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The FirecountryKunoichi

Chapter 3…

Kyouya's POV

Hmm… Since Haruhi walked out of her own customers, I should send a bouquet of their favorite flowers to the girls and just leave the boys alone. Hopefully they will get a hint that Haruhi has no interest in them at all. But lately they seem to be more aggressive; I should look out for her.

Just as Kyouya finished his thoughts, the doors to the room were thrown open. Haruhi and a group of people came into the room. When Kyouya saw Haruhi, his mind stopped functioning and the only thought that ran through his head was "Wow, Haruhi looks beautiful with long hair, and she looks great in that dress. She seems to have filled out more since the last time I saw her in a dress, she looks more feminine now."

Over the year Haruhi had developed more noticeable curves and her facial structure became more feminine than cute. Her eyes had also became noticeably smaller but only accentuated her face, along with high cheekbones and slightly full light pink lips she was truly the epitome of beauty, but her demeanor was still the same as the person that everyone knew, somehow making her seem cute as well.

After Kyouya snapped out of his daze, his attention shifted to the group of people behind Haruhi. "Hmm… I wonder what these people are doing here dressed in a similar fashion as Haruhi. She seems to know them very well, judging from their positions I'd say that they're her protectors. What on earth is going on and how does Haruhi know these people??? They're practically Japanese royalty! The Nakahara family owns the biggest and most successful architecture and building construction business named 'Nakahara Arch & Builds'. The heir is Daichi and he is currently managing the main branch while the twins are interior designers for the company.

The Nakajima family owns the biggest and most successful real estate company named 'Nakajima Real Estate Deals' and Hideaki is the heir. He manages the main branch and Hanako often goes around Japan and sometimes other countries to scout for potential land. They also deal with the Nakahara business and often work together.

As for the Yukimura family, they own the biggest and most successful weapons technology company and also create very high quality security systems. Their company supplies the army with all the necessary equipment but serves and protects the Nakajima family even though they are no longer obliged to do so, just like Mori's family. They also work together with the Nakahara and Nakajima family.

Hmm…as for Akihito Saionji, he is a brilliant lawyer indeed. He is one of the most respected partners of the main law firm of Saionji Corporations. I have heard of his achievements but have never met him personally, after all the Ootori Corporation has its own legal office to handle all matters regarding the law.

The Saionji Corporation is one of the largest and most renowned corporations in all of Japan. They own the most esteemed law firms in Japan and are registered in the list of the world's top list corporations as 3rd place. They also have bases in finance, politics, and just about every single industry in Japan. To top it all off the Saionji Corporations is owned by the immediate Saionji family, which is one of the richest families in Japan, and is one of the Seven Great Families of Japan. Their position in the Seven Families is higher than the Suoh Family; they rank 2nd behind the Royal Family, and are the Royal Family's most trusted ally.

If Akihiro is of the Saionji family, then that means that Haruhi's mother is also a Saionji, which makes Haruhi of noble blood. I wonder which branch of the family is she from, there is no way that a commoner like her will be in a position that is close to the immediate family, which is also the main family. I turned to get a clearer view of Haruhi.

But still, looking at her right now you might actually mistake her to be of noble upbringing. Her posture is perfect and her speech and mannerism can rival even the queen. The dress suits her very well since the scarlet color emphasizes the fairness of her skin and the design of the dress suits her as well, elegant but not too flashy. I wonder where and who did she get the jewels from, the ivory, ebony and rubies used to make her hair accessories alone are one of the finest in the world and the red diamonds are one of the rarest of diamonds in the world.

The pattern of her armbands are carved very beautifully and obviously designed and carved by a very talented person. The flowers and the dragons look as though they were real. Hmm…that monogram on her left arm is very familiar. Where have I seen that monogram? If I recall correctly, that monogram is only given to those who are in the immediate family or are favored by the main family; but that monogram is slightly different than the usual one.

From what I can remember, there're two types of monograms. One is the usual one given to main family members and favored ones while the other is similar to the first one but it has the insignia of the heir to the family in the middle of the monogram; but that monogram is given only to the heir to the family and no one else can acquire it. If anyone is caught trying to steal it or copying it they will immediately face very serious punishments that would most likely include execution, billion dollar lawsuits, being banned from most countries as well as the possibility of lifetime imprisonment.

If the heir's monogram is only meant for the heir then why does Haruhi have it? Since she's starting to explain I guess I'll find my answer soon enough.

