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Chapter 1: In which a father discovers his child.

The director of Akatoki was not by nature a very public or outgoing man. He could be social when the situation required and he possessed a captivating manner and uncommon charisma. What was outstanding about him however was his intellect and talent for administration that had allowed him to rise through the ranks of Akatoki and become Akatoki's most successful director. Nothing however, could have prepared him for his current dilemma

He ran a hand through his short black hair and tucked his longer than average bangs. behind his ear (A deliberate contrast to that manipulative ass Takeda) and sighed as he plopped down on his cream leather couch, not caring if he rumpled his (which he thought was outrageously expensive) Armani suit.

It was also not in his nature to continuously mull over a problem without doing something about it. Much less to become nervous about it. At least it wasn't until he had seen that name on the cast list of Fuwa's new music video.

Mogami Kyoko.

Strange that he would run into her here, much less be afraid of her since she would not remember him, would not recognise him. And with another sigh Mogami Natsume fell asleep.

And Mogami Natsume dreamed.

He saw Saena, 15 again, she was smiling at him, something she rarely did and he felt his heart tighten as he admired her sitting on the cool green grass beside him on his birthday.

"Saena-chan, i like you"

Then she grew older and she was smiling more, but it was a forced, insincere smile and the look in her eyes as she looked at him was the satisfied look of a predator who had just caught it's prey, he didn't notice, he was ecstatic. Saena had just agreed to marry him.

"i love you"

Then he was standing at the alter and she was gliding down to meet him like an angel while his mother looked on in disapproval. He didn't notice, he was too absorbed, absorbed in her.

"I need you"

Married for 2 months, she was rude to his mother and he noticed. She ran over the gardener's dog, a faithful companion of 10 years and just walked away, and he noticed. He noticed how much of his money she squirreled away in her own, private accounts, how much she abused the staff and how much she didn't seem to love him. He noticed her lovers and how little she shared his bed.

He applied for a divorce and before he even told her she stopped him with two words.

"I'm pregnant."

He had a paternity test done in secret, it was his child and his joy was enough to stop him from noticing. Until she asked for a divorce. He couldn't believe it. Then he realised she had done it, squirreled away all the money she could from their shared account. Along with the divorce settlement she thought it would be enough to break him. His analytical mind took over. She had all this time been using him. She never cared. It was a smart move for her really, this divorce, she would keep the child, the cash and rid herself of a seemingly unsuccessful and useless husband. She didn't know he had just accepted a director's position at Akatoki or that he had most of his money in a Swiss vault where she couldn't reach it. He accepted the divorce but he wanted to keep the child. She didn't resist, a child would only hinder her.

5 months later. The doctor, a friend of Saena's announced that Mogami Kyoko was still born. He wept, while Saena looked on unmoved at the child's funeral. He had not even seen his daughter. Sakura left him not two days after, he was relieved. He couldn't stand the sight of her.

He woke up. Natsume stared groggily around his living room as he remembered his dream. Mogami Kyoko, he wondered, who are you?

Chapter 2:

Damn it. I hate this. All of them want 'Mio'. I can't tell them, tell them that I hated the role. Kyoko stiffened her resolve as she imagined the anguished cries of Director Ogata. No, she couldn't say anything but ... she didn't to play 'Mio' again either. As Kyoko sat on her stool in a daze, a harassed looking LME staff member rushed up to her.

"mogami-san?" he asked questioningly.

Kyoko nodded the affirmative.

"thank goodness!" the man let out a relieved sigh and sat down on another nearby stool, plainly exhausted. Kyoko was about to help the man when he announced in a slightly panting tone. "Mogami-san, there is a phone call for you at the main office. Please go and take it, the caller said it was urgent" kyoko hesitated, unsure of wether to leave him.

When he saw she had yet to leave he said, slowly catching his breath "Go now! Please! He's been on the phone for the last half hour yelling for you!"

Kyoko ran.

Natsumi Mogami liked to think he was a patient man. In fact, 9 times out of ten, he was a very patient man. However if there was one thing he could not stand it was dithering administration staff, LME's dithering administration staff. He sometimes wondered how Lory Takeda could stand it. He crushed that thought, Lory Takeda probably hired them because of it.

He heard the phone be transferred to a new recipient. Damn the administration, damn them all.


the voice was young and female. 'please god, save me from trainees!' "look here! I want to talk to Mogami Kyoko immediately, now-"

"this is Mogami Kyoko".

Oh. Damn. That was a great first impression. Alright...courage man! "hello" Natsumi paused, how should he introduce himself? 'i am your father!' sounded like a line from that american Sci-fi movie his secretary had became obsessed with last year...besides it was way to cliche. Perhaps he should ask her to meet, that sounded way too stalkerish.

