Carlisle walked out of the makeshift hospital room in the back of his house and shut the door quietly. The last hour and a half of his life seemed like noting short of a hurricane, he thought as he recalled the events of the evening.

Edward running into the house with Bella, both covered in her blood. Being taken aback by the sight of Bella unconscious and the red color that had crept into Edward's eyes, and then quickly regaining his composure to steady Edward. While Edward cleaned himself up, Carlisle cleaned the blood from Bella's skin and put her into some new pajamas. He then gave her some morphine and told Edward that all he could do now was wait be there when Bella woke up.

Alice was at his side before the door even clicked shut.

"Let me in! I need to see her!" Alice said with panicked eyes. Everyone in the house knew what was going on and was on edge, but Alice's concern for Bella rivaled Edward's.

"I really don't think that you should go in right now," Carlisle said calmly. "Edward specifically said to keep everyone out, and I don't believe that this is the time to test his patience."

"You don't have ANY idea what has been going on out here, do you!?!?" Alice almost screamed at him.

"What? What is it Alice?" Carlisle said as he heightened all of his senses and began looking around for his family. He became suddenly aware of the scent of wolf.

"That stupid wolf boy, he and his friends showed up looking for Bella. Well, more busted in and came searching for her," Alice said, still panicking.

"Where is everyone?" Carlisle asked, starting to lose his composure as he thought of Esme in danger.

"In the living room. Jasper got them feeling lethargic and now everyone but me has one pinned down. They won't listen, they won't leave, and they are talking about starting the war because Edward bit Bella…"

Jacob could feel his rage slipping away within seconds of walking into the house. He realized that he had forgotten to take into account that bloodsucker that could change his mood. By the time they all made it into the living room they could hardly move. The next thing he knew he was being pinned to the ground by the big dumb looking one.

"Man you REALLY don't know what you are getting yourself into!" said the one that was pinning Jacob down, with rage in his eyes.

Jacob knew what he was doing. He was saving Bella before it was too late, he hoped. He didn't really know the rules or how exactly this whole bloodsucker thing went, but if there was a chance he could save Bella from this hell, he would take it.

By this time Jacob and his friends had been taken out of wolf form and were human again because of the lack of rage. They knew what their goal was, but as long as that stupid blonde one was running the show, they could not control their emotions. And that put the bloodsuckers at an advantage.

Alice followed at Carlisle's heels in the split second it took him to get to the family room. She saw relief in his eyes when he saw his mate holding her own, holding down a teenage wolf boy that was twice her size.

"THIS ENDS NOW!!" Carlisle bellowed so loudly that Alice had to take a step back.

Everyone stopped what they were doing a looked up and Carlisle and Alice.

"We are all here to protect Bella in one way or another.."

"Yeah, right", Jacob muttered, cutting Carlisle off.

In a split second Carlisle was crouched on the floor, in Jacob's face, so close that Alice saw Jacob's face cringe in the icy breath, "I SAID this ends NOW!" he yelled again.

Jacob took the hint to be quite after that, and another layer of pressure was applied to him as Alice joined Emmet to "restrain" him. Alice really just wanted to see him squirm more. She smiled at her brother as she hopped on and Jacob let out a puff of air.

"I am only going to say this once, do you understand wolves? We are all here to protect Bella because we love her and care for her. But what we ALL have to understand is that this was her decision. No one forced her, ESECIALLY not Edward. If it had all been left up to him she never would have changed. But what he realized, and what you need to realized is that the bond that they share is more important to the two of them than any one in this room, any tradition and grudges in the town, and any "moral" obligations in this world. Bella was put on this earth of Edward and Edward for Bella, and you must all accept that. Now leave my home. We will all be gone in 72 hours."