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Info on the story: Tis takes place way before the manga because I'm trying to add in an OC character from his past. It takes place when Yura just came back from America and transferred into the school where he poisoned his so-called friend. And the friend whom he poisoned will be called Tanaka Tatsu in here.

Background info again:

Fuuin Akiya (風韻秋や):

Position: Vice-chairperson of Nishi High School Archery Club (I've added a new position for her)

Tanaka Tatsu (田中 達)

Name: Tanaka, his surname means in the middle of a field, no special meaning, just a random name given to him. Tatsu kinda means to reach (as in like to reach a conclusion). I just randomly picked a name for him. Not that I hate him or anything, just that I can't think of a good name for him. Although I don't hate him, I don't like him either, cos he betrayed my dear Yura!!! -Cries-

Age: 15-turning-16

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Hair: Dark blond, short and spiky

Eye colour: Brown

Position: Member of Nishi High School Basketball Team, Akiya's boyfriend

Personality: Popular and little stuck-up, cos he won the heart of the most wanted woman in Nishi High, Akiya. Takes Akiya as an object just to show off to his friends. Loves basketball, would do anything to win the game. Quite good in his studies

Likes: Akiya (Although he takes Akiya as an object to show off, he still likes her), Ramen, Potato Chips, All kinda of food, Orange Juice, Abingdon High School (sp? It's a Japanese rock band), Snow Patrol, The Click Five, Basketball

Dislikes: Cha (Tea), Pineapple, Yura Kensuke, Teachers at school

Status: Living with parents, only child, quite pampered. Girlfriend, Akiya.

Others: Thinks that he is capable of doing anything and can get away with everything (His stuck-up nature). Not a genius, but quite good in his studies.


Chapter 2:

Kensuke looked at the houses and sweat-dropped as he made another wrong turn. Now, where the HELL is he? This is so dumb, the first day of school and he got lost. Walking as fast as he could, he turned into the main road. Kensuke looked at the signboard, trying to make out what's written beneath all the "beautiful" graffiti. After a whole five minutes of racking his brains and trying to figure out how to get to school, he gave up.

Sighing, Kensuke looked at his watch. Twenty minutes to the start of school. Surely, there will be students from Nishi High passing by this road. He would wait here until they arrive. Sighing again, Kensuke thought, since I have a photographic memory, why can't I remember the way to get to school? This is so stupid...

"Yura-kun? What are you doing here?" Kensuke looked up to meet the face of Fuuin. Ah...finally, a saviourHe smiled at Fuuin and said," Well, my Princess Charming has finally come to save me." Fuuin sweat-dropped and said," Oh, stop being lame. Don't tell me you got lost, I thought you had photographic memory?" Kensuke chuckled nervously. "Haha...um...I can never seem to remember any directions. Hehe..." Fuuin laughed at him. "Haha! You're a road-idiot! Now's my turn to laugh!"

Fuuin turned and walked down the road. She threw Kensuke an over-the-shoulder glance and grinned," Are you gonna sit there forever?" Kensuke raised his eye-brows. "You're ushering me to school?" Fuuin turned her back to him and said," I'm not ushering you, baka. But if you want to follow me, I can't possibly stop you, right?" Kensuke smiled and got up to walk behind her. "For all I know, you might just go insane and yell that I'm stalking you or something. Oh, I forgot, you are insane..." Fuuin back-kicked Kensuke on the shin without even turning back, resulting in an "Ouch!" from Kensuke. Then she realized her mistake. Oh no! Fuuin thought and looked around to see if any Nishi High students saw that. To her horror, she saw two Nishi High guys whispering and pointing at her. They were looking at her with an expression of dread.

Fuuin immediately whipped her head around to face Kensuke, who was on the floor, rubbing his leg in pain, and put on a face of total concern. "Oh! Goodness me! Yura-kun, I'm so very sorry! I did not know that you were behind me. -sigh- Yura-kun, I'm very sorry to have rejected your declaration of love for me, but you should have known better than to follow me around. Now look what happened!" she said chidingly. Kensuke sweat-dropped and looked at Fuuin as if she were a stranger.

The two guys chuckled and one of them cried out," Oi, Yura, first day of school and you are already desperate." With that, they both burst out laughing. With her back now turned to the two guys, Fuuin smirked contentedly at Kensuke and mouthed, Hah, gotcha! Kensuke just laughed, irritating Fuuin to a very large extent.

Several girls stared at Yura and Akiya as they walked into the school campus. Akiya sweat-dropped as one group of girls quickly turned their heads and whisper to each other when she caught them staring at her. It was so obvious that they were talking about her.

"Hey, did you see that!" "Yeah! The transferred student and Fuuin-sama came to school together!" "Don't tell me they're dating?" "It can't be! They've only met for one day!" "Oh no!!! My Fuuin-sama!!! How can she be snatched away from me so cruelly!" (A/N: Yes...it's a girl saying that...)

