Hello! Tis pinktears. This is my first try at writing a fanfiction. Since I've just read finish Power! or Girl Got Game as some may call it, and is soooo obsessed with Yura Kensuke, I decided to write a fiction on him. Hope you would like it!

And just a note: If you like Power!/Girl Got Game, Go and read Jun'ai Tokko Taichou, another of Seino Shizuru's masterpiece. It's even nicer than Power!/Girl Got Game! Go check it out!

Disclaimer: Power!/Girl Got Game does not belong to me. If it does, I would make Yura fall in love with me! Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Ahem -coughs-. ( -.-" Tis the smiley for sweat-drop. I invented it myself! -Proud-)

Info on the story: Tis takes place way before the manga because I'm trying to add in an OC character from his past. It takes place when Yura just came back from America and transfered into the school where he poisoned his so-called friend. And the friend whom he poisoned will be called Tanaka Tatsu in here.

Summary: A story about a girl from Yura's past who first broke the barrier around his heart. But she left him when he was at his most vulnerable state, causing him to be even more devoid of emotions. Is that just because she got scared when he poisoned their friend? Or is it for some other reason...Pls read, I really suck at summaries. This fiction will be entirely on Yura's past with the girl. There will be a sequel which will take place in Seisyu High. Which is when the manga takes place. Pairings: OC/Yura, later Kyo/Chiharu (They will come in later, in the sequel)

Just a little background info:

Fuuin Akiya (風韻秋や):

Name: Her surname, Fuuin (風韻) means something like music of the wind. Her name, Akiya (秋や) means autumn night when directly translated into chinese. (I'm a chinese and I read mangas in chinese. : ) It's a romantic name, isn't it? xD

Age: 14-turning-15

Height: 160 cm

Weight: Secret, don't you know you're not supposed to ask a girl about her weight? -smacks-

Hair: A little over shoulder, raven black, usually tied up in a ponytail to keep it neat

Eye colour: Black

Position: Chairperson of Student Committee of Nishi High School

Personality: Cares a lot about others, although she's fed up with her work to do as the chairperson, she can't help being concerned about the school's welfare. Very kind. To her, everyone is good and there's no evil in this world (something like this)

Likes: Eveyone in school, Being the boss, Potato chips, Soba, Green Tea (O'cha), Spicy Food, Linkin Park, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tomiko Van, All kinds of sports (she's also good in every sport, especially archery and basketball)

Dislikes: Sweet food, Instant Noodles, Nothing in general, since she think everything is good

Status: Living on her own, mother and father died when she was 5, two younger sisters living with her grandmother in Hokkaido, bigger brother studying overseas. Has a boyfriend, though not very close to him

Others: She's a genius kid, although not as clever as Kensuke, Wants to get a good career and husband next time.

Yura Kensuke (由良健介):

Age: 15-turning-16 (He's 17-turning-18 in the manga. Correct me if I'm wrong)

Height: 172 cm (He's 180 cm in the manga)

Weight: 56 kg (He's 60 kg in the manga)

Hair: Black, Slightly blue

Eye colour: Greyish-brown (I think in the manga it's like that. It's quite nice actually, makes him look dreamy.)

Position: Assistant of the Chairperson of Student Committee of Nishi High School

Personality: Likes to work alone, does not care much about others, but is quite corcerned about Akiya over-working herself. Only cares for himself (most of the time), wants to make friends (That's what they say in the manga)

Likes: Sweet food, Ice-cream, Plum Tea, Instant Ramen, Spicy Food, Linkin Park, Akiya (Kinda), Basketball

Dislikes: Bitter Food, Sour Food, Anyone who bullies him

Status: Living on his own, family in America, has an older sister (as said in manga). Has no girlfriend, not interested.

Others: Genius, Photographic memory, Wants to live a normal life devoted to basketball.

I would write about Tanaka Tatsu next time. )


Chapter 1: A new friendship starts...

Fuuin Akiya looked out of the classroom window and sighed. The weather was bright and sunny and it's the first day of a new school year. She was not exactly looking forward to beginning the year. After all, being the chairperson of the student committee is not an easy task, especially when she is like, one of the top beauties in Nishi High School. Also, she had to take care of almost all the events and stuff happening in school. This is why everyone in the school, even the principal, holds her in high respect.

Respectable as she is, Akiya doesn't really enjoy being the chairperson with everyone cooing over her and trying to 'bribe' her. Yeah, well, the first few weeks were quite cool, but, she began to get tired of the attention she was getting, having to put up a fake smile every time and upholding her 'beautiful and perfect' image.

Plus, although she is popular, some people are also jealous of her. Very jealous. Some even to the extent of trying to hurt her. Luckily for her, she's got her wonderful boyfriend, Tanaka Tatsu, to protect her from any bodily harm. Ah...it feels so good to have a boyfriend..., Akiya smiled as she thought of that.

