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N.B: This is meant to be vaguely chronological, emphasis on vague, and if the characters of the Cassettes seem a wee bit off…you'll soon see why.

Italics denote telepathy.

Creations: Part 1 - Ravage

Cybertron - City State of Iacon…

'Report: status of creation?'

Chief Medical Officer Nightraider offered the exhausted scientist a reassuring smile as she turned and led him through the online bay, ignoring the stares of several other mechs and femmes as they passed.

'Prognosis is excellent – the spark's taken well to the frame, and he just took his first ration of low-grade a few breems ago.'

Soundwave's optics widened imperceptibly under his visor. 'Gender designation: mech?'

The black and red jet femme nodded and directed him towards a curtained area at the end of the bay.

'A healthy little mech. Rather aggressive as well, you might want to get that under control.'

'Recommendation: unnecessary but appreciated.'

The scientist pulled back the curtains and gazed down at the berth with proud optics as he felt his spark pulse in silent unison with that of his creation.

He studied the matte-black body, liberally bedecked with metal claws easily the size of his own hands. The head was slightly too small in relation to the body, but that could be improved with time and upgrades. Two sets of steel teeth, already razor sharp, gleamed at the corners of the slightly open mouth, while the sensitive nasal unit sniffed the air, already picking up the scent of the new arrival.

For a being which closely resembled one of the Great Un-maker's personal Pit demons, the sparkling did look oddly…sweet.

But strictly in an 'oh-dear-Primus-stop-chewing-on-my-internals' kind of way.

Sitting on his haunches, the vaguely feline sparkling stared up at the new arrival with wide scarlet optics and felt his spark change its rhythm ever so slightly.

Why, he didn't know. But this new mech, he was…he felt safe. His newly online processor wasn't yet capable of working out the connection between this sensation and the mech before him, but it was a nice feeling.

He ran his glossa over a massive paw and scrubbed at a sticky patch of energon on his cheek.

Nightraider made a discreet exit as Soundwave carefully sat down next to the berth and watched as the little mech crawled over to him, studying his face with curiosity.

A yawn almost split the sparkling's face in two as he settled down next to the scientist.


Soundwave blinked.

Limited vocal ability, if any ability at all.

Nightraider hadn't mentioned this.


…Right. He was a scientist. He wasn't going to let this stop him talking with his creation.

He ran a brief mental scan on the sparkling's frame and felt a brief flicker of relief as he picked up the same telepathic traces as his own within the little mech. That was one problem out of the way at least.

For the first time in many vorns, he let his metal shields drop a fraction, just enough for this…

Can you understand me?

The little mech blinked, and frowned.

Yes…Who are you?

My name is Soundwave. Designation: scientist. I am your creator. What do you believe your name is?

The sparkling concentrated.

…I think my name is Ravage. Does that sound right?

His optics softening ever so slightly, Soundwave nodded.

Then Ravage you shall be.

His creation purred, and snuggled into his creator's arm, shutting his optics for a nap. The scientist tensed slightly before registering the actions as affectionate, and smiled a little wider under his facemask as he carefully stroked Ravage's back.

The Nemesis, several million years later…

Ravage snarled and neatly gave his creator the evil eye.

I'm eight million years old, Soundwave! I'm not a sparkling any more!

Soundwave quietly rolled his optics.

'By Cybertronian standards, yes. By Earth standards, you are but a child in your new form.'

The mechanoid feline's optics narrowed even further. This whole adapting-to-Earth thing's just your excuse to make me go through some sort of second youngling-hood, isn't it?

'I would not be adverse to that possibility. You were considerably more acquiescent at that age. But I will not tolerate any argument. You will remain on board the Nemesis until your new form has been properly tested and all necessary antivirus patches have been installed.'

You're treating me like a sparkling!!

'Because you are acting like one.'

Am not.

'You are.'


'You are.'


The Communications officer sighed, removed a small shiny item from his subspace, and rolled it across the floor of his quarters towards the sulking cat-bot.

Ravage reverted instantly to sparkling-mode and started to bat the ball of steel wool across the floor with his paws, mewing and purring contentedly all the while.

Manipulative, but extremely effective.

'I believe my point has been proven.'

Ravage let out a little mew of joy as he rolled onto his back, balanced the ball between his front paws and started chomping at the steel threads.


Some small dusty component within the tape-deck 'Con's RAM chip, tucked away at the back of his CPU, activated just long enough to muse that his eldest creation did look rather sweet when he wasn't constantly trying to act his considerable age.

He then felt slightly disgusted that he had even thought of the idea.