Your typical four door family car zoomed along the highway on a rainy night. Inside, a young couple was heading south with their young daughter to see their uncle. The little girl of age 6 laughed and giggled as her Mom reached behind to the back seat wiped the ice cream off her chin.

In the driver's seat the father and husband of the little trio smiled thin
king of how blessed he was. Especially with the news his wife shared with him this morning. He couldn't wait to get down to tell his uncle. He had always been close to his Uncle Doc or Doc as he was commonly called. His little girl loved visiting his Arizona home and playing with Sprocket his Uncle's seemingly ageless dog.

"Dave, how much longer? We should be getting close. All this weather is making me nervous," the lady in the passenger seat turned back around asking her husband.

"We're getting close. About another hour or so. It's a long drive down here from Toronto," Dave replied keeping a close eye on the road.

"For the life of me, I'll never understand why Doc moved all the way down here when his family is up north," she replied throwing the napkin in the trash sack.

"To be with his best friend. You know if your family had moved to New York like they were talking about I would have chased you down," Dave chuckled.

"That's not the same. Ned and Doc are friends not a couple."

Dave took his eyes off the road for a moment glancing over at his wife, "I love you, Karen. You know that?"

"I love you too silly." Karen replied.

" I love you too, Daddy!" the little girl squealed from the backseat not to be outdone.

Dave chuckled and replied to his little girl. As he turned two swerving headlights were headed straight for his car. Dave hit the horn hard and swerved on the slippery wet road to try and miss the on coming car only to be hit. His car swerved into the embankment flipping over on it's topside. The little girl cried and screamed crying for her parents but all was quiet. Soon red and blue lights flashed and all went dark.