"um, excuse me? Is this some kind of prank call? If it is I'm just going to hang up-"

"no! I'm sorry a...problem just came up" yes my inability to plan what to say to my daughter.

"that's fine" Kyoko replied. For the last three minutes she had sat beside a silent phone, so it really wasn't fine. But she had learned from her time working at the inn to excercise patience in trying situations. Learned a the inn...shoutaro...'shudder'.

"please could you tell me if you are Kyoko Mogami, daughter of Sakura Mogami?"

My mother? Does he know her? Has she...could she have sent him to find me? Her mother had never cared about her in the 6 months since she ran away. Why should she care now? But..."yes i am the daughter of Sakura Mogami."

Proof. Conclusive proof. "miss Mogami, were you aware that your mother had kept her married name despite being divorced by your father 16 years ago"

"divorce? My father died!"

"were you also aware that your father was the heir to a significant fortune, most of which your mother beleived she claimed in the dvorce settlement?"


It was as he feared. "miss mogami, your father has expressed a desire to meet with you. He was told you were born stillborn and discovered you were alive in the drama you played in."

"to meet with me?" kyoko's heart and mind were racing as she realized her mother's true betrayal of her. But her father? He was an unknown. But he might actually care about her if he wanted to meet her...she decided. "where would my father like us to meet."

She wanted to meet this man.

Chapter 3: desperate for love

Kyoko sighed as she lay on the futon and brushed her gold-brown hair from her eyes. Out wardly she appeared relaxed, tired but relaxed, no one, not even those who had studied her sometimes obcure mannerisms, some out of amazement(moko), hopes of possible emulation(maria), searching for gossip(Yashiro) or storing for future manipulation( rory), could tell that her mind was exhausted after hours of emotional turmoil brought about by a single phonecall she had received just 3 hours earlier.

Her father. What was he like? Perhaps he was cold or cruel. Or what if he was a snob? He was rich wasn't he? What would he think of her? Her, Kyoko who had run away from home to follow a man who was only using her, her Kyoko, who wasn't beautiful, or popular, a poor wannabe actress who only had her determination to save her.

What would he think of her, Kyoko, a girl who had forgotten how to love?

That was if it was true, what if it was all a joke. A ploy to play on the heart strings of a girl who had no father, but desperatly wanted one, so desperate she'd forced her self on her most respected teacher, Hizuri-sama? Kyoko knew she had behaved shamefully, Hizuri-sama probably didn't want a daughter, afterall wasn't he looking for a son? His son...Kuon. Kyoko thanked kami that Hizuri-sama was kind enough to put up with her and...and even act like a father to her! But she supposed it came naturally to Hizuri-sama who was such a fatherly person, after all he was like the father of all the world -such a person would be able to such a thing very easily, right?

But, he wasn't her father. Kyoko supposed she must be a very greedy person. She was jealous of Kuon for having such a great dad who had treated her like a son! But...she wanted her own father, someone who was hers and couldn't be taken away or forget about her. At that moment Kyoko made up her mind.

She was going to the meeting tomorrow. No matter what. Even if it was false she would stand there waiting, she'd wait until there was no time left, even if no-one came for her, even if she came home empty and hollow and wasn't able to reach corn and the privacy of her room before she cried. She decided she was going to risk everthing, he was going to hold out her shattered heart for inspection and if it got rejected...

If it got rejected she would piece it together once more.

Natsumi sighed as he reclined on his couch, watching Dark Moon, over and over, focusing on one face, a face that drew him like a spotlight on a dark night, the face of hi daughter...Kyoko. He gazed upon her, she was brilliant, a born actress, she could be great-if proper care was taken to teach her. It was an inscrutable performance, she played Mio with perfection and flare, she was equal to, if not exeeding the lead actress.

A true performer.

Perhaps it was hereditary, Saena was quite the actress herself, she had certainly fooled him. If so, what else had she inherited? If she was just like her mother...Natsumi didn't finish that thought. He could only hope, desperatly hope it was only an act and that some part of him was inside of her, desperatly hoped that she wouldn't hate him. His heart had already broken once, he wanted to be sure it wouldn't again. Then he snorted in laughter, did he even have that choice? He would go in that restaurant tomorrow with his heart on a golden platter and he would offer it to her without hesitation. If she crushed it beneath her heel he'd retreive it.

He was too desperate to care, he couldn't miss this chance.

Natsumi Mogami sat stiffly at a small table in a corner of the restaurant, he had been led here when he had introduced himself at the counter, as Kyoko had instructed and told that 'Kyoko-chan' would be here at 4:00 before she started her shift. Obviously his daughter worked here, why? Was it for pocket money? Surely Saena would support her with enough so that she would never need to work for pocket money, perhaps it was a discipline thing? No, he could not picture that of Saena, he could see her as a perfectionist in regards to their daughter's behaviour and schooling, but to working a part-time job? No way in hell. So... why?

