Apparently, my first story, Such Is Life: The Spark was liked. To those who wanted the sequel, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1- Catching Up

It had been almost two years since SAW—formerly known as Sam Witwicky—became a Transformer like his guardian and friends. Two years since he lost one set of parents and gained new ones in the form of Optimus, Ratchet, and sometimes Ironhide. Two years spent perfecting the use of his new body in terms of transforming and a few practice combat rounds with Bumblebee. Other than that, his days were spent caring for Honeydew, helping carve out the rock behind the base for a lot more space, and doing what the Allspark chose him to continue—figuring out his role as the new Allspark.

SAW was sure he got at least five hours less recharge time than the others—other than Ratchet, naturally—just from staying up late thinking about the future of the Cybertronians. Who would have the next sparkling? That was the biggest question. Had it been just Bumblebee, it would've been no contest. But…then there was Barricade…

The ex-Decepticon had stuck to his side like glue since he brought him back from the Decepticon base. SAW wasn't as unaware as Barricade thought he was; he'd seen Barricade looking at him all the time, even when he thought he was in recharge. It should unnerve him, but it didn't. Barricade never did anything inappropriate, and was always kind to him. He knew from the time Barricade told him he was 'attractive' that the mech would be interested in him.

The crazy part was, SAW felt slightly interested himself. He knew he probably shouldn't be, but he was, just the same.

It was ditto for Bumblebee; SAW knew that his guardian watched him more than ever now, and he also felt deeper feelings of attraction to him, too. He figured it was—somewhat—normal to have these feelings, since he talked to Ratchet, who explained that since his and Frenzy's bond was a somewhat forced one, SAW's spark could be attracted to others. He could even have another bonded spark mate. SAW, however, wasn't big on polygamy, so he disregarded that thought.

Honeydew, on better notes, was growing healthily, according to Ratchet. She was nearing the four-foot mark, was speaking in full, coherent sentences, and even inherited Frenzy's old alt. mode as an GPX stereo system. Not that she really needed it, she just begged her parents for one. She also began to sleep in her own room, since her spark began to self-sustain into independency. In her hologram mode, she still looked young, just four feet tall with white-blonde hair and deep golden eyes and the sweetest face anyone had ever seen. Her monofilament wire hair had grown halfway down her back, and like SAW, happened to be a defense mechanism that spiked up and back like a porcupine whenever she got scared or surprised. Sunstreaker figured this out the hard way and lost a few fingers as a result.

Mikaela stopped by every once and awhile to check up on things and make sure Sam—she still called him Sam like Bumblebee—was still alright. She was going for her Masters in engineering like Nathan, whom she was still dating.

The twins were content living with the Eppses, especially Sunstreaker, who had 'accidentally' revealed himself to Alicia when some thugs were making trouble for her. But what really got him going was when one of them dumped beer on his hood. Twenty seconds later, all of them were hung up by their undergarments and the one who dumped beer on him ended up with half the bottle shoved up his ass. Alicia was freaked, but after her father explained a few things, she became good friends with Sunny and Sides both.

Annabelle had taken to calling Ironhide 'Daddy 'Hide' (much to the amusement of everyone else). She and Honeydew became friends and every once and awhile Honey would go under hologram to her house to stay the night. Will even let Anna stay with the Autobots sometimes during the summer, now telling her to keep the Autobots a secret now that she was entering kindergarten.

SAW was content, on the whole, with his life.

One day, a few days after Honey's fourth birthday, several things happened at once that kick started…well, everything. It had started out normally—Ratchet and Barricade were doing whatever in the lab, Frenzy and Honeydew were watching Bumblebee's Bionicle bootleg DVDs he'd downloaded, and SAW was just relaxing in his room, trying to catch up on the recharge he'd been neglecting. He nearly fell off his recharge pad when an alarm went off in the main base. He got up and ran inside, where the others had already gathered.

"What's going on?" SAW demanded, rubbing his sore leg where he'd bumped it. Ratchet was busy with the comm. and didn't answer right away.

"We've got more signals coming in!" he said excitedly. "More Autobots have found their way here!"

"Who?" Optimus asked. Ratchet flipped something on the panel.

"I'll find out," he said. "Autobot Ratchet, come in." Some fizzled sounds came from the panel before voices came in.

"Autobo…tor…ing in…."

"…That voice…that sounds like…Please repeat," Ratchet said, tuning the frequency.


"Perceptor!" Ratchet said, apparently happy. "I cant believe…!" He turned back to the panel. "Perceptor, send in coordinates of your landing site." The monitor brought up the general location.

"Is he landing anywhere in Tranquility?" SAW asked, trying to see over Ratchet's shoulder.

"Fortunately, no," Ratchet replied. "He's landing about a mile from our base. It shouldn't take more than ten minutes for him to land."

"Are we going to go greet him?"

"Naturally. Shall we?"

Everyone transformed, and Frenzy and Honeydew hitched a ride with Barricade. They all followed Ratchet to the landing site, which was thankfully in a secluded area. When they were a proper distance to allow room for the new Autobot, they transformed back to robot mode. SAW put a hand over his optics and looked around.

"Why cant they arrive at night, like you guys?" he muttered. "I cant see a damn thing…"

"There he is," Barricade said offhandedly, pointing to a random spot in the sky. SAW looked where he pointed, and saw a tiny bright speck flying their way.

"Freakin' show-off."

