"D-daddy, p-please s-stop c-crying" Naruto whispered weakly to his father. Minato looked at his dying son, blood shot eyes taking in the hideous sight of the scarlet liquid being absorbed into the earth.

"N-Naruto I-I am so s-sorry. P-please d-don't l-leave us, y-your m-my b-bestest f-friend i-in the w-whole w-world." Sasuke said, tears flowing from his onyx eyes.

A streak of lightning flashed across the endless blackness of the sky, like a diamond encrusted dagger, and as if reflecting everyone's despair, a flood of rain fell from the heavens hiding everyone's tears between the eternal rains.

"D-daddy, e-everything i-is g-getting c-cold a-and d-dark. W-what's going o-on." The five year old stated, the colour of his cerulean eyes fading, and his breathing becoming ragged and short.

"No Naruto, nothing wrong! I won't let anything happen to you- you hear me? I will never let you go, I promised that to myself when you were born, and a Hokage NEVER goes back on his word. That is our ninja way!" The Yondaime exclaimed, trying to find the silver lining around this very dark cloud.

Naruto smiled slightly at his father's words, while wincing at how hard it was to breathe. Sasuke and Sakura silently looked on at the scene, endless tears cascading down their cheeks.

"Y-you know, I-I r-really wanted t-to become h-Hokage b-before I-I d-died." He added breathlessly, as he began to succumb to death.

"No! Naruto, h-hold on! Y-your going to be fine! Don't leave us…PLEASE DON'T DIE, WE NEED YOU!" Sakura screamed, falling to her knees, and weeping. "I-if you die, team 7 will never be the same again…I'll never be the same again." She whispered, heartbroken as she watched blood pour from his lips, and the colour drain from his face.

Naruto looked toward all his loved ones- his vision dark and blurred, tears filling his eyes as he thought that he would never get to see them again and to make his Dad and Mom proud. 'Goodbye guys always know I love you…' he thought as his last breath left his damaged body.

The last thing he heard was a scream and people shouting his name.

"EVERYONE GET OUT OF MY WAY! SHIZUNE HELP ME GET THIS BOY TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT AWAY! KAKASHI PICK NARUTO UP!" Suddenly Konoha's Godaime Hokage landed with a large team of medical ninja and ANBU, and the rest of Konoha and rookie nine crowding around them. The first people, however, on the scene were Minato's loyal students Kakashi, Rin and Obito, in their ANBU gear sans the masks.

"Minato-kun, how could this happen?! My poor baby is in there and I don't even know if he is going to be okay!" Kushina sighed, her head in her hands, with her fingers intertwined in her long fiery red locks as pearl droplets fell from her jade orbs. Minato didn't know what to say or do, so he followed instinct and pulled his distraught wife into a comforting embrace, resting his head on her shoulder as she wept into his already soaked jacket. "I'm sorry" he finally managed to whisper into the crook of her neck. At this, Kushina slowly pulled back to regard her husband, beryl orbs seeing unidentified emotions flashing across his bloodshot sapphire ones.

"What do you mean you're sorry? It isn't like you're the cause of this." She said quietly, confused with her husband's statements. "Is it?" she added. Minato lowered his gaze, self reproach and guilt crawling its way up onto his chest.

"Minato-kun? Look at me… please." Kushina said, wishing this was all one huge nightmare she would wake up from, and laugh about over breakfast with her family. Minato couldn't take it, and so his turned his head away from, her; letting his blond hair cover his sorrowful eyes, in the act of trying to free himself from her hold.

Putting hard hand gently on the side of his face, she forced him to turn to face her. "I said look at me dammi-!" but the words choked in her mouth as she saw the look of complete self-loathing in his eyes, tears mirroring her own; streaming down his cheeks. She withdrew her hand and watched silently in shock, as he walked away into Naruto's hospital room, seeing as the surgery was probably over by now- leaving her standing in the deserted hallway alone.

"Hey Sasuke-kun? Do you want to go and get some ramen with me later?" Sakura said hopefully to the brooding Uchiha heir.

"Sakura, no! We are supposed to be waiting for Kakashi-sensei, not talking about going on dates." The raven-haired boy responded, glaring at Sakura, making her emerald eyes to fill up with childish tears. She new he would be horrible about it, but never this cold. She was about to run away when Kakashi appeared in a poof of smoke- characteristically late might I add.

"Yo." Said the voice of the aloof copy-ninja.

"Kakashi-sensei, you're late. Again." Stated the shrill, and annoyed voice of Pre-team 7's little cherry-blossom.

"Well, you see, I was walking, and a black cat crossed my path, causing me to get lost on the road of-" he was cut off short by his dark haired protégé.

"You were at the hospital weren't you sensei?" it was more of a statement than a question, but the silver-haired (and in my opinion, better looking) ninja let it slide. "Is Naruto okay? Is he safe? Is he ALIVE?" Sasuke questioned, shocked 3 seconds later at his uncharacteristic expression of concern for his brother-like best friend.

"He is… doing well Sasuke, we can visit him today if you two want, but after training only." The copy ninja said in a monotone. "No let's continue with some training, shall we." He finished, simultaneously tying two bells to his form-fitting jounin pants.

The three leaf-ninja fought against one another for three hours straight, all the while keeping the deafening silence between them, consequently building the tension. Kakashi finally signalled training was over as he silently and unnervingly went to sit under a tree, retrieving his book from his kunai holster.

"S-Sasuke-kun?" Sakura muttered meekly to her taller and stronger comrade.

"What?" he answered, not looking up from his position under a tree not far from Kakashi. Sakura looked away, fidgeting and twirling her hair round her delicate finger. "Well? Spit it out. What do you want?" Sasuke asked, malice heard in his voice not going unnoticed by Sakura.

"I-I just want to say that I'm sorry for pestering you earlier, I won't bother you again." And with that she walked away slowly to resume her position under a tree far, far away from the brooding Uchiha; a lone tear falling down her cheek.

Kakashi watched the scene unfold before his eyes. 'What is happening to our team? Well I better take them to see Naruto, yes I'll do that, then Obito can cover for me at the Academy.' He thought with an evil smirk.

"Sakura, Sasuke!" he called out.

"Hai sensei?" they replied in cannon.

"I'm going to take you both to see Naruto now, but you must behave because Yondaime-sama is most likely going to be there with Kushina-sama. Got it?

"Hai!" They said, before running toward Konoha Hospital.

Minato pulled a chair next to the hospital bed and sat down, staring at the limp form of his son. It was unbearable for him to his little boy in such a state, tubes and wires hooked up to him, connecting to the machine that was keeping him alive. A life-support machine. His son was on a life-support machine! At the age of 5! He couldn't bare to look, yet couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from the pale face of his son. 'This isn't happening, Kami please let this be some horrible nightmare!' he inwardly screamed, body shaking with suppressed sobs. Head in his hands, he played over the scene that put Naruto in the condition he was in, over and over again in his mind, not noticing that Kushina had walked into the room, He only noticed her presence when she wrapped her arms around him, forcing him into an embrace. Not being able to hold it in any longer, Minato reciprocated the hug, and silently cried into the material on her shoulder.

"Shhh" she cooed to him. "He'll be alright, lets leave and let him rest." Her dulcet tone filled his ears.

Suddenly the door burst open revealing a flustered nurse. "My Lord, and Lady, Naruto-sama's team-mates have arrived and wish to see him for the remainder of the visitor hours.

"Let them in Kumiko, they have the right to be here, just as much as we do." Minato said, regaining his composure for the unexpected guests, whilst gripping Kushina's shaking hand in his own.

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