Title: Green Flame

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Pairing: Tommy and Kimberly

Summary: On a day where Tommy Oliver's biggest worry is asking the girl he likes out, he loses his newly acquired Green Ranger powers.

Author Note: Sequel to "Green Fire"

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whoever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.

Rating: T

Green Flame

By: Jasmine Shigeru

Chapter One

One day, a 16 year old boy's life was normal, the next it was a living comic book. A month ago he had come to Angel Grove with his parents to start a new life and in that month that life was turned upside down by an evil witch who wanted to take over the world. A month has past since the boy became the Evil Green Ranger and made his first appearance. An entire month since a young man was chosen to wear the mask of a hero but carry the darkness within him. A month since the evil ways plagued him and the superheroes known as the Power Rangers.

A powerful spell was placed upon him, a spell of evil that allowed a darkness to come to life within his soul. The darkness was in him for a week. This darkness went deep within him. The darkness had awakened the hidden desires inside a teenaged boy. These desires lead to dark ideas of murder, torture, kidnap, and rape. As the Evil Green Ranger, the 16 year old had wanted things, terrible things. Things he never even dreamt of before. He wanted to destroy the Power Rangers in the worst way he could possibly think of. He wanted to make them all feel helpless, especially the Pink Ranger. He wanted to destroy her spirit by killing her friends, take away everything she held dear. The he wanted to, rape, torture, kidnap and then murder her. He wanted to kill the Black, Blue, and Yellow Rangers. He wanted to torture then to kill the Red Ranger. All of this haunted the boy.

The darkness within him did not haunt the Green Ranger until after the Power Rangers broke evil spell. He still has nightmares. For a month horrible images ran through his mind as he slept in his bed. He tries to not let it bother him. His life was back to normal, well as normal as being the sixth Power Ranger could get. He owed all this to his five Rangers.

He has friends now, five of them, the same five people he tried to kill during his week of darkness. He was grateful for their friendships, especially the Red and Pink Rangers. He felt the most guilt when it came to them. His jealousy and lust would have cost them the most damage. He chose not to think about the evil anymore.

Now, he thought about the happiness, the pride, and satisfaction he feels as the good Green Ranger. He loved fighting alongside his friends. He had spent a lot of time with his new teammates. He had become close friends with the Red and Black Rangers and was still getting to know the Yellow and Blue Rangers.

As for the Pink Ranger, he had developed feelings for the lovely gymnast. He had always had a crush on the girl, ever since the day he first saw her in the halls of Angel Grove High. He had rescued her from a couple of bullies and has been her knight in shinning armor ever since. It just felt right for him to come to her aid every time she needed someone's help. And with each rescue they became closer.

But no matter how good things are now, they always can get worse before they can get better. What is gained is lost and things will never be the same.