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St. Mugo's was quiet as it should be at two o'clock in the morning. The night staffs were all fairly aware of the lack of activity and compensated by bringing in books to read and games to play. Molly, the head wizard-nurse watched in amusement as her staff tried to played a muggle games. Grabbing her sweater she walked down the corridor, she had always been a night owl, ever since she was a baby. She had graduated from a prestigious wizard medical school and instantly applied to St. Mugo's night shift where she had been accepted. She had been serving at St. Mugo's for almost 25 years now and still found the job rewarding. Turning her head she could hear the distant laughter of her co-workers still playing the game and smiled to herself as she walked. It was now second nature to tour the hallways alone, to ensure everything was as it should be and as she turned the corner she felt a twinge of discourse run down her spine as a hooded figure walked towards her. "Sir, I'm sorry but visiting hours are over. I will have to ask you to leave." Molly said, feeling the unease grow stronger as she watched the figure not even slow down but reach for its wand instead. Instinct took over as she reached for her wand, and images of her new baby and her husband overlapped in her mind as she heard the killing curse muttered from the stranger and the strange green light fill her sight.

Harry awoke with a start covered in a fine sheen of sweat as he wrestled to get free from the covers. Swinging his legs off the side of the bed he took a deep breath to slow his heart rate and figure out what had woken him. The images were jumbled in his mind, but one stood out clearer than all the rest. A younger woman, with dark eyes and dark hair dressed in a nursing outfit, her eyes widening in horror as she fell backwards to the ground, dead instantly. "They are coming for Severus." Harry whispered to himself, swallowing the lump that had formed. Stuffing his legs through his pants and shoving a shirt over his torso he picked up his wand and ran from the room.

Minerva headed down the hall, her eyes watchful as she strolled the halls. Even Hogwarts, the safest of schools, you must remain alert to your surroundings. Approaching footsteps had the teacher reaching for her wand, then relaxing as Dumbledore came around the bend. His face cheerful, although pale as he stopped in front of her, "How are you Minerva?" He asked, resuming walking down the hall.

Minerva smiled tightly, "Better if you had not decided to spring out from the dark corners Albus." Stashing her wand back inside her cloak and followed the headmaster. After a few steps in silence Minerva turned to the headmaster, "How is Severus, headmaster. I haven't been able to get away and the school is empty of the gossiping sort." She asked.

"My dear Minerva, what makes you think I know his condition; I have been in my office sick for the last several days. I sent a house elf to explain this to you." Albus said gently, searching Minerva's pinched face.

"House elf? But headmaster, you have been with Severus for the last several days and Harry too at St. Mugo's." She explained, stopping to glare at the headmaster, "If this is some sort of joke it isn't funny Albus." A warning in her voice as she spoke.

Albus shook his head, "My dear, I know that you appreciate my sense of humor but in this I am completely truthful. The last battle too more out of me and I had come down with illness. Rather than subject myself to the infirmary I kept to my office." The pausing he frowned, "I haven't been able to check on Severus in several days."

The staff lay strewn where they fell; some of them their eyes opened wide in shock stared blankly at the ceiling. The dark figure was joined by another and then another as they gathered. "Spread out, find the traitor. We are to report back to Lord Voldemort immediately if we locate him." One of the figures explained, "No unnecessary killing…" A curved smile on his face as he knew that wouldn't be the case, "Quickly we don't have a lot of time before we are discovered." Then breaking with the group they disappeared down the hallways in search of the traitor, and anyone they could kill.

"Please you have to believe me. Severus is in great danger the death eaters are already at St. Mugo's searching for him!" Harry announced, trying to get the adults moving.

"But Harry, St. Mugo's is protected from evil. There couldn't be any way that death eaters are able to get inside. I think that you just had a bad nightmare." Mrs. Weasley announced, trying to usher Harry back to bed.

Suddenly the fireplace lit up and Minerva and Dumbledore stepped through the grate. Their faces surprised to see so many people up at the late hour. "Hello Mrs. Weasley."

Harry instantly noticed that Dumbledore's appearance had changed between the last time they had seen each other and drew his wand. "Who are you?"

The cries from the adults were almost instantaneous as they turned to glare at Harry, Mr. Weasley piped up first, "Harry, its professor Dumbledore…He was with you this afternoon? Don't you remember?"

Before Harry could say anything Dumbledore spoke up, "I have to disagree with you Arthur…I haven't seen Harry since the battle." Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise as he shot a "told you so" look to the Weasley's.

"Albus, you brought him to us this afternoon. You asked us to take care of him for while." Arthur protested, glaring at the headmaster.

Albus shook his head, "I'm sorry Arthur but I have been recuperating in my office at Hogwarts."

"See, I told you….Headmaster, Severus is in trouble there are death eaters at the hospital looking for the professor." Harry cut in, looking around at the stunned room.

Opening the door a hooded figure stepping into the room and looked at the bed, Severus lay comatose to the world. A wand appeared from the hooded cloak and the figure stepped forward. "Traitor, so this is where you are hiding." A low voice announced. The patient still hadn't moved his eyes closed to the world as he lay unaware. "You know how easy it would be just to kill you now and spare our Lord the bother of killing such an insignificant worm such as yourself." Raising his wand an unnatural light filled his eyes at the thought of killing the traitor, and for a moment the room held its breath, but just like that the dark figure lowered his wand, "Lord Voldemort wants the honor for himself…I want to hear you beg." Casting a locomotion spell the dark figure ripped off all the wires from the patient and started to move him from the room.

"We have found the traitor…Let us bring him back to Lord Voldemort." The hooded figure announced, walking towards the exit.

Albus, Arthur, Molly and Harry appeared in the empty hallway, their wands at the ready. "It appears that St. Mugo's is abandoned." Albus said out loud, "Let's split up and look around. Harry, if you would follow me we will go check on Severus."