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chapter the fifth: In which our story recconnects to the world

last chapter:

Kyoko grew serious for a moment, obviously debating something then Natsumi saw an amazing thing happen. Kyoko's demon's came out.

Mini kyoko-demons suddenly populated the air around them. Natsumi suddenly felt the slightest hint of pressure and kyoko hadn't even unleashed her aura... the demons appeared to be arguing with her, gesturing to him wildly with sadistic grins. He froze.

'she knows how to unleash the demons?! That takes time and training, how the hell did she manage it? That's ...that's impossible! How can she control them?! At 17?!'.

Natsumi was further surprised at the sudden appearance of a few kyoko-angels, and saw that kyoko listened to them more. Suddenly kyoko snapped her head up to look at him, her spirits retreating. "Father, forgive me but Shotaru is...my prey". Natsumi sat there dazed, unseeing due to the immense shock and rapidity of his thoughts.

Then he, quite unceremoniously toppled off his seat onto the floor.

"Father?!!" kyoko rushed to his side, terrified for a moment, then relaxed as she diagnosed his condition.

Natsumi had fainted.

(Mwahahahahahaha! No one saw that coming now did you! *Author cackles dementedly*)

Tsuruga Ren. Japan's top actor. Tall. Good-looking (he refused to admit any notion of pretty)

Tsuruga Ren, formerly known as Kuon Hizuri. Son of Julie and Kuu Hizuri.

Tsuruga Ren. Babysitter.

Or at least he felt like one.

Yet again lory was using him to do his dirty work, rehabilitating the problem children of LME.

"Good morning Ren-kun, won't you help me with my lines?" Nami Kano. A rare natural blonde bombshell and according to Lory's information not afraid to use it to get what she wanted from LME's more minor directors. "There's sooo many and I reallly want to be sure I can remember them" Oh I'm sure you are. Normally such a situation would resolve itself without comment, however it seemed young Miss Kano (She was 17, kyoko's age) was neither very smart or very careful, sleeping with both her director's, producers, co-workers and even the crew, usually at the same time (god he loved kyoko's traditional outlook, the girl would probably blush at even a mention of sex, let alone this kind of promiscuity) threatening them with revealing it to get what she wanted.

Lory had become aware of it when a brawl between a director and crewman had occurred. Upon visiting the set he rapidly discovered the bloody battle ground it had become for the males and the stress it became on the females. Both the director and crewman were suspended indefinitly, but the situation with Miss Kano required infinitely more 'delicacy' as Lory termed it. Which is why Ren, as the only male continuosly present amongst an all-female crew, director and cast was sitting here sufferring through the annoying flirtations of an air-headed moron who had yet to realize something was up and her usual games weren't going to work.

God he missed Kyoko. She had only been in showbiz for a few months but even at the start she had more talent and professionnalism in her little finger than this woman contained in her entire body. Her work with Rumiko and Rumiko's sudden enthusiasm for learning to act had been something of a minor miracle. So much so that Lory had even used her on little Maria and she had resolved the president's family issues, as he had found out from Maria's enthusiastic description of her 'big-sis'. Which brought him to another dilemma. Kyoko had met his father. His father who told her to act out the part of his son Kuon. She was surprisingly successful, but how much of that had been intuition? Could she have connected the Corn from her memories with Hizuri Kuon? If so then she would no longer see Corn as a fairytale, but as mortal being with a past. And a future. How long before she found out her 'fairy prince' was a delinquent? How long before the image she treasured shattered like her 'prince' image of Fuwa? Because Sho wouldn't be the one he hated. No, it would be Ren and while he would stop himself from crossing that particular line he couldn't lose her completely.

Ren was so caught up in his musings he neglected to pay attention to the blonde that had previously been trying to engage him in a dangerous flirtation. 'had' being the opertative word. In response to his inattention the blonde was now attempting to drape herself over his frame. No thank you.

Ren had a captive audience as he swiftly moved out of the way, causing the actress to fall ungracefully of the chair, to much snickering. "hey!" Ren gave her an icy glare. "Miss, please tell us when you are ready to act. As ...pleasant (?) as your ...conversation was, we do have a job to do".

Ren made it seem as if he was stuggling for the least offensive words he could find. From the blank look on the actresses' face, she wasn't going to give up quietly. Ren was momentarily distracted by Yashiro's panicked arm waving as he gestured for ren to come over, phone in hand. Ren was about to ignore him until he realised with dread that Yashiro was holding his phone. Eager to avoid another destroyed cell phone curtesy of his technology-repellant manager, Ren hurried over, also somewhat grateful for the excuse to get away from the annoying blonde.

