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It was a beautiful day on October 10th in Konoha- birds were singing; children were finishing school, and a certain Hokage's son was celebrating his 5th birthday…

"Hmmm, I wonder what daddy got me for my birthday! Maybe he bought me Ichiraku! Come on mommy, please tell me! I'll even act surprised when I get it!!" shouted an excited 5 year old Naruto on his way home from nursery.

"No Naruto, now will you calm down, I would like to get home before the start of the next century." Replied the red-haired kunoichi, as she took in the sight of her excited son.

"Gomenasai Okaasan, it's just that I'm really excited 'cause now that I am 5 I can join the academy and become the next Hokage! All I need to do is learn how to control my catra!" he replied, innocently looking at his mother with wide-deep blue eyes.

"You mean chakra honey. And yes I am pretty sure that you will become Hokage, but ya'know only the strongest shinobi can become Hokage- and do you know how they become strong?" Kushina asked her little boy, with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

"NO! HOW! TELL ME, TELL ME MOMMY PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE??!!!" Naruto yelled, jumping up and down with curiosity.

"Do you really want to know Naruto?" the young boy nodded his spiky blond head vigorously. "Well, the only way to become strong is……" Naruto was positively shaking with anticipation. "Is to eat ALL your vegetables, and not to give them to Pakkun when Uncle Kakashi visits." She said, failing to hold back her burst of laughter at her son's priceless expression.

"That's right Maya! Who's my favourite little girl? Yes, you are, yes you are!" The Blond-haired Hokage cooed to his red-haired daughter, as the doorbell to the Namikaze manor sounded, ringing through the building, causing a certain ramen-lover and his baby girl to jump out of their skins.

"Kuso! I need to get that bell changed. Oh! I'm sorry Maya, daddy didn't mean to use such horrible language" he gasped. "Even though those electricians are teme's" he muttered under his breath, as not to corrupt the ears of the innocent child in his strong, muscular arms.

"Minato, Maya! Tadima!" Kushina sang, only to be greeted by her husband's lips being crashed upon her own, in a passionate kiss. "Oh Minato-kun, not in front of Maya!" she responded playfully, as the Yondaime Hokage started to remove his jacket. Chuckling softly, the couple went on to admire their daughter, leaving a poor Naruto feeling left out. On his birthday no-less.

"Hey Otousan? Aren't you gonna say happy birthday to me?" Naruto asked timidly.

"Not now Naruto, now get upstairs and start your homework!" Minato sighed in frustration. Naruto froze, completely shocked at his father's outburst. His cerulean eyes filled with crystalline tears that threatened to fall.

'I guess it's true what Sasuke said, they really don't love me anymore' he thought sadly, as walked away, with pearl-like droplets streamed down his reddened cheeks.


Naruto and Sasuke walked in a comfortable silence along the side of the river. The sun beating down on their backs; and the sound of flowing water being the only thing to soothe their minds.

"You know Sasuke; I'm really excited about being a big brother! I wonder what it'll be like."

"Hn" was Sasuke's " intelligent" reply.

"You know Sasuke; I really would appreciate it if you did actually respond when I'm talking to you. Besides, "hn" isn't even a word, and we are only 5, can't you wait till we are older for you to start acting like an emo. Seriously, you are worse than my Uncle Kakashi!" Naruto shook his head and sighed.

"Naruto I was thinking. And anyway, you do realise that when this kid is born, no-one's gonna love you anymore- like my family loved Itachi more than me- before he murdered them. Are you sure you ready for that?" Sasuke asked, his eyes full of concern for his bestest friend in the whole wide world.

"No Sasuke, you're wrong, Okaasan and Otousan would never stop loving me" he replied nonchalantly. 'Would they?' he thought, unsure.

End of Flashback

Naruto walked to the edge of his bed, and sat down. His tear-stained face and watery eyes, being the only sign that he'd wept. Glancing around his room, he came across two pictures: one containing himself and his parents, while the other contained his pregnant mother, his father, and himself off to one side- barely in the picture at all.

"I know they don't love me anymore, but why does it hurt so bad?" he asked to no-one in particular, clutching the clothing that lay above his heart. Unshed, tears collecting into his already red-raw eyes he threw the photos across the room in hurt.

"How can I make this pain go away?!" he cried, staring at his reflection in the mirror- not caring that his tears flowed freely.

"There is one way." Said an ,unknown, voice- yet all too familiar.

"W-who s-s-said that?" the emotionally scarred boy stuttered.

"Me, who else?" the voice snarled. Naruto looked up, but not of his reflection, but of… his father's? 'I could've sworn Otousan had blue eyes, not red'. His eyed widened in shock, realisation and fear, as adrenaline surged through his body, but still keeping him frozen there.

"If you really want the pain to subside, then listen closely, only you can take it away- by the means of your own bodily actions. Think of what I have just said and I'll leave you to mull it over." And with that, his reflection returned to normal, leaving the boy alone in his room.

"My own bodily actions." He repeated- his eyes no longer of colour blue, but of blood red, as he stopped to pick up one of his many sharpened kunais.