Third Music Room

Haruhi's POV

Mother in heaven…it's been 11 years since you passed away of a so called unidentified illness…and after you passed away I was forced to leave the main house because of continuous attempted assassinations, all of which that were thwarted by someone I can't remember, but father told me that it was by a family friend whose son is my childhood best friend. But somehow, I can't remember him at all; the private doctors diagnosed me with amnesia after the incident but they also said that I will regain my memories when the time is right; surprisingly my family and them refused to tell me the identity of my childhood best friend…

Either way it's not the time to dwell in the past, I should focus on the situation at hand instead. I looked around and saw that the double twins engrossed in their conversation, but unfortunately, they had their Cheshire cat grins on their face, which is definitely not a good thing at all, I just hope that I am not going to be involved in their next plot, shudder…The last time I got roped into Hikari and Kamori's I ended up in a shudder poofy, puffy hot pink dress with lots of big ribbons just because I was the "only one" available to model their latest work, titled "Kawaii Haruhi!", and Éclair was with me as well but she did not do anything to stop them, and instead she just sat there and laughed so much till she cried!!! I spent 3 hours in that horrible dress because they placed a lock on it so that I can't remove it…and they took away all the knives and scissors to prevent me from destroying it!!! By the time I got out of it I was sweating bullets and ready to castrate the twins and hang their appendages on a flagpole for the world to see!!! To make things worse Kyouya had taken some pictures and decided to auction them for quite a sum of money!!! I could have killed him for it!!!

I wonder if there's a set up going here that excludes Kyouya and I. Everyone seems to have taken up all the other available seats leaving only one beside him. It doesn't matter now though, for there are more pressing matters at hand.

Before Haruhi could say a word, she and the people who came in together with her, as well as Hunny and Mori tensed up and became quiet. The others, noticing the change in the atmosphere were wondering if there was something wrong. Just as Tamaki opened his mouth to ask what was troubling them, the doors opened and a group of eight arrogant looking boys strutted in as if they owned the place. They looked as if they were trying to outdo each other. A few of them looked like they were trying, unsucessfully, to catwalk like the models you see in fashion shows. They were also wearing horribly flashy and clashingly unfashionable clothes. Topped with their chicken strut they really did look like a ridiculous sight to behold. When they saw Haruhi, they immediately tried to gain her attention. When they tried to touch her, Kyouya's poisonous glare and the three boys' glare immediately sent them backing off to the far end of the room. The gang and the hosts arranged themselves in such a way that there was no more space left for the fools. When everyone was ready, Haruhi started to explain.

"To tell the truth, I am actually the sole heiress of the Saionji's main family. When I was a child, my father and I were sent to live a commoner's life after my mother was killed in an accident. She did not die of an illness like I told you before. My father did work as an okama, but only because it was one of the only ways to lay low. Even so, he was also runing the Saionji Corporation behind the scenes. The reason I am dress like this was because Eclair forced me into it, she wanted my entrance to be stunning. These people you see here are contestants for my hand. There'll be a mini tournament of sorts and I would like all of you to attend as my guests. It will be held at my mansion's area in the Saionji estate. Oh, and I assure you that it'll be extremely worth your time. Are there any questions?" The Hosts who did not know of Haruhi's true identity were obviously shocked beyond believe.

Tamaki jumped to his feet and cried, "My darling daughter, why did you not tell papa about your true identity??!!! You should never be afraid to tell papa your problems, papa will never shun you no matter what happens! So come give papa a hug to ask for forgiveness!" The Hosts and Eclaire, except Kyouya, sweatdropped and thought, "After all this time he still hasn't dropped the father daughter imagery yet. He is such a baka tono."

Haruhi looked at him with a stoneface and said bluntly, "You are not my father, so stop pretending that you are. What more, you're really annoying." At this, the gang burst out laughing again. When the fools started to laugh really obnoxiously, they went quiet and glared at them to shut up. Kyouya suddenly asked, "Why are Hunny and Mori not surprised? They seemed to have expected it."

Haruhi smiled and replied, "They do know about my identity, because I was the one who approached them for help." One of Kyouya's eyebrows rose and he wrote something down on his notebllk that always seems to be with him. "I swear that one day I will pry that notebook away from him and find out what is it that he writes in there!!!" Haruhi thought to herself and clenched her fists. Unknowned to her, Kyouya was looking at her out of the corner of his eyes and said, "Try as you might, Haruhi, you will never be able to get my notebook, at least not without a fight." He finished his sentence with a smirk and Haruhi was fuming away. "How the hell is he able to read my mind??!!! Am I that obvious??!!!" Haruhi screamed silently in her mind. "No you're not. It's just that I know you better than most people do."

Twitch "I swear that one day I will kill him to stop him from reading my mind! It's unerving!!!" "You can try, but I highly doubt that you can even make it past my guards." Kyouya smirked again at the astonished look on Haruhi's face and laughed silently. Everyone else in the room were confused and wondering if there was something that they missed. Only Hunny and Mori smiled softly. They had noticed that Kyouya and Haruhi seem to be together more often lately, that and Haruhi does not really fear Kyouya anymore. They are also more open with each other than with others and their distance with each other is much closer than usual. "Haru-chan and Kyou-chan are so kawaii together, ne Takashi?" When they heard this, Haruhi blushed slightly and Kyouya turned away slightly and adjusted his glasses, causing the light to reflect off it.

