It's two weeks after the swap, and there have been some changes in the Tyler household.

(Rose and the Doctor are sitting together on the couch.)

Rose: "Since the swap, we have tried to stick around home a bit more. We visit my mum about once a month..."

The Doctor: "Something that is a great accomplishment for me..."

(Shot of Jackie welcoming the family.)

(Back to the couch.)

Rose: "I know Mum really appreciates seeing more of her grandchildren, and it's helped her to trust the Doctor more. Bringing the kids back also means that they can see the friends that they've made here on Earth more often."

(Shot of Romana in her room.)

Romana: "Hanging around Earth isn't as hard now Mum's around. She and Dad still make it exciting."

(Shot of David in his room, holding a cricket bat.)

David: "I play cricket for a local club now, which is really fun. Of course, none of the guys believe me when I say I've had lessons from Sir Donald Bradman."

(Back to the Doctor and Rose on the couch.)

Rose: "We do still travel, and we still do get into trouble. I don't think we could live without that completely, especially not the kids. Adventure's in their blood. After all, they're the children of the Oncoming Storm!"

(Shot of Romana and David together.)

Romana: "We went back to school for a bit, but in the end it just got too boring. We still see our friends occasionally."

David: "Turns out my teacher was a Slitheen after all. And Miranda wanted to keep us out of trouble..."

(Back to the Doctor and Rose on the couch.)

The Doctor: "I thought it would be hard to go that little bit more domestic. I thought I'd get sick of it, like I did with Miranda. But I can tell that the kids are happy with their lives, and also just that little bit safer. And knowing that is all I need to be happy with my life."

(Sound of the TARDIS materialising.)

The Doctor: "Oo, we've arrived on the planet Rakuvat, home to the universe's biggest banana plantation!"

And there have been even bigger changes in the Smith household.

(Shot of John and Miranda on the couch)

Miranda: "Before the swap, my home was my universe. But – though I hate to admit it – the Doctor showed me that there is so much more out there. Now, we're much more willing to give new things a go."

John: "Be fair honey, we still haven't visited your parents yet."

Miranda: "Baby steps, John."

(Shot of the family watching one of Michael's soccer games together. All are smiling.)

Miranda: "Bearing in mind my desire to keep things structured, ordered and tidy – and also my love of cleaning – I decided to become a cleaner. People make appointments for me to clean their houses on certain days, and I clean for them. Since I'm a homemaker anyway it doesn't feel too wrong."

(Shot of Miranda cleaning a house.)

Miranda voiceover: "It means that I'm occupied during the day, but since it's on my terms it means I can still be there for the kids in the afternoon."

(Back to John and Miranda)

John: "It also means that I don't need to work as many hours or take my work home with me as much, so I get to spend more time with the kids. Time that – before the swap – I didn't realise I needed."

(Shot of Michael in his room.)

Michael: "My dad and I play soccer in the backyard a lot more now. And if he's not around, I'm allowed to go down to the park to play with my friends."

(Back to John and Miranda)

Miranda: "Socialising is getting much easier now. The children make friends quite easily, which just goes to show what great kids they are and that I obviously haven't raised them that badly."

(Shot of Jennifer in her room)

Jennifer: "I have friends over a lot, which makes me happy because it means I can do other things in the afternoons besides homework and watching TV."

(Back to John and Miranda)

Miranda: "I've also made friends with the other mothers from Michael's soccer. The advantage is that we share common ground in our sons' love of the sport, which enhances the sense of familiarity."

(Shot of Miranda serving drinks to other mothers)

(Back to John and Miranda)

Miranda: "Wife Swap has changed our lives."

John: "For the better."


(Shot of Miranda opening a door to a room in the TARDIS. A pterodactyl is flying around.)


The Doctor (running towards her): "What is it?"

Miranda: "Why do you have a dinosaur on your ship?! Do you have any idea how dangerous that thing is?!"

The Doctor: "I'm babysitting for a friend."

(Shot of Rose sitting in the kitchen in front of a fruit bowl. She mindlessly starts picking the stickers off the apples.)

Rose: "This is what my life has become."

(Shot of the Doctor, Miranda and the kids running into the TARDIS.)

The Doctor: "Press the ultrasonic transistorised field-stabilising activator!"

Miranda: "The what?"

The Doctor: "The blue button!"

(Shot of Rose and the Smiths at the dinner table. Rose throws a bit of food at John and giggles.)

John: "Clean it up."

Rose: "Yes sir."


I would like to thank TARDISgirl192 for the idea of doing deleted scenes, since this is something that happens in the actual show. For those of you who don't watch Torchwood, the team has a pet pterodactyl.

I am so relieved to have finished this. I'm thrilled that you guys have enjoyed it so much - your reviews have kept me motivated to go on 'til the end.

See ya!

P.S. I really need to get better at writing technobabble.