Chapter Three

"Twister? How exactly are we going to play Twister in an elevator you nut!" Carmen shook her head at the ridiculous idea.

"CARMEN FOR THE LAST TIME I'M A CASHEW! Everyone knows they're much nicer than a usual peanut" Bayli retorted with a clever grin at the end.

"A lot of people are allergic to nuts" CM Punk randomly spoke up as everyone turned to face toward him. "What? They are" He shrugged.

"Alright Punk you're the spinner" Bayli announced as she threw him the spinner board.

"What the? Bayli.." Carmen looked on with wide eyes as she watched Bayli pull out a twister mat from her bag right before her very eyes. "Where..How…Why have you got.."

"Well Carmen..You never know when you're going to need a Twister mat now do you? John, Jeff get off your asses so I can lay this thing out"

"She's like the real life Mary Poppins.." Carmen muttered softly under her breath.

Both Jeff and John stood up and helped lay out the twister mat which covered the whole floor and began to creep up the walls.

"This is the stupidest thing you've ever come up with Bayli." Carmen declared as she stood in the elevator corner, shaking her head while looking down at the white mat covered in multicoloured dots. "I'm not playing"

"Ohh what's the matter Carmen, afraid you're going to lose? Psh, well you know with me in this game I don't blame you" Bayli smartly come back while she began to do some light stretching, preparing herself for the game.

"Lose? Oh please that word doesn't even exist in my vocabulary"

"Umm..Carmen, are you forgetting that game of poker we had which resulted in me winning my top back."

"And then our match after that..You lost that too," Punk jumped in as he looked up from playing with the spinner. "Don't you remember, I didn't hit your head o-, OWW!" Punk bellowed as Carmen brought his words to a stop by punching him in the arm.

"I would not have lost that match if I had a BETTER referee, and as for the poker game…You cheated Bayli!"

"Better referee? Oh so now it's the ref's fault"

"I didn't cheat; you just have trouble admitting I'm better than you Carmen"

"I didn't even want to be the referee, but I gave that my all and I done a fantastic job"

"Yes it's your fault..If it wasn't for you, I'd have won that match. You cheated Bayli and you're not even "good enough" to admit the truth. You done a horrible job Jeff-"

The three continued to argue with each other in the middle of the elevator, everyone pointing fingers at one another until John, probably one of the sensible ones of the group let out a loud whistle, grabbing everyone's attention and even scaring the day lights out of punk as the spinner flipped up into the air from his hands and landed back on the floor, the elevator fell silent again.

"Are we gonna play, or are we gonna ruin the ear drums of an innocent John Cena?" He looked on at them with a questioning look, each of them mumbling their 'okays' to playing, John thought the mood would soon pick up once the game got on its way, Twister was always fun. Boy was he wrong, being trapped in a small elevator with three attractive guys ought to be heaven for any girl, but the problem with The Danger Sisters was that they didn't consider these three men anything but friends, and being trapped in an elevator under any circumstances seemed to play havoc on their moods, especially with each other.

Only 30 minutes into the game an argument was already starting to spark up.

"Carmen get your arm out of my face or I'll bite it" Bayli hissed while she struggled to stay put in her awkward position.

"Get your face out of my arm or I'll smack you one"

"I'll smack you one when we get out of here" Bayli muttered almost silently under her breath while John tried to move his right hand to red, he had to reach right up past Bayli, causing another arm to be directly in her face, his arm hair was beginning to tickle at her nose not making it any easier.

"Boy am I glad I'm not playing" Punk stared at the tangle of human bodies in front of him, everyone was still going strong but it would only be a matter of time before someone wouldn't be able to hack it anymore and be sure to lose their balance. Punk used his finger to flick the spinner; he waited for it to stop before announcing that Carmen had to move her left leg to green.

Carmen looked around, hoping to find a free green spot nearby but just her luck, the nearest one was right over the other side, sure she could stretch that far but it wouldn't be comfortable, since when was Twister comfortable anyway. Carmen slid her leg across to the green dot, grunting with the effort.

"I think my boobs gonna fall out" Carmen bowed her head down to check, after losing her top she was still stuck in only wearing a bra, this couldn't be safe she thought to herself.

"Oh, let me see.." Jeff jokingly tried to steal a glance but almost paid for it by losing his balance, lucky for him he managed to save himself as Punk took another spin of the spinner.

"Jeff, right hand yellow"

Jeff looked around the best he could, with everyone else blocking most of his view, he saw a yellow spot up by Carmen, impossible he thought to himself and kept on looking, hoping for something much more easier, no such luck. He sighed and moved his hand right over to the other side, having to weave in between bodies and body parts but actually making it to his own surprise.

"That better not have been you that copped a feel there Jeff"

"Now would I do that to you Carmen.." Jeff paused for a second thinking over what he had just said before adding on to it. "You know what..Don't answer that"

"Bayli, right leg blue"

Bayli huffed in annoyance, after already surveying the area while everyone else was to have their go she scouted out all the most accessible colors; blue wasn't one of them.

"Yeah...I don't think I can bend that way."

"Says the girl who seems obsessed with Karma Sutra." Carmen was quick to add in.