Cough "Anyway we're a little behind schedule. So I suggest that any other questions you have be answered on the way to my mansion. So did anyone bring my car?" Haruhi asked. Hikari and Kamori answered, "We brought it! You wanted the black convertible Lambourghini right?" Groan "Daichi! Why in the world did you allow them to drive my car??!!! The last time they drove one of my cars they trashed it and nearly crashed into a wall! This car is my favourite one and it costs a bomb! If I ever find a single scratch on it i swear that I will kill you!" Haruhi's aura was building up and everoone could practically see the colour of it. Daichi was sweating and stammered, "I was in the car with them though, even if I din't drive. Hehehe..." Haruhi shot him a glare that promised extreme pain during their next spar (The Hosts do not know that she can fight, except for Hunny and Mori).

"Anyway, did anyone else bring their cars?" Haruhi asked. "No, we came in our limos. So we'll go to your mansion with it. I will call for another two more so that the boys can be in one car along with Eclair and Tamaki, and another one for the twins. The remaining of our group will go with me but you are gonna have to take Kyouya wih you." Shirai answered for all of them. When they were about to leave, one of the fools suddenly said, "What about us? Surely we are allowed to ride together with Haru-koi (koi means lover)?"

Haruhi turned around to face them and said, "Oh, I forgot about you idiots. I do not have anymore space in my car and there's no way I am letting you idiots ride with my friends. Since you're rich you can just call for your own limos to drive you to the Saionji estate. However, I would be careful if I were you. My family has just ordered the security to be tightened and new security systems be installed. If I am not wrong I also have a laser that is capable of disintergrating you and almost anything into dust should I command it. I suggest that you check in at the main entrance and walk all the way to my mansion if you want to keep yourself in one piece." She smiled and turned to walk out of the door. The others took it as their cue to start leaving. The fools were left spluttering and wailing in shock and despair, but the others paid them no attention.

Ouran High School's Entrance

"Hmm...Looks like you're save this time, Daichi. My car doesn't seem to have a single scratch on it." Daichi sighed in relief. Whistle "Wow, nice car! Is this really yours??? Can we borrow it???" Hikaru and Kaoru asked with mischeivious grins on their faces. "No, as much as I trust you with my life, I do not trust you with my sanity and therefore I do not and will not trust you with my cars. Go get your own." Haruhi deadpanned and told them that the will me in 30 minutes time at her mansion.

Kyouya was staring doubtfully at her and asked, "Isn't it against the law to drive before you're 17?" Haruhi smiled at him and replied, "It is, but when you're the heiress or family friends of the heiress of the Saionji, you get certain exceptions from the law." Kyouya smirked and got into the passenger seat beside Haruhi. After strapping themselves in, Haruhi changed into a completely different person. She revved the car and speeded out of the school gates. At the turning to the gates, she did a drift that would have made even the best racers to go green with envy. The Hosts in the other limos were shocked and surprised at the change in Haruhi. They never thought that someone like her would actually be a speed maniac. She was going at 150 km/h and still speeding up. Kyouya nearly lost his composure and clutched onto his seat as though he would fly out of the car should he let go. Actually, he might actually fly out of the car if it wasn't for his seat belt. The hood of the convertible was down and Haruhi's hair was flying out behind her, making it look as though it was a wave of brown silk.

After a few minutes of speeding, dodging cars and honks from the drivers on the road, Haruhi was forced into the passenger seat and Kyouya took over her place at the driver's seat. He threatened her with bodily harm and a few dozen law suits but she did not care. It was only when he threatened to trash her car only did she agree to change places. Kyouya drove at a more reasonable speed and they started to talk.

"Why did you not tell us about your true identity?" Kyouya was the one who brought up the question that was lingering on the Hosts' minds. Haruhi turned her head away and answered, "I will tell you later when we are with the others. For now, lets just enjoy the ride, even if yu're driving too slowly for my taste. Since when did you know how to drive anyway?"

"I just got my license a few months ago, even if I am not truly 17 yet. Like you said before, people like me sometimes have exceptions from the law."

"Hmm...You do not seem to be the type to drive a car yourself, let alone know how to drive a car. I thought that you had a driver?"

"I do, but even I will feel cooped up if I do not get some time to myself."

With that, Haruhi and Kyouya fell into a companiable silence. It wasn't stiffling like it usually was on most occasions, but was somewhat comforting. After 20 minutes or so, they had finally arrived at the Saionji estate. It took them another 5 minutes or so to arrive at the mansion since it was somewhere deeper inside the estate where the security was much tighter. They had to go through a scanner which automatically identified the car and the people in it. When they finally arrived at the mansion, the others had not arrived there yet, probably because Haruhi was driving so fast that they covered quite a lot of ground in the span of a few minutes.

The estate was very beautiful, with just the right amount of plants and decorations to make it look natural yet not overcrowded. It was also quite shady and clean. Haruhi's mansion was really big and had its personal garden, as well as swimming pool, gym and hot tub in a building and a dojo. The design of the mansion was just the right touch between traditional and modern and the decor was tasteful but not overly-done. There was a warm inviting feel to it and Kyouya felt surprisingly relaxed when he entered the mansion.

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