Lory Takeda was annoyed. An occurrence that had lately been occurring with surprising regularity. Why was he annoyed? Because the young director of the Akatoki agency had the nerve to stroll into his building and abduct one of his employees. That, at least was the story spun by his admin department. Apparently Natsumi had walked in, grabbed a girl over his shoulder and escaped before anyone could do anything about it.

Another source of irritation, what the hell was the guy's last name anyway? Lory seriously doubted that it was because he was actually royalty as the tabloids rumoured, though he was obviously of good family. How good? Not for the first time Lory wondered just who Akatoki's young director really was. After all he was a very mysterious figure after all. He was almost never seen in public, yet everyone knew his name, his given name at least. Instead of resentment this would usually have caused in the media he had instead made himself an icon, who was just as famous and sought after as his stars. An enigma.

Lory then remembered exactly which girl Natsumi had 'stolen away'. A young lady perhaps? Was he having a tryst with one of LME's staff or stars...?

Lory totally disregarded that thought as his secretary told him who Natsumi kidnapped.

"what do you mean he took Miss Mogami?!'

Nami Kano was confused when she realised her attempts at seduction weren't working. Contrary to her behaviour, she wasn't stupid. The gorgeous actor should have at least been responding by now. When he acted so coldly she had thought maybe he was just an icicle in denial. She could handle that type. But when he willingly seperated and hurried over to his manager(who was kind of cute, now she was paying attention), she wondered if tsuruga might be gay. If so, it was obviously one sided from the manager's body language. It would explain why Tsuruga hadn't been in any relationships so far (as far as she knew) and his prescence on the all-female set.

Besides the idea was kind of hot.

Nami's thoughts continued to debate her discovery until tsuruga's shocked explaination resounded through the set.

"What do you mean, kidnapped?!!!"

Kyoko Mogami liked to think she was used to eccentric and abnormal behaviour. After all, she had realized in one of her more bored and rational moments that she was somewhat eccentric (insane) herself. But despite this inner wisdom, Kyoko was thoroughly unimpressed when her father had rushed into LME, chucked her over his shoulder and ran off.

Kyoko Mogami also liked to think she was a mentally and physically strong person. Able to face any demon(namely Shoutaro), overcome any mountain(the film industry ladder to success) and topple any giant(Tsuruga-sempai).

She also liked to think this was an attitude inherited from her father(otou-san).

This is why she was wholly unprepared when her father after depositing her in his limo, began to literally 'shake in his boots'.

They had met many times since that day when her father had called her on the phone. In that time, both of them had bonded considerably and Kyoko and Natsumi were ecstatic that they had formed such a relationship, a connection neither of them had bothered to identify.

Natsume loved his daughter for her wit and good humour (and her dramatic mood swings), while Kyoko was highly amused to see that the mysterious director of LME was in fact very much like herself. Kyoko realised it was love, the love between parent and child that could have saved her that day when Shoutaro had brutally ripped out her heart and broken it.

They had come to an understanding about that. As director, Natsumi couldn't fire Sho on a personal matter, despite how much he'd like to, as Sho was simply making too much money for the agency. Kyoko agreed, she wanted to take down Shoutaro. He was her problem her ...prey, for lack of a more polite term.

The sole issue on which they did not agree(or playfully bicker over) was her fathers dislike of LME and LME's director, Lory Takeda.

Kyoko knew that Takeda had been exceedingly good to her and could not reconcile her image of him to her father's.

Everyone knew Takeda was manipulative, sneaky and difficult to handle but her father seemed to resent it especially, she had once asked him why; "his utter ridiculousness annoys me".

Kyoko guessed(correctly) that her father had been a little swept up in the LME's director's pace and was annoyed at losing (even slightly) to his rival.

Kyoko decided she didnt give a damn about their rivalry.

Her father's attitude was compounded by her refusal to transfer into Akatoki, she had decided to stay with LME for her original reasons and because of her loyal attitude to the staff there.

It had absolutly nothing to do with a certain dark-haired sempai, nothing at all.

Her father was still shaking and for a moment Kyoko beleived he had been attacked, as he curled up into a ball shaking like a frightened animal.

"Otou-san?" no response.

"father?" still no response.

Kyoko lost her patience.

"What the HELL IS GOING ON?!!!" she screamed, nearly deafening her father's driver in the front seat of the limo.

Natsumi looked up with a look of dread. 'SHE's coming"

Kyoko barely restrained her irritation. "who.." she said slowly, "...is 'she'"

Under the irritated gaze of his daughter Natsumi slowly stretched out into a normal seated position and recovered his cool. "'She' Natsumi started is a very important and terrifying person", " 'She' is your grandmother".

"She wants to meet you."

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