Title: Elevator Games

Characters: Bayli Jordan (OC) Carmen Taylor (OC) John Cena, Jeff Hardy & CM Punk

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Chapter One

"Hey skittles, hold the elevator!" Carmen yelled out as she rushed towards the elevator with her tag team partner Bayli Jordan following close behind.

"Man..What is it with you and the name skittles?" Jeff shook his head with a smile as he kept the elevator doors open while the two girls stepped through them, seeing John Cena and CM Punk also in there too.

"Aww Jeff don't worry," Carmen looked at him with softer eyes "Just because I always call you names doesn't mean I don't love you" She gave him a small hug, watching the doors close in front of her.

"Aww..So you don't love me?" John pouted playfully at Carmen.

"And why would I love you Mr. 'Let's get the danger sister's drunk and trick them into a game of strip poker'?" Carmen raised her eyebrow slightly, trying not to crack a smile.

"Hey! That was purely for research" John protested. "Besides…You two made me dress up as the tooth fairy and run around the hotel waving a pink wand"

"Only because you lost at the poker game and refused to strip down"

"But I only lost because you two had that game rigged"

"We did not…We had that game won fair and square..You just don't want to admit you lost strip poker to two drunken girls" Bayli butted in, getting her piece into the playful argument that was taking place, while CM Punk and Jeff just stood back watching.

"Fine…" John said feeling defeated, he knew he'd lose in a verbal battle against these two. "But I demand a rematch"

"Sorry John but Skittles didn't pack his tooth fairy costume" Carmen laughed and looked over at Jeff.

"Don't look at me, that wasn't my costume..It was Punks"

Everyone in the elevator looks over at Punk who held his hands up in defence.

"Don't try and pin this one on me man"

Everyone then looked back over at Jeff.

"Alright..Fine it's mine..But it's only for…Research..I swear"

The elevator broke out in laughter but was soon stopped when they all felt the elevator jerk to a sudden halt, everyone braced themselves to the wall, having on to whatever they could and making sure not to fall.

"Bayli what did you do now you crazy bitch?" Carmen screamed out rather loudly.

"What..Why..It wasn't me" Bayli shrugged, looking around innocently at everyone.

Jeff turned around and started pressing all the buttons on the button panel in hope that the elevator would start going again.

"Elevators stuck" he simply stated.

"Geez this one's a fast learner" Punk teased "Here..Give me a go man..I have a degree in elevator-nomics" He laughed at how funny that sounded while everyone else thought how lame it was, he started pressing the buttons like Jeff had already been doing.

"I have a degree in Thuganomics, so beat that Punk" John responded.

"Yeah well I have a degree in ass whooping and unless any of you want to find out first hand just how I got that degree I suggest you get this thing moving again" Bayli playfully threatened.

"Bayli I told you we should have taken the stairs!"

"No you said take the elevator..I was the one that said to take the stairs"

"You did..? Then why didn't we take the stairs?"

"Because you never listen to me Carmen"

"So it's your fault?"

"No, it's your fault!"

"Don't try and turn this around on me sister" Carmen placed her hand to her hip, raising both her brows.

"Hey look..Isn't there like usually a phone or something in here?" John interrupted and walked over to where Jeff and Punk were still pressing away at the buttons, trying to get the elevator going again.

"If there was a phone I think we would have found it b-" Jeff stopped as he saw John trigger a button that opened the case where the phone was neatly hidden away inside. 'Well…I was going to try that next man"

"Course you were" John rolled his eyes and put the phone to his ear, hearing no one on at the other end. "PICK UP THE PHONE DAMMIT!" He starting banging his hand on the elevator wall "WE'RE TO YOUNG TO DIE..DON'T LEAVE US DOWN HERE…" John acted out over dramatically but then tuned his tone down suddenly"Unless you can order us some pizza..I'll have some pepperoni and the girls will probably have some vegetarian shit..Don't worry about Jeff and Punk they can starve"

"Uhh..John…" Jeff pressed a button on the phone that was marked 'Press for elevator assistance' "Try now"

Carmen looked at Bayli, taking a deep breath and holding herself back from breaking into laughter as the two saw John finish with the phone and look back at them with a pale look upon his face.

"We're..Uhh..We're all gonna die.."

"What the..What do you mean we're gonna die John?" Carmen asked.

"They..They said they don't deliver pizza to elevators" John let out a fake sigh.

"WHAT?" Carmen yelled back.