"Just because I happen to take a liking in the art, it doesn't mean I have a degree in it..Unlike some, not mentioning any names..CARMEN"

"Oh what? So it's a crime now wanting to get the most out of sex?"

The guys just watched the conversation go back and forth, their ears pricked up with interest while they kept quiet in fear they would interrupt it and end it prematurely, sadly for them though it had already come to an end when Bayli had nothing else to bite back with, she picked her right leg up from the red dot it was already on and had to lift it right over Carmen's head, not an easy task to say the least, she began to wobble on her one supporting leg, Bayli tried her best to steady herself but it only took a split second for her to come crashing down, kicking John in the side of the face while she fell against the wall, the kick had stunned John, making him tumble down too, bumping into Jeff on the way down who in turn tripped Carmen's leg out from underneath her. High screams filled throughout the elevator which added to the thuds of falling bodies. Punk couldn't help but be entertained by the outcome, it was inevitable after all. Each of the victims picked themselves up and slid back to the walls for leaning support, all of them mumbling and grumbling, checking to make sure every body part was still in place.

"Man..Twister is dangerous" John announced, rubbing the side of his face while leaning his back against the wall. "Who kicked me?"

Bayli sheepishly raised her hand, pulling her head down into her shoulders. "That..Would have been me...Sorry"

"John dude..Did you have to take me down with you, I had this game won until you come and ruined it for me."

"Won? Oh please Jeff you know I had it owned." Carmen had by now shook herself out of the dazed state, realising what had happened, she must have bumped her head on the way down, it took a minute or so for the stars to disappear.

"Really..And what makes you so certain of that O confident partner of mind?" Bayli shot her eyes across to the other side of the elevator where Carmen was the only one seated on that wall, besides Punk who was tucked away in the corner, keeping rather quiet and to himself.

"Well you sure weren't going to win since it was you that had us all fall to our death."

"Oh, stop being so dramatic..You can't die from Twister" Bayli rolled her eyes in reply and darted them over to Punk who had his knees tucked up into his chest with the spinner board resting on top of them, until now no one had noticed him sitting there, watching their every move, listening to their every word, kind of freakishly to be honest, with everyone's eyes now turned to him he slid his feet out across the floor, letting them lye straight out in front of him now and with a big cheesy like grin on his face, still not saying a word.

"What are you smiling about Punk?" Bayli asked with a frown in her eyes, her head slanted a little to the side in ponder.

"Nuthin'" He simply said, the wide grin still not ceasing.

"Do you think he's plotting to kill us?" Jeff leaned into John and whispered into his ear.

As Jeff moved back a little, John leaned back into him, whispering in reply. "No way man..Drugs and Alcohol make you kill people; Phil's as straight as they come."

Jeff felt relieved that was for sure, he nodded his head slowly then was suddenly hit with another curious thought; he moved back over to John and whispered again.

"Do you think that refers to sexual orientation too?"

Without even having the chance to process the question, John saw something flying in their direction from the corner of his eye, he quickly ducked out of instinct, the object ended up hitting Jeff instead which had been who it was aimed at, a loud groan was heard and his hand shot up to the bridge of his nose where it hit.

"It's an elevator..Whisper or not..I can still hear." Punk had spoken his say while Jeff turned to look behind him, seeing the Twister spinner board laying there.

"Ow man..Come on dude..That's not right." He continued to press at his nose, ensuring it wasn't bleeding while Bayli pushed on with an answer.

"Well?..." Was all she had to say before the grin had taken its rightful spot back on Punks face.

"Well..." He started, leaving everyone wondering where he would be heading to next. "My girl Carmen here won."

"What? No, you saw that..We all fell remember..INCLUDING little miss loser over there." Bayli's finger extended over to Carmen while she tried to fight for justice, although her insults to her Tag Team Partner could often be a little on the harsh side, neither took to heart over what was said, in reality they were still best of friends.

"Yes I saw...But the order in which you all fell left Carmen tumbling last, thus I declare your winner and new twister champion, Carmen."

Carmen looked across at Punk, seeing by his impression he was being serious and not joking, her mouth was held open in shock and she looked around at everyone else, Bayli sunk back into the wall and crossed her arms over her chest, John looked as though he could cry while Jeff stayed checking on his nose. In the heat of excitement Carmen jumped up from the floor and began to do a little victory dance number declaring her win even louder as if no one had heard about it yet.

"I won, I won, I won..In your face, ohhhh yeahhh...Who won you ask..Oh I did..." Her proud grin could be noticed from ear to ear while her goofy dance routine continued for a little longer until Bayli interrupted her.

"Yeah yeah, soak it up while you can because next game you're losing you hear?"

Carmen crossed her arms over her chest, she was still topless beside the bra but that didn't bother her anymore, a cocky grin still remained across her face, she was on a winners high right now, nothing could bring her down just yet, not this soon.

"And what's next on your activity list Miss Jordan?" She questioned.

Bayli sat up a little, the sly looking smirk on her face gave away her much better mood already and she sat forward to look around, she wanted to make sure she had everyone's attention before sharing what their next game would be.

"Celebrity Heads"

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