Suddenly, the door to her class slammed open and she was startled from her thoughts. There, at the entrance, stood a panting teacher. "Fuuin-san, the principal is looking for you, there' s a transferred student and he wants you to take him for a tour around the school," the red-faced teacher gasped and looked dreamily at Akiya. Akiya rolled her eyes, taking care not to let anyone see. Fuji-sensei, the principal, had dumped all his work on her shoulders, as always. Not to mention the fact that Yamada-sensei had probably volunteered himself to deliver the message just to see Akiya.

She put on her charming smile and stood up. "Well then, Yoshida-sensei and my dear classmates, I should really be going now. It's a pleasure being taught by you, Yoshida-sensei. Good day, everyone." Akiya bowed deeply and waved elegantly at the class. Yoshida-sensei blushed.

Yura Kensuke sweat-dropped as he watched Fuji-sensei describe how wonderful the Nishi High School student committee's chairperson, someone named Fuuin Akayu or Akiya or waddeva it is. He doesn't really care, it's none of his business, really. He just wants to quickly get over with the one year he will be spending in this school and get into a senior high school with a good basketball team. He can actually take the senior high course now, since he's such a genius. But all he wanted to do was to live life like a normal high-schooler.

Kensuke looked out of the window and sighed, trying to ignore Fuji-sensei. It was bright and sunny, a great day to start school. I wonder if the basketball team here is good..., he thought. Suddenly, the door opened and a girl walked in. Kensuke turned his head and thought, this must be the 'marvelous' Fuuin Akayu or Akiya or waddeva Fuji-sensei was talking about. Kensuke looked at her. Her attire was worn neatly and her long hair tied and pinned up tidily. A perfect role model for the students. Kensuke was impressed that she can still look pretty in the nerdy appearance. Not that he was interested in her or swept off his feet by her.

Fuuin bowed a 90 degrees bow and smiled at Kensuke. Whoa, that's polite, he thought. "You must be Yura-san. It's a pleasure meeting you. My name is Fuuin Akiya, the chairperson of Nishi High School Student Committee. I'm sure you have heard all about me from Fuji-sensei." Um…so it's Akiya…,Kensuke thought. "Yeah, I've heard so much I could practically write a biography on you," he said, smiling. Fuuin laughed, a delicate laugh, twinkling like wind chimes. Fuji-sensei went red in the face. Kensuke raised an eyebrow. So it's Little-Miss-Perfect huh, looks like it's going to be fun...

Akiya stole a glance at Yura as they are walking along the corridors. He was pretty good-looking. But Tatsu is always better. "So, Yura-san, I heard that you transferred from the United-States." Akiya said, trying to strike up a conversation. Yura smiled and nodded. "I've heard from your old school that you were a genius, so why transfer to our humble school?" Still smiling, Yura said, "And I've heard that you skipped a grade. Although you are taking the same grade as me, you're one year younger than me. I guess my reasons are the same as yours." Akiya raised her eyebrows in surprise. He avoided my question. How cunning...um...but this is going to be interesting...

Akiya took Yura around the school, finally stopping at the library. By the time they reached, Akiya was hurting from all the laughing. Yura was really a funny person. "So, you haven't shown me how clever you are," Akiya giggled. He smiled mischievously and said,"Alright."

Yura took a picture book from the shelf and looked at it for a few seconds. Then he borrowed a piece of paper and a pencil from the librarian. Sitting down, he started to draw, an exact replica of the picture on the book! (okay, I admit, I copied from the manga, go on, shoot me...) Akiya jaws fell open as he finished. "Well, I do have a photographic memory and is good at processing information,"Yura said slyly. Akiya's eyes suddenly lit up. She grabbed Yura's hand, resulting in some glares from random people at Yura, and said,"Hey, I really need an assistant like you. Are you willing to help me out with my chairperson duties?" Yura burst out laughing again.

"I like you," Yura said, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes. Eh!!! Akiya jumped and went red in the face. Yura burst into laughter again when he saw her blush. "No, not in that kinda way. In a friend's way." Friends... Akiya smiled. Other than Tatsu, she had no other real friends. All her other friends are just admirers of her. This was the first time someone had said it in a friendly kind of way, and not in a respecting kind of way.

Akiya stretched out her hand and smiled. "I don't care, I'm taking it as a yes. Alright, so we're friends now." Yura laughed, "Haha, you really are bossy. Alright, I'll take up the challenge." Akiya frowned. "What do you mean, 'bossy' and 'take up the challenge'. Is it that hard to be my friend?" Yura laughed hard at her. "Hey! Are you teasing me, that's mean..." They went off, one laughing and one arguing. The start of a new friendship...

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