"I know it's crazy isn't it..They must get millions of phone calls a day from people stuck in evev-"

"John! You were meant to tell them we're stuck"

"Oh yeah..Don't worry I did."

"And?" Carmen pressed on for an answer.

"They said it will take 4 hours"

"Four hours..What are we meant to do for four freakin' hours?"

"Carmen there are plenty of things to do in here" Bayli spoke up almost cheerfully.

Carmen sighed looking around at the small confined space and slid her back down the wall, sitting down.

"Yeah like go insane" She mumbled to herself while everyone else took a sitting position around the walls of the elevator aswell.

"I'll say this now..So everyone knows…If we get to the point where we can't take it any longer..And we need food..I say we eat Jeff first" John said looking over in Jeff's direction.

"Hey why me man..What did I ever do to you?"

"You're the only one in here that has a nick name referring to food"

"Well that's not my fault is it?"

"Well yeah it is actually it's your personal choice to color your hair like that"

"But it's not my personal choice to name myself Skittles…It's Carmen's" Jeff said bitterly, glancing over at Carmen.

"Why does everything have to be my fault? I guess it's my fault Santa Clause doesn't exist too?"

"No that's Punks fault" Bayli blurted out.

"Is it like someone's personal mission to get me in on one of those little arguments you four are always having" The straight edge extremist questioned.

"Yes" The four all said in unison as the elevator fell silent only hearing the sound of people breathing and Jeff tapping his fingers on the floor out of boredom, leaving an echo ringing within the four walls.

"Skittles!" Carmen shrieked "No finger tapping and Bayli stop breathing my air!" She continued to complain as the dawn of the silence got to her.

"I'm not breathing your air, John is" Bayli grabbed her empty water bottle from her bag and threw it in Carmen's direction, missing her as it hit the wall just next to her head.

"Don't make me come over there a bitch slap you" Carmen grasped the water bottle in her hand preparing to use it as a weapon if needed.

"Go suck a sock Carmen" Bayli replied.

"Hey," Punk pipped up from his seated position in the corner "I have one of those" He kicked his shoe off to get to his sock and instantly everyone in the elevator acts out they're gagging.

"Dude..What the fuck.." Jeff said, using his T-shirt to cover his nose.

"Guys…I gotta fart" Cena randomly blurts out with an evil grin.

The elevator fills with screams and pleads for him not to do it.

"I'm joking!" John continued "If I was gonna do that I wouldn't tell you guys...That way it would be much funnier"

"Oh great..I don't know if to be pleased or worried now" Jeff said as he moved away from John and over close to Carmen.

"Aww poor ickle Jeffykins feels safe with Carmonz" Bayli teased as she watched Jeff snuggle closely to Carmen acting all scared.

"Pfft you're just jealous because you don't have a scared ickle Jeffykins to snuggle to Jordz"

"Who needs a Jeffykins when you have a Punkykins eh?"

Carmen and Jeff both tried not to laugh while they watched CM Punk send a confusing look in Bayli's direction.

"What?" Bayli shrugged looking around at everyone's eyes on her.

Jeff and Carmen rolled their eyes laughing as they drifted apart from their snuggling embrace and remained sitting next to each other…The elevator once again falling silent while Carmen's eyes wandered freely over the ceiling, trying to find something interesting to stare at.

"CARMEN!" Bayli screamed making everyone jump out of their own separate day dreams "That's my top you're wearing!" Her eyes widened as she looked at the dark haired diva seated across from her.

"What? No it's not I payed for it" Carmen fought back.

"Yeah with my money"

"I borrowed that money and I said I'd pay you back"
"And did you hmm?" Bayli raised an eyebrow at her.

"No but I gave you loads of those chocolate mint things..So we're even"

"No we're not; you stole those from the hotel"

"Oh so now you're calling me a thief?"

"Yes! You stole my top and I want it back right now!"

The three guys in the elevator grin mischievously at each other and all start chanting.


"You're not getting your top back without a fight"

"Fine! I challenge you to a game of strip poker"

"How are we meant to have a game of poker when we don't have a pack of cards?" Carmen smirked knowing she was now safe.

"I have a pack of cards" John spoke up and starting digging into his bag for the cards.

"Oh thanks John" Carmen said with a tone of sarcasm.

"Hey..I don't mind seeing either of you girls getting naked" John threw the pack of cards into the middle of the elevator floor, grinning back and forth at the two girls. "There you go ladies..Let's settle this once and for all..Who's going to get that top?"

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