The speck flew closer and closer, ultimately over their heads and skidding into a crater fifty yards away. Honeydew let out an excited shriek and pointed at the crater. Everyone else hurried over to the crater, where the pod-like thing shifted and began to take a protoform shape. It finally stood straight, looking around before landing it's optics on the Autobot team.

"Welcome to Earth, Perceptor," Optimus said, walking ahead to greet him. Perceptor nodded.

"A pleasure to be here, Optimus Prime, Sir," he said in, SAW noticed, very formal and respectful speech. He looked up at everyone else. "My friends! Wonderful to see you all again!"

"Likewise, Perceptor," Ratchet said. He gestured behind him. "I'm sure you remember everyone…?" Perceptor nodded, then stopped at Barricade.

"…Recruiting Decepticons now?" he asked humorously. Barricade shifted and made a short sound in reply.

"Yes," Optimus said. "Barricade has joined us because of…" He paused and looked in SAW's direction. "…special circumstances…" He turned back to Perceptor. "Let's go back to the base. We need to find you an alt. form and a place to stay for the interim."

"No problem for the alternative, Optimus," Perceptor said. "I already found and scanned something interesting on my way here. If you would give me a moment…" He stepped back and began to shift into…

"…Is that a giant telescope…?" SAW asked Ratchet.

"…I do believe it is," Ratchet replied. Perceptor shifted again and reformed back into a robot, this time a deep red color and more filled out. His optics were a deep, intelligent blue and his face was set and focused, much like Optimus's. His whole being practically reeked of intelligence and wisdom.

"Alright then," Optimus said, transforming back into a semi. "Hop in." Perceptor transformed and Ratchet had Barricade load the telescope inside the trailer before transforming themselves and heading back to the base.

"Hey, Bee," SAW said, driving alongside the Camaro. "Who is that guy?"

"Perceptor," was Bumblebee's reply. "One of the greatest minds Cybertron had to offer. If humans could measure his IQ, it would be close to a million, even without access to the Web."

"Wow..." SAW said. "That smart, huh?"

"And more," Bee said. "Cybertron's top scientist extraordinare."

SAW was left to that information the rest of the way home. Upon reaching said destination, the Autobots transformed and Bumblebee helped Ratchet take Perceptor out of Optimus before the Autobot leader himself transformed. Perceptor transformed as well, and everyone took a moment of silence.

"SAW," Optimus suddenly said. SAW turned his way.

"Yeah, D...Optimus?" he said, not really feeling calling Optimus 'Dad' was best at the moment.

"Please wait in your room for a moment," Optimus replied in his 'leader-giving-order' voice SAW rarely heard addressed to him. He nodded and turned to leave.

"Optimus!" Bumblebee suddenly said, putting an arm out to halt SAW's retreat to his room. "I believe that Sam can tell Perceptor himself of his situation." SAW turned promptly to stare at Bumblebee.

"Er, Bee...? I dont think I..."

"SAW, please go to your room," Optimus said in a firmer voice. SAW did so, maneuvering around Bumblebee's arm and hurrying out of the main base to his room before Optimus lost his seemingly extended temper.

"Sir!" Bumblebee protested. "Why does he have to...?"

"Enough, Bumblebee," Optimus said firmly. "I doubt that SAW can fully explain his situation."

"Then why have him leave!?" Bumblebee demanded.

"Excuse me," Perceptor broke in, very confused. "I have to ask...what are you talking about?"

SAW sat fiddling with the blade in his left wrist for what seemed like hours before Barricade stuck his head in his doorway. "SAW?" he said softly, catching SAW's attention. SAW started and looked up. "Optimus said you could come out now."

SAW sighed and stood up, retracting the blade back into his wrist. Barricade stepped aside to allow the smaller 'bot to pass him and walked alongside him back to the main base. SAW found the other Autobots sitting silently in random places. Perceptor looked absolutely dumbfounded.

"Optimus just wanted to break the news to him gently," Barricade murmured to SAW. "He didnt really know how Perceptor would take it." SAW nodded in understanding. He himself didnt know how the hell he would've explained it.

"Um...Da...Optimus?" SAW said softly, getting the Autobot leader's attention. "...ummm..." He promptly forgot what he wanted to say.

"I have explained everything to Perceptor, SAW," Optimus said. "Forgive me for sending you out, but..."

"No, really, it's okay," SAW reassured. "I dont know if I even could have explained it..." He fell silent. "...Is it okay if I go back to my room, Sir?"

Optimus was silent. "Of course," he said softly. SAW turned and went right back into his room and settled on his recharge pad.

'Damn,' he thought bitterly to himself. 'Damn, damn, damn! What am I supposed to do now, O-Great Allspark? Dont you have all the answers?' He resisted the urge to throw something. He had tried not to think too much on the situation about being the new Allspark, and now new Transformers decided to show up and rethink everything. Truely, he wanted everyone to have their own sparkling to care for and help repopulate their race, but what was he going to do when more of them came here? Hell, he was just one person!

Turning to face the wall, SAW settled into an uncomfortable recharge he knew wouldnt last for more than an hour.

In the new Decepticon base now in another part of South America, Starscream awaited the arrival of more Decepticons that had recently showed up on his radar. He knew another Autobot had come to Earth--though he didnt know who at the moment--and that meant trouble. But now two more Decepticons had found and were making thier landing known.

He sent Skywarp and Soundwave out ahead to greet them, telling them he'd come after in a moment. After they left, he went into his lab, where a Transformer was lying strapped to the lab table, apparantly unconscious.

"Just a few more moderations," Starscream said to no one in particular. "You will regret crossing me, brother. You will regret it."

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