His spies and informants had proved singularily unreliable, getting information on Kyoko was almost as hard as getting info on Tsuruga Ren, nigh impossible. Had it not been for his secretaries remark on how her cousin had 'discovered' the new 'Mio', a girl named Kyoko Mogami, but it wasn't until he caught a glimpse of 'Mio' that he realised with startling certainty that she was the image of a 15 year old Saena.

He had been in his office, on his way to lunch as his secretary started to watch a tape and Saena's face appeared on the screen. His store-bought bento clattered to the floor as he stared slack-jawed at the screen, ignoring the surprised cry of his secretary. Saena? Too young. Perhaps it was an old tape? But Saena hadn't done any acting as far as he knew. Why would she keep it a secret? Dazed and confused he crouched down to help his secretary clean the mess before it stained the carpet. As she moved away muttering about, clumsy, no good employers he caught her arm and asked what she had been watching. A little surprised she answered his question. "it's the new version of Tskukomi, 'Dark Moon'. It came out just yesterday, Ren Tsuruga's in it." The new Dark Moon? Impossible! Saena wasn't that young. So how? He noticed his secretary was still babbling on, a slight fluh to her cheeks. He wondered if she had a fever, then one sentence irrevocably caught his attention. "my cousin discovered her, you know. That new 'Mio', she's very good, but she's very scary apparently. I think she's only 16. she has the same last name as you, too. Kyoko, her last name is Mogami too, from Kyoto".

'"she's only 16" "Mogami kyoko from Kyoto" saena lived in Kyoto and 16 would be the age of their daughter if she had lived. Natsumi forgot about lunch.

He had a few calls to make.

Kyoko panicked as she noticed the time shown on the clock in the front of LME building, 15 minutes! There was only 15 minutes to bike ride to the Daryumai, on the other side of Tokyo in order to make it to the meeting.

Gathering her determination and will power, kyoko mounted her bicycle and unleashed her demons.

civilians fell to the ground, shivering uncontrollably as a dark aura passed them.

A shinto preist almost had a heart attack as he sensed the dark aura approaching and quickly gathered his store of ofuda to bravely confront the 'demon', only to be caught in an envoloping dust cloud, 'it must be' the preist decided, 'a remanent of the 'demon's passing' he decided, hurrying inside incase the 'demon' turned around'.

Takenori Sawara sat in his office as he felt a chill from the west part of tokyo, not just a chill, 'The' Chill -all caps intentional. Unable to help himself, his head turned to face the west and thought 'dear kami, help whichever poor bastard that has to deal with her this time'. In eastern Okinawa, an short, grey-haired, elderly woman stood with a proud bearing facing the direction of Tokyo, wonderment on her face. 'Impossible. This power... who is it that possesses such power?'

Natsumi, sipped his coffee and suddenly froze, there was a presense in the room. It wasn't ... terrifying, it was simply...powerful, beyond any human right to have such a captivating presense. Almost involuntarily he looked up to the door, his eyes locked with the owner of that powerful presense.

His daughter.

Mogami Kyoko.

She had gold-brown hair, cut short. It looked as if it was recently bleached. Her build was short and delicate, but somehow she seemed incredibly strong. But most incredible was her feirce brown eyes, eyes that shined with a power only he recognised. His eyes, his mothers eyes, now possessed by his daughter. He felt no doubt now, he would have recognised her anywhere, his little girl, his beautiful daughter, so powerful she took his breath away as she moved across the restaurant as if in a trance.


Kyoko had entered the restaurant in a state of dissaray as she rushed in from the outside, pulling her bicycle helmet off. Then she felt it.

A bright blue aura from the far corner that seemed as if it was reaching out to her, frantically searching for her. She turned to the source and saw a black haired man sitting in the corner, his hair so very black, seeming to absorb all light from around around it and some how impossibly project it's own raidience, like hers though she had never considered her hair to be like that(though others had). Wait a minute! He was sitting in that seat! How dare he! How could she meet her father if he couldn't find a seat (the restaurant was packed, not unusual at this time of day).

Then as if he could sense her stare he looked up and right at her. A look of surprise on his face that changed quickly to shock and then into a speechless stare of bewildered joy and...hope? Slowly as if possessed she slowly began to walk towards him.


She was half-way across to his seat when she noticed his eyes. Brown, just like hers and just like hers they spoke of a power no one really understood...her power, in his eyes. Her eyes widened and she stared at the man in speechless scrutiny, 'Could he be?'.

Natsumi made to to stand.

