… and he left her standing there, in the rain, alone.

As the tears came to her eyes she cursed yet another human trait that she could not wait to be rid of.

Why couldn't Jake just act like a grown up and just get over all of this once and for all? How many times did she have to tell him that it was Edward she loved, Edward that she would spend the rest of her life, and eternity there after, with?

Bella hated hurting Jake in this way over and over again, especially after he had been there for her when Edward had left, but what else could she do?

She wiped a stray tear from her eye as she turned to walk back to her truck, over the imaginary line that made Edward and Jake enemies. She wasn't alone after all. Bella spotted Edward leaning against her truck, waiting with open arms to heal the wounds that Jacob's words left on her.

"He just makes me so mad!", Bella exclaimed as she felt Edward's cool touch around her shoulders and waist, bringing her in for an embrace.

"I know, Darling" his voice soothing and exciting at the same time. Her heart sped up even more as she felt his cool breath in her hair. " but if you would just let me handle it my way…" he looked down at her with an impish grin that she loved so much.

"It wouldn't help anything at all Edward," Bella sighed as she looked up to meet his gaze, "except indulge you in your little fantasy of telling Jacob who is boss. I think what happened today was enough to prove that point." She looked down at her feet as she remembered the volatile conversation that took place between her friend and herself.

"BELLA! How can you honestly tell me that you not only want to spend your with one of those blood suckers, but you want to BE one??!!"

"Jake, I can tell you this because I am COMPLETELY in love with Edward. I didn't decide for this to happen, but it did. It is more than love, more than you and me and Edward all combined!" Bella yelled. She saw the hurt in Jacob's eyes. She hated doing this to her friend, but he had to know. Her voice softened, "Look, Jake, I hate doing this to you…"

"Then don't." He broke her off. "Stay here with me, or run somewhere with me, anything with me. If you hate it, don't do it. Right now, we can leave and forget about all of this, the bloodsuckers, the werewolves, all of it, and just be you and me," he pleaded. Bella could tell that he meant every word that he said, but there was nothing in his words that could change her mind.

"Jake, I don't love you."

His body started shaking and she could feel his body temperature rising. She suddenly wished that she had told Edward where she was going as an image of Emily flashed through her head. Bella started to back away, when Jacob looked up again and saw the fear in her eyes. He was getting even angrier at himself for scaring her.

He turned around to calm down when he said, "Don't you know that I would never hurt you!", he growled.

Her answer sent a shudder through his body. "No." she whispered.

She looked up at him as a low and menacing growl escaped his still human form.

"I hate you, Bella Swan," was all she heard him say before he escaped into the woods, a second too late, so she wouldn't see the wolf he was.

"So how long have you been here?" Bella asked, a little worried, as Edward ushered her into to passenger seat of the truck.

"Not long, when I got here you were just standing in the rain. I guess I missed the fireworks," he teased. Bella was glad that he had missed the whole episode. She didn't even want to think of what Edward would have done if he had witnessed Jacob coming so close to losing it around her.

"So are you going to tell me what happened?" Edward asked.

"I just had to tell him that my future was with you, and nothing he could say would change that."

Edward smiled; she could tell that he was pleased with her rendition of the story. He didn't need to know more, worry more.

The rain had stopped, and Edward pulled the truck down an overgrown side road that she never knew existed. He stopped the truck and killed the engine in a clearing that let the moon light brighten the midnight expanse before her. "Stay in the truck until I come get you" he ordered. Bella looked at him with questions in her eyes as he rounded the back of the truck and pulled the tailgate down. That was when she noticed that something was underneath the tarp that was usually in the back of her truck.

Edward pulled out two blankets, and a white rose.

He came around to her side of the truck, with the rose and escorted her around to the back. "Edward, what is all of this?" she asked as he picked her up and set her on the first blanket, and wrapped the second around her.

"It has been one year." He stated simply, handing her the rose.

"One year since what?!" Bella asked, she was starting to get impatient.

"One year since you moved to Forks, and I felt like I was alive for the first time in eighty years" he said as he moved in for a kiss.

Bella knew what was coming, yet she was never prepared for it. His angelic face moved closer and she could feel his sweet and cool breath. One of his hands tangled in her hair while the other was on her lower back moving her closer to him. Her head spun and heart beat wildly as her hands got lost in his perfect hair and her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist.

Their lips touched and it felt like a bolt of electricity shot through the both of them. She felt Edward's lips open a fraction, protecting her from his razor teeth, but subjecting her to his icy tongue. He lightly traced the outside of her lips, feeling the constant temptation of a full kiss. Edward moved his kisses on to just under her ear, taking in her scent and reminding Bella to breathe. She took in a breath that only made her more aware of the dizziness that she was feeling.

Edward pulled away and looked at her with nothing but love in his unbelievable topaz eyes. "Are you ready tonight?" he asked. She didn't know to which one of her requests he was referring to, becoming a vampire by his bite, or making love. To both questions the answer was yes, but she wanted to be sure of what exactly he was asking.

"What do you mean?" she asked timidly. For as anxious as she had been, she was suddenly very nervous about both.

"I want to make you mine, Bella, in every single way. I know that you have been ready for a long time, but I just needed to be sure that I was giving you every opportunity that you deserved." He looked down and took her hand, "If you are ready, I am willing."

Bella couldn't keep the smile off of her face as she pulled Edward underneath the blanket with her…

Jacob had finally calmed down enough to return to his human form and decided that he needed to apologize to Bella for what he said. He didn't really hate her.

As he was on his way to Forks on foot through the woods, he heard Bella laughing, a light and satisfied laugh. With his sensitive hearing, he knew that she was a ways off. He was still kind of mad at her, so he was in no rush, she was probably with her bloodsucker anyway. The laughing had stopped and as he got closer he heard a new sound, like a frightened animal. At first he didn't know what it was, but soon realized it was Bella again. He quickened his pace, but just as he did he heard her scream.

In a full run he made it to the clearing where Bella's truck sat. It was empty, except for the truck bed that held two large blankets, and a blood stained white rose.