Chapter 18

"Goodnight, Kimberly," Tommy said to the petite Pink Ranger.

"Goodnight," Kimberly returned. "I had fun to night."

She placed her hand on Tommy's shoulder and pushed down, signaling for him to lean over towards her. When she did, Kim pressed a gentle kiss upon his cheek.

"Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome," Tommy said a little flustered.

He watched his date enter her home, before turning and leaping over the railing of her porch and onto the grassy lawn. He was in a very good mood. At the moment, he forgot all about his woes of losing his powers. All that mattered was the lovely girl that had stolen his heart.

Kimberly Hart was definitely the girl for him. His friend, his confidant, a natural beauty, smart, brave, a great figure, dazzling smile were the few of the girl's attributes that had won him over. Tommy knew he was falling in love.

His parents often told him, that when he meets a girl, don't fall in love to quickly. That path usually leads to trouble, but Tommy didn't feel that way. He felt like what he had with Kimberly would last for a long time and the feeling didn't frighten him away.

The only thing that frightened the former Green Ranger was the knowledge of Rita still being a threat.

Tommy sighed sadly as he entered his home and went straight to his room. His parents weren't home. They had decided to have a date of their own.

The boy fell to his bed. He was more tired than he thought. He was sure he wouldn't sleep when he got home, until late, but his body was proving him wrong. All he could think about, other that Kimberly and their date was Rita Repulsa and how she successfully rid him of his powers. He believed that was the true reason why he was so tired. He hadn't completely recovered from the energy drain.

What scared him the most was if the wicked witch could take his powers what was stopping her from taking the others? He hated knowing Rita could take the other Rangers' powers just like she took his and if not by a mystical candle then some other way. For all he knew, Rita could have found away to make candles for all of them. The thought made the former Green Ranger's heart contract.

He wanted to help his friends. He wanted to fight by their sides. But there was nothing he could do. He wasn't one of them anymore. He was an innocent, someone the Power Rangers was supposed to save, not fight with. He really wished he was a Ranger again, if not for some sick revenge against the person who gave him his power coin, then for the world and his friends. But that didn't seem possible. His power was gone and his coin could only be used in the hands of another Ranger.

Never in his life before had Tommy Oliver ever felt so helpless. He sighed as he rolled over to his side.

He did not know it then, but his stint as a Power Ranger would last longer than anyone else's. He didn't know that he would become the world's greatest Ranger. But first, he would have to go through many trials and tribulations.