want to introduce you to them. One of 'ems really good and the other one is gonna take over for me for quarterback one day."

"Okay, but only for you, baby," her dark, red lips curled up into a smile.

"Great," he grabbed her hand and led her toward Tommy and Chuckie.


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