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Summary: Kyouya does something to finally make Haruhi snap. She reveals another side of her that is a secret and even Kyouya doesn't know about. There're some OC's in here but I can't guarantee that Tamaki will come out unscathed…K/H but later...side T/E


It was a fine and beautiful day for the Host Club. It was already 3 months since Tamaki decided to stay instead of disbanding the Host Club and going to France. Ever since that episode Tamaki and Éclair have been regularly contacting each other, Tamaki telling Éclair about the latest news in the Host Club and Éclair informing Tamaki about his mother's condition. He even talks to his mother from time to time and is making plans to go to France to meet her again, but using the excuse of going to meet Éclair to slip away from the eyes of his grandmother.

During the school holidays, Tamaki finally met his mother in France after a long time. They had a happy reunion and Tamaki's mother, Janelle did some matchmaking to make Tamaki and Éclair end up together. But to her surprise and delight, they were already in love and have decided to get married when they turn twenty. Éclair had also decided to move to Japan together with Janelle and study in Ouran Academy until graduation to be with Tamaki. But Janelle will be wearing a disguise so that Tamaki's grandmother will not know anything about Janelle being in Japan. The ones who know about this are the Host Club and Tamaki's father.

Tamaki's grandmother is happy with Tamaki's decision to marry Éclair and allowed him to move into the main mansion, but Tamaki requests to stay in his present mansion. Tamaki's grandmother agrees to his request and gives him the house as his welcome present. Meanwhile, Haruhi disappeared for about a month and nobody, including Kyouya knew where on earth she was. But after a few days into her disappearance Haruhi sent a message to the twins and told them not to worry about her or come looking for her in anyway, for she was attending to some personal business and would be back by the following month.

But the twins being the twins did not heed Haruhi's message and decided to ask Kyouya for Haruhi's whereabouts. Kyouya of course called up Ranka to ask for Haruhi's whereabouts. Ranka told them that Haruhi was currently meeting some of her their relatives. She was also going to deal with some personal business that even he did not know about. Kyouya was surprised that his usual source of information on Haruhi could not give him her whereabouts. He decided to use his family's police force to track her down. But surprisingly, he found that they could not find her, even when they were using the GPS system specially customized to suit the needs of the Ootori family.

Kyouya felt rather frustrated and amused, for not many could escape the eyes of the Ootori family Private Police when targeted. He decided to leave Haruhi for now and chalk up 100,000 yen to Haruhi's debt for making him use the services of the Ootori Private Police. Kaoru and Hikaru were surprised and disappointed that their toy couldn't be located. They decided to just leave her alone and "play" with her even more when she comes back.

Meanwhile, Haruhi was busy dealing with her personal business, like she told them, but her business was actually much more that it seemed to be. She knew that sooner or later someone would come looking for her, and when they can't find her they would go to her father first before going to Kyouya as a last resort. Knowing Kyouya, he would use the Ootori Private Police to track her down. When she found out from her father that they were looking for her she immediately took necessary actions and precautions to prevent them from finding her.

When Kyouya called to ask about Haruhi, Ryoji was actually dressed in business clothes with his hair was short and light brown in color. He was not wearing any make up on his face. He was also seated in a huge room with expensive furniture, office equipment and beautiful interior design to boot. In another corner of the room there stood a huge built in bookcase, but behind the bookcase was a secret room, and on a table in the farthest corner stood a mask that looked just like Ranka's face and a wig that oddly resembled Ranka's hair. In another part of the room there was a small wardrobe with some women's clothing inside. There was also a personal elevator that has excess to every floor and only those whose identities were entered into the security's system or guests of the "in" people themselves are allowed to use the lift.

Hunny and Mori did what they usually did during the holidays. Training, eating sweets and cakes, well at least in Hunny's part anyway, and traveling to some country to have a vacation together with their families. Hunny and Chika trained together and surprisingly Hunny refrained from eating cakes and sweet thing in front of Chika and acting cute like he usually does. Mori and his brother, Satoshi, had a good time training together too, but they also spent a lot of time with their charges.

After three months of holidays, school has finally reopened. Everyone was eager to go back to school but the customers of the Host Club were the most eager ones of all. When the Host Club reopened, all of them immediately flooded into the Host Club with gifts and presents for their favorite hosts and many of them bought new products that were on sale, courtesy of Kyouya. There were also many first years that had shyly went to the Host Club in groups. They were uncomfortable at first but soon became like the other customers before them. The hosts found themselves many new customers but Haruhi and Tamaki had the most.

The twins confronted Haruhi but she refused to give them an answer and skillfully changed the subject, thus leaving the subject unanswered. But she also knew that sooner or later Kyouya too would confront her for an answer. Tamaki, surprisingly matured and stopped calling Haruhi his daughter in public, and was not so prone to public displays of tantrums and emotions but still did so when alone with the Host Club.

Éclair, like earlier stated came to Ouran Academy to continue her studies, but she was not a regular customer at the Host Club. However, she always came to the Third Music Room before and after hosting hours and made friends with Haruhi. She also came to Haruhi's house on regular basis and was very much welcomed by Haruhi and Ryoji. Haruhi and Ryoji found Éclair to be trustable and decided to let her in on their family's secret, which was coincidently the secret that caused Haruhi's one month disappearance. Éclair, like they had expected swore to keep their secret and let no one, including Tamaki know about it.

But little did all of them know, this was just the calm before the storm, and Kyouya was the detonator of all the changes that would be happening in the Host Club, while Haruhi was the bomb that would leave all hosts in shock, but for some, fear and anxiety.

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