Her steps quickened.

Step, step, step,step, step, step.

He walked away from his table.

Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step! Step!

Towards her as she ran towards him.

When had she began running? Kyoko stopped just infront of the man, close enough to look at him and truly see.

Natsumi gazed upon her in wonder, those were his eyes and his nose! (though more feminine as befitted a young woman).

Those were her ears, though slightly larger and her chin!

Wordlessly their hands reached out to touch the other's face, the same face on two different people of different age and gender.

Natsumi smiled down at her, a smile he hadn't smiled in 16 years and as he led her to the booth in the corner, began to speak. "kyoko, my name is Mogami Natsumi and I am your father". Briefly he marveled at this long forgotten smile, 'how long? How long has it been since I have felt such happiness?'

Lory Takeda was annoyed. An occurrence that had lately been occurring with surprising regularity. Why was he annoyed? Because the young director of the Akatoki agency had the nerve to stroll into his building and abduct one of his employees. That, at least was the story spun by his admin department. Apparently Natsumi had walked in, grabbed a girl over his shoulder and escaped before anyone could do anything about it.

Another source of irritation, what the hell was the guy's last name anyway? Lory seriously doubted that it was because he was actually royalty as the tabloids rumoured, though he was obviously of good family. How good? Not for the first time Lory wondered just who Akatoki's young director really was. After all he was a very mysterious figure after all. He was almost never seen in public, yet everyone knew his name, his given name at least. Instead of resentment this would usually have caused in the media he had instead made himself an icon, who was just as famous and sought after as his stars. An enigma.

Lory then remembered exactly which girl Natsumi had 'stolen away'. A young lady perhaps? Was he having a tryst with one of LME's staff or stars...?

Lory totally disregarded that thought as his secretary told him who Natsumi kidnapped.

"what do you mean he took Miss Mogami?!'

Kyoko Mogami liked to think she was used to eccentric and abnormal behaviour. After all, she had realized in one of her more bored and rational moments that she was somewhat eccentric (insane) herself. But despite this inner wisdom, Kyoko was thoroughly unimpressed when her father had rushed into LME, chucked her over his shoulder and ran off.

Kyoko Mogami also liked to think she was a mentally and physically strong person. Able to face any demon(namely Shoutaro), overcome any mountain(the film industry ladder to success) and topple any giant(Tsuruga-sempai).

She also liked to think this was an attitude inherited from her father(otou-san).

This is why she was wholly unprepared when her father after depositing her in his limo, began to literally 'shake in his boots'.

They had met many times since that day when her father had called her on the phone. In that time, both of them had bonded considerably and Kyoko and Natsumi were ecstatic that they had formed such a relationship, a connection neither of them had bothered to identify.

Natsume loved his daughter for her wit and good humour (and her dramatic mood swings), while Kyoko was highly amused to see that the mysterious director of LME was in fact very much like herself. Kyoko realised it was love, the love between parent and child that could have saved her that day when Shoutaro had brutally ripped out her heart and broken it.

They had come to an understanding about that. As director, Natsumi couldn't fire Sho on a personal matter, despite how much he'd like to, as Sho was simply making too much money for the agency. Kyoko agreed, she wanted to take down Shoutaro. He was her problem her ...prey, for lack of a more polite term.

The sole issue on which they did not agree(or playfully bicker over) was her fathers dislike of LME and LME's director, Lory Takeda.

Kyoko knew that Takeda had been exceedingly good to her and could not reconcile her image of him to her father's.

Everyone knew Takeda was manipulative, sneaky and difficult to handle but her father seemed to resent it especially, she had once asked him why; "his utter ridiculousness annoys me".

Kyoko guessed(correctly) that her father had been a little swept up in the LME's director's pace and was annoyed at losing (even slightly) to his rival.

Kyoko decided she didnt give a damn about their rivalry.

Her father's attitude was compounded by her refusal to transfer into Akatoki, she had decided to stay with LME for her original reasons and because of her loyal attitude to the staff there.

It had absolutly nothing to do with a certain dark-haired sempai, nothing at all.

Her father was still shaking and for a moment Kyoko beleived he had been attacked, as he curled up into a ball shaking like a frightened animal.

"Outo-san?" no response.

"father" still no response.

Kyoko lost her patience.

"What the HELL IS GOING ON?!!!" she screamed, nearly deafening her father's driver in the front seat of the limo.

Natsumi looked up with a look of dread. 'SHE's coming"

Kyoko barely restrained her irritation. "who.." she said slowly, " 'she'"

Under the irritated gaze of his daughter Natsumi slowly stretched out into a normal seated position and recovered his cool. "'She' Natsumi started is a very important and terrifying person", "'She' is your grandmother".

"She wants to meet you."