Yura smiled at Akiya and said," Hah, you're quite popular! Maybe you should stay away from me now, lest your reputation get ruined." Akiya rolled her eyes in her mind and turned to Yura. "It can't be helped...just that it's so tiring sometimes. But, waddeva. Besides, you are the one who said you liked me as a friend."

"Oh my god! That Gaijin just smiled at Fuuin-sama! Oh no! She will not be able to resist the temptation now! Ahhhh! My Fuuin-samaaaaaa!!!!" "Relax Takumi, and, technically, he's not a Gaijin. He's full-blooded Japanese just that for the past couple of years, he went to America to study. I bet he's a genius." "I can't be bothered that much! I mean, he's snatching away my Fuuin-sama! Look! Now Fuuin-sama's talking to him. I knew it, she couldn't resist!!!!" Takumi made a move towards Akiya but was pulled back by all her friends. "Haha," one of them laughed. "I bet Fuuin-san doesn't even know of your existence, and here you are, talking about your Fuuin-sama."

Yura laughed. "So, now you're swept off your feet by me, I'm flattered. Maybe we should go out on a date together sometime." "Haha...don't think too highly of yourself, I've already got a boyfriend. Ah! Speak of the devil, here he comes," Akiya said as they walked to the locker area. "Tatsu!" She called out.

Tanaka Tatsu turned his head around and smiled. "Hey Aki!" Akiya ran forward. Tatsu pushed her away gently and said," Not now, Aki, I'm busy." Akiya's face fall as Tatsu patted her head. Then he noticed Yura.

"Hi! You must be Yura! Aki was telling me all about you last night over the phone. I'm Tanaka Tatsu, Aki's boyfriend and member of Nishi High School Basketball Team," Tatsu said and held out a hand for Yura to shake. Yura accepted it with a smile and said," Nice to meet you. I'm Yura Kensuke. Oh...and about the basketball team, is there any way that I can join?"

Tatsu raised an eyebrow. "You want to join us? Well, it's a little late now, but I can ask the captain for you. But just to warn you that you have to be really good in basketball to be able to join at such a late stage." Yura grinned," Don't worry, it'll be fine. Well, good day to you now, I really have to be going." With that, Yura placed his shoes in his locker and walked towards his classroom. "Bye Yura!" Akiya said. Yura raised his hand as an acknowledgment.

Tatsu's eyes followed Yura's back and narrowed. "It'll be fine" huh...um...

That Evening

Akiya sighed and leaned back on the office chair. Here she is, in the student committee's office after another long and tiring day. She had just finished a report to be handed in to the principal the next day and her aching shoulders were screaming for a massage. Taking the cup of coffee from the table, she groaned at the mark the cup made on her history homework. Of course, the teacher will merely praise her on how hard she worked when he sees the mark, but that's not the point. How would you like to see a coffee mark on your homework?

Taking a long and refreshing sip from the coffee cup, Akiya pressed the 'print' button and waited patiently for the printer to start loading. The ancient printer creaked and groaned and tried to pull the paper into the machine. Then, halfway through, it let out one last croak, puffed out some smoke (A/N: Is this even possible? -.-"), and died. Akiya let out a cry of anger. "Why is this happening to me!!!!!" she screamed and she tried to pry open the antique and find out what is wrong.

"What is happening to you?" A calm voice asked. Akiya whipped her head around to find Yura grinning at her. "Yura-kun!" Akiya exclaimed in surprise. "What're you doing here?" "I thought, from about a day ago, I've became your assistance?" Akiya laughed and said," Wow, Yura-kun, I really can't believe you're so hard-working, considering the fact that you slept through all the lessons today," Akiya said, laughing.

Yura chuckled and walked to the printer. With great ease, he pried open the printer and turned to smirk at her. Akiya folded her arms said," Fine!" Yura continue smirking and said," Oh don't worry, you are a lot weaker then your average girl." Akiya let out a gasp of disbelief. "I am sooo not weak! I'm the vice-chairperson of Nishi High School Archery Club for goodness sake!" (A/N: I've done archery before, trust me, it's very very tiring for the arm.) "Oh yeah, continue telling yourself that, darling," Yura laughed "Well alright! I'll show you how weak I am," Akiya said and threw a punch at Yura. He ducked and said," Nice aiming, is this how you repay me for helping you fix the printer?" In one swift moment, Akiya whipped her body around and successfully kicked Yura on the shin. "Ouch!" he cried. Akiya smirked. Ha! Second time today. I've never felt so alive

"Now, are my eyes playing tricks on me or did I just witness the transformation of our school's Miss-Perfect into a monster?" Akiya spun around. Two identical looking boys wearing the school uniform were standing at the office door. Akiya's eyes lit up. "Sei! Shin!" Yura cocked his head to one side and looked at them with confusion.

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